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  1. XRF chassis. I’ve used all the same ones you mentioned and none have held up like these. I live on a washboard dirt road, 6” suspension lift. XRF is my choice.
  2. Sounds like you need to get a supervisor and explain the issue with the old radio. Tell them it’s broken and no longer works.
  3. ID is linked to XM ready head unit. Just transfer your account to new radio and nothing else. New owner will be able to activate. No need to replace anything.
  4. I went through the same thing. I used a Dorman actuator. When I replaced it with an original equipment actuator it worked probably. If you didn’t replace it with an OE actuator, you be encountering the same thing I went through.
  5. Use a breaker bar or a pipe you can slide over the wrench and get leverage. Or drill the head out.
  6. Could be the pad, rotors, combination. Also need to inspect the ball joints, tie-rods, and all steering components. If worn, this too will cause shaking. Oversize tires that are out of balance is also suspect. If you're not going to put a lot into it since your planning on trading. I would take it to a front end shop and get them to inspect it.
  7. I had the same issue and thought it was a wiring issue. Turned out when I replaced my latch/lock actuator assembly my dome light functions with door again.
  8. Take a close look at the abutment shims on the pads. Its possible they're not centered and making slight contact with the rotor.
  9. If your still having issues after the "reset" procedure, it possible your door mode actuator needs replacing. It's above the accelerator pedal.
  10. Yes, check with Crutchfield, you can get the size for each placement. I would recommend visiting an audio dealer and play around the various combinations and brands to find the sounds and tones you like. I went with Hertz in mine but its a crew so sound is bounced around differently than a reg. cab.
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