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  1. Semi installed still need to cut them and properly fit but at least you get an idea
  2. Just got them back from paint. They will be re evaluated and re painted once on the truck 100% but even just seeing them with some color makes me love them even more. The body lines really stick out and match the OE look with some color on them.
  3. Had my roof done in gloss black the week I bought it and love it
  4. Keep in mind that’s with 2” wheel spacers and 2” drop shackles on a 6” rcx lift with a 1/2” top strut spacer.
  5. No problem I ran stock wheels on 35s after my lift but only for a day or two so not many pics but this is it
  6. I ran stock wheels with 35 12.5s on a 2” level and 2” rear lower last summer. Have since changed suspension and have rims you wouldn’t like and 37 13.5s ** FYI I had 2” wheel spacers but here ya go
  7. honestly can’t remember. I wanna say 2.5 to 3” but I could be wrong. Was able to Amazon the pipe and hit Napa for a variety of clamp sizes and return what ones I didn’t need
  8. Not sure if all of us have the flex but mine does. Mine was a simple straight pipe to do the delete. I’ve got a custom with factory duals and they never moved
  9. I hear you on welding being the “better” way. However, what people fail to realize is down the road if it ever needs removal be it for exhaust or other work your cutting it off because there’s no other option. My stainless clamps are clean, don’t leak, and don’t dent/crimp the pipe at all.
  10. Lol me too. No reason to drive it this morning but still chose to take it out. We’ll see how long it takes to be pulled over
  11. Fitment is good but obviously going to need some tweaking. I took them back off and will give them to the painter Monday. Until they’re done I’ll rock the terminator look
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