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  1. Got my replacement arm rest installed tonight. I agree, it’s kind of a PITA but it’s done and it’s good to have that storage back.. it was worth it..
  2. Congrats !!! I’m going to install mine tomorrow also. I’ve been hearing these are getting harder and harder to obtain from the dealer and gmparts places on the web.
  3. Andrew, I purchased mine from gmpartsexperts.com part#84647286 https://www.gmpartsxperts.com/oem-parts/gm-armrest-84647286
  4. I just received a email notifying my upgraded console has just shipped today. I’ve been waiting over a month since ordered..
  5. b1bfixer, I can’t speak for all LED’s but the sealights have zero issues so far. The daytime running lights work as they should and there’s no flickering.. I’ve had mine installed for 10 months now and had zero problems.
  6. Jim, Yes, I took the remainder of the wires and stuffed them Inside the hole next to the bulb and put the rubber boot back on.. I agree, when your done your arms/hands look like you landed a small shark and he gave one last fight. GM definitely didn’t leave much room to change the bulbs. I installed a pair of these bulbs in my wife’s Chevy Trax Redline and it took 2 mins. The headlights are right out in the open. It’s going on 9 months now with these headlights and they’re still working flawless.
  7. I received the same reply from gmpartsxperts when I ordered mine. Our greatest apologies but due to the GM / UAW strike all GM parts orders are delayed until further notice with GM . We can process the order for you but we do not have an ETA as to when the order will be received.
  8. Awesome ssfrantz5 !! I’m glad your happy with them. Mine are still going strong after7 months and I’m still impressed.
  9. Hey dctackett10 Yes. These are the ones. Follow my link and order the 9005/H11 4piece set and you will be all set.. Amazon hasn't updated their website to reflect the 2019 Silverados yet. They're a direct plug and play set of 4 bulbs.
  10. Hey Jackwards, Your not alone !! My '19 Custom Trailboss does it every single morning pulling out of the garage. If I had to describe the sound it has the exact sound of a large bird dropping a duece or like a small pinecone hitting the roof. I have just over 3,100 miles on the truck now and it still does it every morning. I do hear it on other occasions such as if I park at work in certain areas of the parking lot then leave for the day I'll hear the roof pop. I'm actually starting to get use to all the noises these new truck's make. How about the fuel pump noise you hear each time you open the drivers door, like it's priming up getting ready for you to fire her up., Or the loud clock ticking noise the truck makes when sitting there idling like it's counting down for some unknown event. Lol. It's not the exhaust ticking noise you typically hear from the pipes heating up, it's a profound clicking noise of a fuel rail or timer of some sort. I could go on and on. The truck definitely let's you know there's allot going on when your using it. But... This is my best Silverado I've owned so far. I don't know why but this '19 Silverado pulls my big enclosed snowmobile trailer much easier than my '14 did and I had many mods done to my '14 (Full Gibson exhaust, CAI, Edge programmer) pulling a large enclosed trailer down the road is like pulling a billboard sideways. Big parachute. So far even with all the pops, ticks and those fuel pump prime noises each time you open the door "I still love this truck"
  11. Excellent photo capture of the true look of these bulbs. I agree, my photos didn't do them Justice. . I'm still impressed with mine after almost 4 months of use. No issues.
  12. Nice!! I'm glad everything went as planned. Looks good!! And your right. GM didn't leave much room down inside the fender for even a medium sized hand, but persistence pays off.
  13. Looking at the photos from the link you supplied I doubt they're going to fit without leaving the dust covers off behind the bulbs. Those cooling fans look like they stick out pretty far behind the bulb. There's very minimal space behind both the hi and low beams. I'll be waiting to see if they fit. Good luck Tomleo67
  14. Your more than welcome.. Hopefully you installed yours like the video. Hate to see you have to reach down in there again to turn them. :-)
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