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  1. Shakey, Yes. I've got the "Allow Siri when locked" turned on as well as under CarPlay in General section of iPhone settings the "Allow CarPlay While Locked" is also on. Based on the goofy behavior, I think the "Allow CarPlay While Locked" is the relevant setting rather than Siri when locked. But in any event, both are set to on. And it does seem to connect to CarPlay when I plug the lightning cable into the iPhone with it locked so long as the iPhone has already disconnected from the house wifi or the office wifi. And it's not as if it NEVER connects in the driveway with the iPhone still connected to house wifi. It's just that it seems if I try to immediately connect the lighting adapter while the truck is still in the driveway and the iPhone is still getting a very strong home wifi signal I'm frequently not getting CarPlay to activate. Occasionally it does though. But I pretty much don't have a problem if I don't try to activate CarPlay by plugging in the lightning connector until I'm down the block and my iPhone has lost the signal for my home wifi. It will start CarPlay right up, whether the iPhone is locked or not.
  2. As I try to figure out more of what is happening I have 2 new observations. I took the truck on it's first road trip, which was about 500 miles. CarPlay would very occasionally just disconnect out of nowhere, as if I'd unplugged the lightning cable from my iPhone. I was using navigation when this was going on with Apple maps on the infotainment screen. And suddenly the map would just disappear. The shortcut icon for projection on the top of the screen would also change from the CarPlay icon back to the generic projection icon. Typically this would be after about 90 minutes or so I'd guess. If I unplugged the lightning cable from the iPhone and plugged it back in then CarPlay would reconnect and everything would be back as it was. The iPhone was still showing it was charging when the disconnect took place and it would be in the 90%+ charge range. If my phone is connected to a wifi network such as my home network or the wifi at work plugging in the iPhone as soon as I get in the truck seems more often than not to result in CarPlay not coming up. It seems much better to drive down the street or out of the parking lot and once the phone's wifi disconnects then plug in the lightning cable to the iPhone. That pretty much always results in CarPlay starting up immediately or darn near immediately. Frustrating not being able to figure out if these hiccups are an issue with iOS12 or with the infotainment firmware.
  3. Thanks - this is interesting. I'd already moved the projection icon up into my favorites at the top of the screen while customizing everything a few months ago when I first bought the truck. When the issue has occurred - doesn't happen every time - hitting that icon would some times give me a message that I needed to connect a device to USB although my iPhone was already connected that way and showed it was charging. Other times nothing happens and the icon stays the generic projection icon not the CarPlay icon. This morning I tapped the projection icon in the favorites on the top of the screen a couple times one right after the other and voila - it changed to the CarPlay icon. Immediately after this I tried to do a couple of things on the Chevy screen and it wasn't responding. But then it caught up. And that brings me back to one of my earlier theories that the iPhone 6 even though it is on the most recent iOS 12, only just supports it. And I'm wondering if sometimes it's CPU is too busy and fails to "handshake" promptly enough with the MyLink and the connection doesn't sync up. I also wonder if the 4K plus songs on my iPhone are part of what it's busy accessing when I first connect. I'm not sure if they ever issue updates to the infotainment system. It'd be nice if you could force it to go look for one while you're at home and the truck is connected to your home wi-fi network. But I don't think there is a way to force it to check.
  4. I have problems from time to time with CarPlay not connecting. My 18 Silverado has the bench and center console/armrest and I'm connecting an Apple OEM lightning cable there to my iPhone 6 running iOS 12. Sometimes I plug the lightning cable into the iPhone and the projection symbol on the infotainment screen doesn't change to the CarPlay symbol and CarPlay isn't active, even though the iPhone indicates it's charging. I thought at first it might have something to do with the iPhone being locked but it happens when it's unlocked too. (And I have it set to enable when locked in Settings anyway.) It seems like it's more apt to do it when I'm at home and plug the iPhone in before my truck is out of range of the home wifi network. (I've linked my truck to home wifi because I don't pay for the in truck wifi. But this let's me update apps and things on the MyLink at least while I'm in the driveway.) But I've had it happen away from the house as well, just not as much as first thing in the morning when I'm leaving. I've tried rebooting the iPhone. I've tried restarting the truck - assuming that "reboots" the infotainment system. This morning I had success pressing on the "Projection" button on the infotainment screen menu repeatedly and after a number of rapid presses it did switch to the CarPlay symbol. I'm also wondering if sometimes my iPhone 6 processor just isn't going as fast as it needs to should it be doing other things (iPhone 6 running is getting a little long in the tooth although it's responsiveness has improved since the most recent iOS 12 was installed) and that's what is causing the delay. Anybody else experience anything like this with CarPlay? It's not really clear to me if the culprit is the iPhone or the MyLink.
  5. Thanks, but I'm pretty "tied down" to the tri-fold style. Mine is a Crew Cab with the short bed. As such, I don't want to lose that bed space, which is already at a premium, to the roll up. I need to haul hay in the bed from time to time. And when doing so, having the tri-fold against the rear window really isn't going to matter - the hay would block the rear window anyway.
  6. OK, I may owe GM an apology as this thing might be more "intelligent" than I originally gave it credit for. But I would say it's certainly not intuitive, nor is it explained very well for having manuals that are a couple inches thick. I did really appreciate the earlier comment today about pressing AC and Recirc buttons simultaneously to reset the outside temp sensor.
