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  1. I think GM is waiting on this forum to find the solution. Sounds like we are close lol
  2. I'm just curious but anyone having the start issues also run into any issues with starting the truck and having no power steering? That has happened to me twice as well.
  3. Think you could upload the videos and share? I haven't got videos of mine yet but would like some to show my GM dealer. I am trying to trade in and get out of the truck still though.
  4. Bags are working good but having other issues with the truck. I am currently trying to get out of it and move to a F250
  5. Not sure where you live but here you can get a sales tax credit and pay/refund the difference of the truck you traded in vs the one you purchased but only within the first 45 days I believe. Just thought I'd share.
  6. I am working on trying to get out of my 1500 Sierra and switch to a F250 even losing some. After start failures, power steering not working a couple times, noisy leaf springs... I'll probably never buy another GM
  7. I got the spring things installed and it was instantly better. I only did the forward on each spring. Come on GM!
  8. I ended up getting AirLift 5000 bags installed (and level kit). With the bags completely deflated the boat dropped the rear end 2.75" which I assume is how much it was doing prior to the bags. With the bags it is no longer an issue and drives much better. I do think the design of the trailer and the boat seems like it could put a lot of weight on the tongue still. I want an adjustable receiver hitch and I found one that has a tongue weight gauge on it that I am thinking about getting.
  9. Thanks! I went ahead and ordered the spring-things kit since it wasn't much. I don't have much faith in GM at the moment. New $50k truck and already had starting issues (3.0L), power steeling didn't work twice when starting, noisy leaf springs, disappointed in the suspension and whatever else I'm forgetting to complain about lol. They need to start implementing return policies if they can't keep their QA on par
  10. Even with the bags deflated it still does it, however they recommend to always keep at least 5psi in the bags. I kind of wonder if it would of started doing this with or without the air bags. The above post just makes me thing it would of came up either way.
  11. The picture was taken with a widescreen shot which could be. It was sagging but the chains still were not touching the ground with the stock configuration. I'll have to hook it back up and measure the distance for y'all. I'm thinking bags will resolve it but as far as the trailer goes, these are all the same kind of trailers I see with these kinds of boats. The axles are in the rear because I assume the majority of the weight is in the rear. I'll have to see where I can get it weighed because that would be a good thing to know. The specs show dry weight at 2,750lbs, plus the F250 XCA outb
  12. I have a new 2021 Sierra 1500 3.0L that did not have the max trailering package. I was disappointed in the suspension and decided to add airlift 5000 airbags. Once they were installed I noticed something very noisy when going at slow speeds and making turns or any point where one side of the rear was at higher ground than the other. I narrowed them down to the leaf springs when they slide side to side. It appears the rubber or whatever that thing is between them makes a TON of noise. I decided to try to clamo them down as hard and possible and the noise died down a lot but not comp
  13. Yeah it definitely brought the rear down. I've already purchased this with the compressor and hoping it will work: https://www.airliftcompany.com/products/air-springs/loadlifter-5000/ I figured the bags were cheaper than trading it in.
  14. I haven't seen that before. So it looks like it is preventing the leaf springs from compressing as much with that Roadmaster Active Suspension. However, I did already purchase the Airlift 5000 Air Bags and compression before this post. It kind of does the same thing it appears by offloading weight from the leaf springs to the axle I guess.
  15. Great.... well I tried to reach out to GM directly basically to complain about it and complain about GM not putting out any info since so many people online are complaining about this same problem. We will see if their "specialist" ever call me back. Do you have anything I can provide the dealer from GM stating this is what needs to be done? I assume this isn't GM releasing this info.
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