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  1. Go to the dealership I had mine aligned at Firestone shop and it would pull to the right they tried saying it's the camber so I took it to the dealer more expensive but got it aligned correct and drives smooth and straight
  2. It's easy man here is a video of guy taking it apart at 2min mark
  3. You can always try trading someone, I'm out in Denver and truck scene here is big and a lot people do it out here and I have seen those snowflakes for the trucks not sure if they're original or replicas
  4. Lol i dont know just looked up a video of the sb and the cai sounds louder but they do have good customer service like the other guy said but I don't have the chrome one,
  5. I got the cold air inductions on my 17 z71 and I like it gives it a nice growl
  6. To the highest which says I think 1.85" but a lot smoother than stock and I had the stock with the rough country 2" level kit. 5100s definitely beats stock and the stock with the rough country level kit I had on.
  7. No rust mine has 18k and I've had it for 8months I'm in Denver and hasn't been much snow here, but fender part grabbed heat gun and done
  8. I keep accelerating. Thanks guys thought maybe something was wrong
  9. Can't really say about manifolds but rest of my truck I have no rust underbody just changed oil and greased the front, 8 months and 18k. I plan on cleaning my cai I'll look and get some pictures. I'm in Denver now we've haven't had much snow here so not much salt also...
  10. Have my truck with an electric cut out in between cat and silencer. when I got on the highway one night I floored it, no traffic so why not. From a stop floored it onto the on ramp (cutout open) and when I hit 60 mph I hear a pop from exhaust. I've done it 2 more times now to see if it was a fluke or not and pop right at 60 mph. It's 5.3 6spd, anyone else with an electric cut out or an exhaust set up that this happened to?
  11. Yes itll go back in no problem happened to me and had no problem you should be good
  12. I've had mine for 8 months and have none of that, I don't think it's normal after 2 days...
  13. I was watching the video about wireless charging and was wondering which console lock box you are using?  Would you recommend it? 



  14. Mine is doing the same I thought it was the high temps also.
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