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  1. Lund Genesis Torneau cover

    You willing to ship?
  2. Morimoto 35w D5S replacements (5500k or 6500k)

    Is this FS thread done or did you ever reorder in bulk? 5500k
  3. The HIDs that are factory in my 2018 are good, but I’m still wanting more. Has anyone done the morimoto 35 or 45 watt replacement D5S? https://www.theretrofitsource.com/d5s-morimoto-xb-hid.html?carDisplay=2016+Chevrolet+Silverado+1500+(HID+Equipped)&preselect=&preselect_restrict=1
  4. I am looking for one of the lower bumper fillers with the chrome “mustache” off of a Z71 or LTZ (or HC if they have it too). 2016-2018 Silverado. Let me know if you have one for sale or want to trade for my oem black one off of my LT. Tampa FL or Gainesville FL areas or anywhere in between. Will also drive halfway to meet if you are somewhat close. Thanks.
  5. Details on this? What strip is that and what kind of wiring did you use?
  6. Somebody selling their oem fogs for 200$ on Facebook group. If you do decide to get the bumper with fog cutouts, you can do that option.
  7. Anyone ever used the Rough Country HD2 boards? I personally like the looks and what they say with the powder coated steel construction. I just want a running board that looks like it is hugging the underside of the cab. I just don’t like the ones that are drop down lower than the cab as much. For this reason I am also now looking at go rhino d6 I guess that I saw in previous posts.
  8. 2015 DL3 Mirrors

    Still available?
  9. DL3 mirrors

    Still available? Where is the scratch?
  10. Dare I ask, but Wisconsin members?

    I’m moving there in 4 months. I’d love to join a meetup if y’all are having one.
  11. WTT My Chrome window trim for your Black

    I’ll PM you right now.
  12. WTT My Chrome window trim for your Black

    Also what are you going to do with the chrome door trim? I might know someone that would be very interested in those if you’re going to sell them.
  13. WTT My Chrome window trim for your Black

    Interested. Where are you? I don’t see your location but if you’re local, we could also meet and do the swap real fast! You can PM me details
  14. If either of you need to get rid of the chrome hooks, pm me a price 😂 it is something I want to do!
  15. Hmm I will have to find a picture of a graphite one and hopefully one that I can see the whole tailgate. I want to make sure I can see if it takes over the whole tailgate

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