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  1. I will also say that I was unaware of not being able to tune the TCM when I got my ‘18. Lew is obviously awesome, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s not worth going down the road of a new TCM module and tuning it as well.
  2. Honestly, I did not get the impression there was much I could do without better fuel. I probably should have asked some more questions in my correspondence with him. My main focus was tuning to protect from AFM issues, so I was able to do that with the canned tunes. I we I’ll get back in touch with him to see what other options we might have.
  3. Reviving a super old thread here, but I wanted to let anyone looking into these that the problem went away. Unfortunately, I can not remember at what mileage it stopped, but I have not had an issue in quite a long time. Besides the noises for the first 5-10K, the performance is incredible and I will never willingly drive a truck with the stock Ranchos ever again.
  4. I had my 2018 6.2L truck tuned by Lew about a year ago. Great service! However, I only have a few places in the Oklahoma City metro to get 93. So far, I have not found a station with 93 that is good enough to not cause a lot of knock retard. For the last year, I have basically given up on the tuning service I paid for and been running the canned tuned on the Diablo. However, I would really like to make this work. I have read some differing opinions on octane boosters, but I am wondering if I could run 93 plus a bottle of booster to make it not detonate early. Any other suggestions as to how to combat this? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  5. I got word from my shop the other day. Sorry for the delay in posting. They assured me that their Raptor trucks that they build make the same noises. They also contacted Fox for me and were told that if I wanted to send them in, the could put boots on them. Apparently their seals are so tight that the synthetic seal rubbing on the shock shaft creates the noise. I was told to keep applying lithium grease and it could possibly help over time. Also, warm weather would soften the synthetic seals a bit. Not the greatest news, but maybe it will get a little better if some grease eventually works its way into the seal.
  6. Any word on if this resolved your issue? I started having the same issue once I put about 2000 miles on mine. My '18 sounds like the old truck out on the ranch.
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