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  1. Not sure the brand. These are great for the flood portion and seem to light up everything in front of the truck. I’ll get some shots when I’m in the mountains end of month.
  2. It can be done if you buy led light bars that aren’t deep. I have a 30” and a 20” installed.
  3. Mine are both combo spot/flood. The top is 30” and bottom 20”.
  4. Without light bar: with light bar: ill try try to get some better pics soon.
  5. @pgamboa for the light switch and the light bar was on eBay. I do t believe their wattage numbers but it does put out a lot of light, here is one that is same style. Notice it’s not very deep. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-22-inch-Single-Row-832W-Led-Light-Bar-Spot-Flood-Combo-Offroad-4X4WD-20-24/323431245685?epid=3023415602&hash=item4b4e012775:g:crgAAOSw3T5cDxRI
  6. Without messing with the active shutters used an aluminum angle which I cut to fit and mounted two LED light bars with a factory switch.
  7. So the answers I found online all resulted in cutting the active shutters to get this to work so I devised another way. I’m still not happy with the upper bar mounting which is two bars connected to the light but it is mounted and works great. The hardest part of finding a LED light bar that isn’t deep. The one I found on eBay is about the size of an Apple Watch when you look at it from the side. The bracket was just a piece of aluminum angle cut to fit (40”) and painted black. I used 2 of the three holes for the active shutters with a longer button type bolt, spacer, and lock washer. You will need to use spacer to clear the active shutters and to adjust the placement for the light bars. Cost wise I probably spent about $150 total.
  8. I was thinking about doing this: https://klearz.com/products/chevrolet/2016_silverado_headlight_markers
  9. So I’ve installed the factory switch and am working on a solution to mount without messing with the active shutter system. I’ll post some more pics once I’m done. The original thought was nylon spacer with a bracket but not enough room. The light comes in today so I’m going to work on it tomorrow.
  10. I’ve just installed the switch and wiring into my 2018 1500LT. Light bar come tomorrow and looking to have everything fully installed Friday so I’ll post photos. Working on a solution for the active front shutters as they make the behind the grill install a little more challenging.
  11. Anyone buy the lenses from Klearz and switch them out? It means taking apart the LT headlamp assembly but the cost would only be $180, which I think is crazy for two pieces of plastic.
  12. I just installed Noico 80 mil on the inner and outer part of the doors as well as inside the front fender wells behind the guards. Definitely a difference. I've already ordered sound dampening pads for the doors and am planning on doing the entire cab eventually plus the hood liner. As of now the only real noticeable noise from the outside is the K & N sucking air if I hit the gas. I work remotely so trying to make my truck as quiet as possible so I can take conference calls while on the road without anyone knowing. Plus it really makes listening to music a lot more enjoyable. I did notice when working on the doors that their is a small piece of sound dampening in the door but I don't believe enough to make that much of a difference. There is also a blanket that hangs between the door and the trim which I believe is for sound deadening from the factory.
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