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  1. Thanks. I’ll work on starting on that list to see if anything helps this weekend.
  2. You can see I turned off the ceiling light in my garage in the second pic - all of this is from the third brake light LEDs. (You can see on the garage wall that my door opener light was on, but that only goes to the side dimly because my truck sits about 3 inches under it and blocks any light from the back of the garage)
  3. I’ll get some tonight. Check back later/tomorrow!
  4. I just wanted to add here as I just got a new iPhone recently and went through hours of talking with Apple to try and figure something out. I was in the boat of I’d plug my phone in (I have a center console with a OEM Apple cable) and I’ll I would get is charging. Phone could do Bluetooth calls, but would not do carplay. I tried 4 other iPhones in my truck and they all instantly went to carplay. I tried my phone in a friend’s car and my phone went right to carplay. Did all of these tests with Apple and restarts of phone and truck and eventually found (in the truck, not phone) the settings screen. Scrolled to the Apple CarPlay option, and manually clicking “add device” while my phone was plugged in forced the CarPlay message to pop on my phone. Works perfectly now. just wanted to put this out there so people might find that setting faster and not be dumb like me.
  5. Hey everyone, Tried searching the forums and most topics with these keywords related to transmissions. So maybe a month or 2 ago I changed my oil myself for the first time on this truck (I’ve changed oil myself my whole life, just not for the two free changes I got with the purchase), and since then I am noticing a really rough idle when I am at a stop light. The oil pressure gauge drops significantly, like to 1/4 of the dial at times, and then returns to normal once I depress the accelerator again. This only happens once the truck is at operating temperature - if it is not warm yet, idle stays at a regular oil pressure. I put in the required oil amount and have checked the dipstick (but am willing to do so again). I will look to post a video of the gauge later since I apparently do not have one. Any thoughts from you all as to what I should look at/try next? I’m not leaking oil - there are zero spots on my garage floor.
  6. Hey Raven, you can see the purchase date on these. I have had them in my truck since 2 days after the order date, and they are still going strong. search term on Amazon: Philips Automotive Lighting 921WLED Ultinon LED (White), 2 Pack
  7. That picture is actually just from the two white lights near the center high mount stop light. I have though since added cheap LED strips under the bed rails (so not factory) and I tied them in to the circuit for the lights mentioned above.
  8. I also have the CC standard bed, and would love the larger tank if it just fits.
  9. That’s to wire in off road lights (pods, lightbar, etc) some vehicles from factory have those and that’s what this oem switch is for.
  10. I have started trying a couple of the local beers... New Glaurus Spotted Cow was my most recent one. I’m liking it so far up here but still waiting to see winter ??
  11. One of my favorite comments for this on Facebook was “there is next to no resistance on those rails. I bet a focus could tow that once it got started.” Also lots of people wondering where they got a strap that small rated for 1.25 million pounds. On a personal note, I am excited to see what they can do with an electric truck. If people actually use their trucks to haul stuff, how long will the battery last?
  12. So sorry to hear Mark. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you on the forum for a while. I’ll just echo what everyone else is saying - your forum family is 100% behind you in your fight. I’ll say a prayer for you and your family.
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