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  1. I hear ya. To each their own. Just wanted to throw it out there for anyone looking. The tires don’t have wear issues and balanced out great. Maybe they’ll make it past 30k maybe not but for 50% the cost of a name brand tire I’ve got no complaints.
  2. These pics are after 15k miles. (I rotate every oil change, 5k) they are wearing great with zero cupping or chopping and should have another 15k left. Anyone daily driving a T1 with 37’s should get that 30k out of your cheap tires is an accomplishment
  3. Got some heat on running milestone Patagonia mt/s when I lifted my 2019. Users didn’t like that I didn’t spend 2k on tires. To me these were affordable and fit by budget of 37-13.5-20s in the 1k price range.
  4. I hear ya. The red ain’t for everyone but it stands out. Don’t wanna get into the wrong truck at Walmart considering they alllll have black wheels
  5. Off to paint this coming week for final blend with the rest of the truck. The paint didn’t even look close to me so we’ll see how it comes out with the final setup
  6. One of the biggest issues was that I had to fab up new mounts to hold the front of the fenders. With the new one piece fender the manufacturer had nothing info wise as to how to mount them. I get they are made to run through the desert but I can’t have them flopping in the breeze so we made these brackets up at work. Super solid and should do the trick.
  7. So fit and finish isn’t great to say the least on these. With everything going on with corona ive had some down time and been properly fitting them at work. Hopefully get them right this weekend and the truck to final paint this coming week
  8. These are specifically the 35 on stock rims I was running
  9. To answer your question in all the pics I’m running the 6” rc lift all the way around as it comes with the addition of 2” drop shackles and 1/2” front top strut spacers as well as 2” wheel spacers on all 4 corners. That setup on 35’s is 35 12.5 20 on factory rims. The new wheels are 37 13.5 on tis 944’s 20x12 with -44 offset. The 35 setup barely brushed the felt fender liner. The 37s rub the bumper and fender lightly at full turn. This is why I’m doing the glass fenders and bumper spacing.
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