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  1. Send a PM to @pgamboa click on his account and use the little envelope icon on his page. I have also purchased from him - great guy and great product!
  2. I'll look forward to your review of the shop you use. If you end up thinking they do really quality work, I might make the drive over there from Gainesville.
  3. While I agree (especially down in FL with the 95 year olds driving with high beams on at noon), I enjoy driving myself. Call me crazy, but if I am going somewhere, I just like to be in control of my own transportation. I don't know how much I would enjoy my car fighting me if I tried to change lanes without a blinker, etc...
  4. Sorry you are having issues - but I wanted to assure you that you are indeed in the correct spot! Have you tried using the search function for any of the error codes? Or are the codes cleared and now it is new issues?
  5. EpicLT's 2018 Silverado LT CC

    Got my DL3 mirrors installed, but have no clue how to upload a video to this site. But I'll try to get pictures that show the turn signals and puddle lights as functional. The power fold also works perfectly. So now my future mod is to get an auto dimming rearview mirror to link up my driver's side mirror and have them dim at night. Update: it says my files of those pictures are too big to upload, so just believe me that they work, LOL Anyway, mods to come soon (in addition to the rearview mirror): Lamin-x (probably the brand) headlight/foglight protection film DU-HA under seat storage/gun rack organizer Purchase tailgate seals for when I install my bed cover Tint windows with IR (heat blocking) film at 20% in rear row and back windows, 50% on driver and passenger, and as light as possible on the whole windshield, with a 35% - 50% bar at the top (flat bar, not personally a huge fan of the tint jobs that are like an arch on the top of the windshield) K&N rechargeable air filter K&N washable cabin air filter Lots of smaller stuff, but I am excited nonetheless!
  6. Ooh that is rare - I had to look all over to find a CC std bed! What color?
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Gorgeous truck - and welcome to the forum! If you ever think about it, can you send me a picture of the headlight output on those new weird LEDs in your Chevy? I think they have 3 or 4 vertical bars? They looks like they would have really weird output but I’ve been curious if it’s any good.
  8. Yeah I know - it was crazy to not give my info. Maybe next time I’m shopping for a vehicle I’ll go to enterprise and rent an exotic for the day 😂
  9. Went and checked. Mine has a couple spots starting. I guess I’ll put something on it that will remove and protect. I wish it was easy to get to the piece so I could just paint it.
  10. I was looking at Tacoma or Silverado (I know - completely different, but I don't haul so I was considering the smaller truck). Obviously ended up with the Silverado because I got into it for the same price as a Tacoma and I like the bigger truck in case I ever do want it. I will say the Toyota dealer experience was the best I have ever had though - I kind of wish that sales guy worked at Chevy because I just wanted to give him a sale. He did not talk down or treat me differently because I am young, and just took me on a test drive. Ran numbers of what that truck would cost without taking a single piece of my information. Lowest pressure ever! I did not have to give my phone # or email to get him to talk to me! Now I went to 2 chevy dealers -- the first treated me like a kid because of my age and didn't believe me when I said I would be financing and making the payments myself. They kept asking if my dad would be coming in to finalize payment. Then they took me out in a double cab work truck and told me their price for that was $41,xxx. Went to another chevy dealer and I got in a CC Std Box 4wd LT All Star for $36,xxx. The first chevy dealer kept emailing me to ask if they had offended me, LOL.

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