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  1. I wanted to provide a follow-up post for everyone regarding my attempt at upgrading my the rearview mirror in my Silverado 1500 LT with the custom harness from @pgamboa and the Gentex mirror from @rjp869 -- it works great!! I now have Homelink buttons built into the mirror, and auto-dimming on all my mirrors (I had previously upgraded my side view mirrors with Phil's DL3 custom mirror upgrade). Phil and Bob are both true professionals that we are fortunate to have in this community. Both of my transactions with Phil were very easy, with incredibly fast shipping and great post-purchase support when I didn't understand something. Bob was equally fantastic, with fast shipping and great service. When I tried this installation, it didn't work at first -- I assumed I had messed up some wires, but Bob thought it might be his custom connector on the mirror. I sent it back to him and he rebuilt the connector and shipped it back to me on the same day he received it! He even offered to reimburse the return shipping for me. If anyone is considering this mirror upgrade, use Phil and Bob and you'll be in good hands! -Mike
  2. Thanks Phil! I reached out to the seller and he replied back looking for more details about your harness, so I directed him to this thread and explained what my ultimate goal was. He did confirm that the presence of OnStar in my current setup and the lack of it on his mirror will not cause any problems. Will post an update for everyone's benefit if I hear anything. -Mike
  3. I have a 2016 Silverado 1500 LT with the DL3 side mirror upgrade using pgamboa's harness. My existing inside mirror is the non-autodim OnStar model. I'd like to get autodim plus Homelink on the mirror.. I don't need OnStar. The Gentex GENK40A4 appears to do this.. but would it work in my scenario? And would the side mirror dim? There's an eBay listing right now that says it's plug-and-play "as long as your vehicle currently has the factory 10 pin auto dim mirror without OnStar." That's not what I have, but curious if pgamboa's second custom harness would get me what I'm hoping for..? -Mike
  4. Mirrors have been sold on eBay. Switch 23154700 still available.
  5. I upgraded the DL8 side mirrors on my 2016 Silverado 1500 to the DL3 model, so my original DL8 mirrors and the mirror control switch from my drivers door are available. These are manual fold, power adjust, heated mirrors. They have black covers. The drivers side mirror and door switch are in mint condition. The plastic trim around the passenger side mirror is cracked from getting whacked backing in my garage, but it does not appear to affect functionality. The glass is flawless and the heat/power functions work fine on both mirrors. GM part numbers are 23214768, 23214769, and 23154700. Will fit 2014-2017 Silverado, Sierra, and similar trucks. They were dirty from regular use when I took photos but I will clean them up before shipping. Make an offer on individual parts or the whole lot. Going on eBay at the end of the month if nobody here is interested. Hi-Res photos are here: https://goo.gl/photos/biCSCsFcwqAnWAoD6
  6. I recently bought a set of custom DL3 mirror harnesses from /profile/159655-pgamboa/?do=hovercard" data-mentionid="159655" rel="">@pgamboa.. fantastic experience! He had them shipped within an hour of my payment and replied within minutes to every PM I sent about the installation. His custom harnesses are fantastic, but his tech support is even better. Highly recommended.
  7. I recently bought a pair of DL3 mirrors from /profile/169849-ckrado/?do=hovercard" data-mentionid="169849" rel="">@CKrado.. shipping was very fast, communication was excellent. The mirrors were packed well and everything was as described. Thank you!
  8. Just wanted to share a positive vote of confidence about my experience upgrading from DL8s to DL3s with pgamboa's help.. his harnesses make the process very straightforward, but his tech support is what puts it over the top! Just follow his guidance and you should be fine. A few small tidbits I would like to share with those looking to embark on this adventure: 1) It is very doable, even if you are not a "car guy" or electrical genius. It takes some time, but it's not complicated. 2) Sheet metal is sharp, especially in areas that GM didn't expect customers to be sticking their hands. 3) Remove your door speaker! It's simple but took me awhile to realize how much easier that made things. It's only one screw and a simple wire harness. Thanks Phil!
  9. Here's another positive review for pgamboa and his custom harnesses!! I have a 2016 Silverado 1500 LT crew cab and upgraded from the standard DL8 mirrors to the DL3 like most of you. When I first started researching the upgrade and discovered all of the wiring differences, I almost wrote it off and decided it wasn't happening. Thankfully I happened to come across one of Phil's posts about offering his custom harnesses for sale, so after grabbing a set of mirrors from another member and a new door switch, I dove in head first. Not only did Phil ship quickly (literally within an hour of my payment), but he also virtually held my hand as I worked my way through the install. I had a few questions along the way, and he replied to my PMs within minutes. It was mostly silly little things, but he saved me lots of time and headache by pointing me in the right direction. The price is more than fair, as these harnesses are complex and he clearly knows what he is doing -- not to mention the tech support he provides. I am very happy and could not have done my upgrade without Phil's products or his knowledge. Thank you sir!
  10. What is the part number of the other mirror?
  11. Also interested if still available.. thanks.
  12. If sonerick is not interested, I might be.. please let me know. Thanks! -Mike
  13. Also interested if still available..
  14. I did the exact same thing today with similar damage to the housing but on my passenger side. I am also having trouble getting the ring off the mirror, but at least my motor is intact. It appears that in order to replace the mirror housing, you need to buy the entire unit. If I'm going to spend the money, I will probably take this opportunity to upgrade from the DL8 mirrors to the DL3. I can justify it by believing that power folding mirrors mean no more hitting the garage.. -Mike
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