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  1. how hard is it to add it and keep what I already have. can anyone tell me if I can add nav to my existing 2.5 hvmi
  2. What is needed to make this change? do I need software or hardware or both can I just get HMI reprogrammed?
  3. I have onstage nav but would like the maps. can you have both 2018 2500 GMC
  4. Here is a new idea for a project look at the block heater plug on the 2020 hd where it is part of the fender .
  5. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    I will keep an eye on it and if it moves I will make it stringer
  6. please point me to this tpms trailer post
  7. AUX switch install

    right now without the wires going to X61A the light work as advertised. they turn on and off when selected. each switch supplies a ground for the relays at X50a
  8. AUX switch install

    ok I see this would make sense if you use aftermarket relays but I plan on using the factory upfitter at X50a not sure how I could add these diodes. the latest ui bulletin states to delete earlier bulletins I'm looking at 110m. Do you have a source for the terminals maybe you could sell me some so I could run all the wires from s48a to X61A then x50a and some extra as I also want to retire my second fuel pump relay for my off road lights
  9. AUX switch install

    again why the diodes as they are not in the factory drawings. also I know I could go around X61A but I really don't want to. if I could get the terminals I will make the wires
  10. What about adding the tpms for the trailer to a 2018
  11. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    when your back from holiday this is what I want from you.
  12. AUX switch install

    switch for sale 25

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