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  1. My experience has been a little different. Tried ordering both cables from GM Parts direct 11 days ago. They told me 84022323 was on backorder and said they could send the other right away. Called another GM Dealer who said they could get it and paid them too. Now today the parts direct still says "on order" and the other just changed to backordered. If that ain't enough, I'm waiting on a new third brake light from the dealer because it leaked into my headliner less than a month after I got it! That's under warranty but WTF!
  2. The middle duh! That takes care of most of the silver bolts. Any clue what all those black screws are from. Told the guy at the salvage yard I needed that black bracket and the bolts holding it on and I got a big bag of crap!
  3. I just received my center console. I was pretty confident after watching pgamboa's video and then I got this. First pick is the console. It's out of a wrecked '16. The second is what i believe is the the mounting bracket for attaching to dash. I have no clue what the silver bracket is. Then I got a bag of screws and bolts. If anyone can tell me what that silver bracket or where all those bolts go, I will definitely be appreciative.

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