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  1. That’s to wire in off road lights (pods, lightbar, etc) some vehicles from factory have those and that’s what this oem switch is for.
  2. I have started trying a couple of the local beers... New Glaurus Spotted Cow was my most recent one. I’m liking it so far up here but still waiting to see winter ??
  3. One of my favorite comments for this on Facebook was “there is next to no resistance on those rails. I bet a focus could tow that once it got started.” Also lots of people wondering where they got a strap that small rated for 1.25 million pounds. On a personal note, I am excited to see what they can do with an electric truck. If people actually use their trucks to haul stuff, how long will the battery last?
  4. So sorry to hear Mark. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you on the forum for a while. I’ll just echo what everyone else is saying - your forum family is 100% behind you in your fight. I’ll say a prayer for you and your family.
  5. That's an awesome price, GLWS
  6. So I was looking at hard folding covers for my truck bed, and I wanted them to be low-profile, because I just like that look personally where you can hardly tell it's there. Well, I decided on the LXP for a couple hundred more than most other hard fold covers because of the Lifetime end to end warranty. I looked up price online shipped to my door for install, $1200 plus $25 shipping plus tax to buy it from online and install myself. I called my local Line-x store, they told me that the same cover was $1100 shipped to the store AND installed, plus tax, so I went that route. Well I just drove ~1500 miles from Tampa FL to Wisconsin with it, and I got almost a 20% boost in fuel economy than my normal. I only have 4500 miles now, but the first 3000 were about 90% freeway miles because I just drove the interstate between school and home. Best mpg (I calculate my own because the computer is always almost exactly 2 mpg off) I ever got was about 18. Even though I had about 600 pounds of extra cargo on this trip, I got between 20 and 22 for all of my fill-ups along the way. I also drove through rain and no water got in my bed. Overall, I am happy so far with this cover. (You can check out my fuelly in my signature to see my most recent fill-ups)
  7. Here is a video - watch from 1:40 to 4:25 is where he demos the lightbars. They seem pretty decent I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what do you think? If your budget allows, look into feniex fusion dash/visor lightbars.. those are amazing but the speedtech lights seem like a good bang for your buck.
  8. Speedtech lights are pretty bright (from videos I have seen at least - don’t know if I have ever seen them running in person) and I believe they are having a Memorial Day sale this weekend.
  9. This is a good option too. I think speed turtle also sells an OBDII port splitter so you can plug the turtle in and maintain an open port for whatever else.
  10. Instead of a roof mounted setup, you could do a dash or visor light for the front and a rear facing lightbar in the back window.
  11. Why do you say? You said they were performing normally right? Or are they flashing with the signals?
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