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  1. Construction hazard lights

    This is a good option too. I think speed turtle also sells an OBDII port splitter so you can plug the turtle in and maintain an open port for whatever else.
  2. Construction hazard lights

    Instead of a roof mounted setup, you could do a dash or visor light for the front and a rear facing lightbar in the back window.
  3. You have OEM led signals right?
  4. Why do you say? You said they were performing normally right? Or are they flashing with the signals?
  5. What is the outboard side marker? The small orange light on the side of the headlamp assembly? If that’s the light to which you are referring, those do not flash with the turn signals.
  6. I’m sorry to hear that LA... you’re making me question even using the 2 free oil changes that come with my truck purchase. Wondering now if I should just do it myself and not risk this
  7. 3k miles, no engine work. LOL I know that’s not helpful but it does make me happy to see all the responses in here in the 80,90,100k ranges with no issues!
  8. Steering column rusted

    I’m the one that started the thread a couple months ago. Mine might have been even worse (could see no silver at all) that yours. Non-issue or not, dealer replaced mine in about 40 minutes under warranty for “excessive” rust.
  9. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Mine on right, dad’s on left.
  10. I believe they are the plastic plugs that go into the 4 holes in the frame under the bed. My signature has my build thread - it's the first post on the second page.
  11. Yes if you take off the window trim, there is a hole in the top of the door. The window trim does act as a barrier in the door. Keep in mind that water still gets in the door on the edges of the trim that don’t quite fit up against the window. However, I personally would not drive mine around town or let it sit outside in rain for example with them off.
  12. Yeah did you see me or the truck there?
  13. You in Tampa? I’ll keep my eye out for your truck on the road
  14. Here you go. Just peel back the weather strip a tad, and this screw is what you want. When finished and screwed back in, the weather strip just pushes back on into its grooves. Good luck
  15. I’m sure you will find someone ... it seems like there are a ton of people that are trying to dechrome their trucks.

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