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  1. If you did a 2” level then it’s pretty much the same. The AT4 does have 2” blocks in the rear as well.
  2. Anyone attempt a swap to rear view camera? Obviously would have to buy the mirror and third brake light with camera but interested to know if it’s possible. I hate that the TB didn’t even offer it, at least that’s what they told me.
  3. Same issue here. It’s intermittent and is fixed when I turn the truck off and then back on. Hopefully it’s just an ota software update.
  4. Barely sticks out. I would say it was a 1/4” stick out
  5. Sorry it took so long. It’s been raining since I got it and I could get good shots in my garage.
  6. I didn’t want to at first either but saw the angles on 1.5” and they weren’t bad so I figured 1” would be safe until then. Almost feel like I should’ve gotten an RST haha. Here’s the best pic I could get with the weather lately.
  7. I just put on 285/60R20 (33.7x11.5) Ridge Grapplers with a 20x9 0 offset wheel. No rub no scrub. I did put a 1" motofab bottom mount level just because I cannot stand the factory rake. I have a .50" rake now with that level. Hardly changed my angles and will hold me over until something TB specific comes out. I really don't want to lift it 6" because I won't fit in my garage haha. Plus I like the stance of what it is. I would probably go 2" if rough country or someone comes out with something.
  8. Yeah thanks but I’m good with my height. Just want to level her out. May be forced to go higher if 295/60r20 doesn’t fit with the 0 offset wheels I have. The Nitto Ridge Grapplers supposedly measure out at 33.94x11.77. I hope they can fit because stock tires on the TB just look so small with how mu bigger they made these trucks. I don’t want to be riding on bologna skins haha.
  9. Let us know how they fit please. I was trying to decide between the 1” and 1.5” to do until someone comes out with a kit made specifically for the TB/AT4.
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