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  1. I email autowoods seller on eBay.. Said he had one black heated wheel that had a small blemish/damage from removing the airbag... He is sending pictures of that one.. Told me the same as above, that he was probably getting some new ones around the end of Feb or March...
  2. Good bye ford

    I got my 2018 for 28% of MSRP... I would think 30% off could be attainable if you were paying cash.....
  3. Here is the link to the post in the For Sale section to get the harness..
  4. Go the mods forum and search for center console swap. Get the harness from pgamboa and find the parts. I can send you a list of parts that I will be buying shortly. I have the black leather interior and reverse tartan trim in my 18 Z71. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Here is my 2018 LT in red hot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Center console swap?

    Quick question. Will an iPhone 8 Plus fit on the mat that is in these consoles? Specifically looking at the 84288040 console.... I tried to put my iPhone on my dad's 2016 LTZ console and the phone did not lay down on the mat... I do not have a case on the phone either....
  7. After doing a bunch of reading about the stamped steel arms and leveling kits, I got to thinking. Why not just swap to the older style cast arms? Wouldn't that fix the issues if you wanted a 2" to 2.5" leveling kit?
  8. Bought a new LT Z71

    Thanks for the information. I will have to research the leveling kit issues before deciding. I had a 2.25” ReadyLift on my 2011 for over 80K miles and no issues.
  9. Bought a new LT Z71

    Ugh. How do I get the pictures rotated? Have to go to a computer?
  10. I bought a new 2018 LT Z71 on Friday. Traded in my 2011 LT after 110,000 miles. I added a GM under-seat storage, and Line-X at the dealer. Then I have ordered a Extang Tuff Tonno and a set of Husky X-act floor liners. Future plans include an auto-dim mirror, console swap, leveling kit and tires when it needs new ones. Already love the Apple Car Play and the heated leather seats. Quite an upgrade from my 2011. Here is a picture.
  11. Bump. Can someone confirm the part number?
  12. Is the mirror part number 13584893? Found one for sale. I ended up buying that truck yesterday. I will post some pictures when I pick it up tomorrow. Getting a Line-X put in it today.
  13. subscribing... Saving for later

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