  7. I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 12. It has 25GB worth of songs loaded on it (roughly 5,000 songs). I know this is too much for some of the voice command features. But I generally just navigate songs with playlists. And I don't have but 2 or 3 dozen playlists at any one time. Most are recently purchased albums off iTunes and I have a playlist created for each album and it's inside a folder of "Current Albums". On my 2010 Nissan when I connect the iPhone all of the playlists, whether in a folder or not, are essentially at the top level of playlists. Essentially there is no nesting of playlists - every playlist is seen alongside all others with no hierarchy. But on my 2018 Silverado with the non-nav infotainment I'm seeing 2 or 3 duplicates of many of these playlists. Also only one of any given set of duplicates has songs underneath it, while the others are empty. Not all of the playlists seem to be duplicated, and some that are have more duplicates than others that are. Does anybody else have this going on?
  8. I'm mostly sold on getting a Bakflip F1 tri-fold for my '18 Silverado Crew Cab with the short bed. The Bakflip price on their website is currently $1,030. Does anybody know whether they run any black friday deals on these that would be worth holding off for? My "jump on it" price would probably be around $875.
  9. TJay74 - I have to disagree based on my playing around with these settings. Try it yourself on your 16 Sierra. Go into the infotainment system and set the auto fan speed to low. (I think the truck needs to be running to change this or at least with key in on position) Then remote start you vehicle and you should still have the fan going at the highest speed until you put the key into the ignition and turn it to on. At that point the fan will immediately slow down. The fan is on high under a remote start for my 18 Silverado no matter what I set the infotainment auto fan to. But once I put the key in and turn to on then the fan speed will vary depending on what I have the auto fan speed in the infotainment set at. Try it.
  10. I'm continuing to play with this. I think I'm understanding the auto fan setting LO-MED-HIGH in the infotainment settings. I think it might be better labeled SLOWER-NORMAL-FASTER. I think it works as a modifier for the fan speed the computer would otherwise select based on outside temp, inside temp, sun loading from the dash sensor etc. The MED or "NORMAL" setting is essentially just whatever the computer would choose for the fan speed. LO or "SLOWER" just tweaks down the speed the computer would otherwise have selected and HIGH or "FASTER" just tweaks up the speed the computer would have selected. I think it's meant to "dial in" your comfort relative to the "standard" person the computer is programmed for. I'm also now questioning whether the system might be slow to recognize a change in outside temperature from when the car was turned off. So if you turn it off at 5pm at the outside temperature is 60 and overnight a cold front moves in and when you go to start the vehicle and its 31 outside perhaps for a few minutes the computer still thinks it's 60? I'm also wondering if the fast fan speed when I started it a few days ago could have been user error in my canceling auto control accidentally. Selecting any of a number of HVAC buttons on the dash can have the effect of cancelling auto control. Perhaps I did that. This morning at least, it did seem to be working more along the lines of the Nissan.
  11. SK - Based on my playing around with the system, I think the fan blows full blast WHEN YOU REMOTE START no matter WHAT you have the Auto Fan Speed set at. The manual is as obtuse and unhelpful as one could possibly imagine on the Auto Fan Setting. On page 163 it says only this about the Auto Fan Speed: "This feature will set the auto fan speed. Select Low, Medium, or High." WTF is THAT supposed to mean? My system this morning with a huge variant in outside temp (31) to inside auto temp setting (72) did seem to vary the fan speed higher as the engine warmed up and then lower it as the inside temp was reached. The whole concept of "auto fan speed" seems a complete oxymoron to having a low, medium, high setting for said "auto fan speed." I wonder if anybody understands how exactly those 3 values impact how the auto fan speed works.
  12. Well, based on this and others suggestions I made sure my fan "auto" setting on the infotainment menu was "medium" and I bumped up the temp auto setting to 72. It was 31 outside this morning and I didn't use autostart so I could hear the fan from the moment the engine started up. This morning it seemed to work as I'd originally expected and as my Nissan does. This is the first day it's been below freezing. When I thought it aptly less than intelligently, blowing cold air on me at a pretty high speed when the engine wasn't near warm yet, I think the outside temps were in the 50s and I had the auto temp control set to either 68 or 70. Perhaps it needs a much larger gap in temperature to do well in regulating fan speed. So, at least this morning with the outside temperature at 31 (and the truck was sitting outside all night) and the dial set to 72 it performed intelligently enough for my comfort. Thanks guys.
  13. I'm going to have to dig through the owners manual again. (And yes, I read it cover to cover.) I don't remember any explanation on this auto fan setting. It's not intuitive as to why you're setting a fan speed relative to auto. Just doesn't immediately make sense.
  14. My 2010 Nissan Cube at HALF THE PRICE of this 2018 Silverado handles automatic temperature control like a genius. Virtually no fan at all when I start it up on a freezing day. But as the engine warms up the fan gradually blows harder and harder and you feel the cabin slowly warm up. As you're feeling it get warm you notice the fan is starting to ramp back down and the temperature of the air coming out of the vents is going down as well. It's really "smart" whatever the algorithm they've programmed to look at outside temperature, engine temperature and inside temperature and adjust the HVAC air temp and fan speed in response. The AC in the summer is similarly intelligent. In 8 years of driving this Nissan I've basically had the temperature set to 68 all year long and I never have to mess with it. Not so the Silverado, not so. Seems like such a simple thing really.
  15. How many are there? Are they someplace easy enough for me to reach and check or is this a warranty item?

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