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  1. Loving it. I installed the 1.25" BORA spacers, removed all the mud/aero flaps, removed the liner brackets, and used some self tapping screws to pin back the liner. Just the slightest kiss on the liner at full lock. Also installed the Rough Country in-line speedo converter. Got my eye on those Eibachs now...
  2. Looking good! Thanks again for the help on mine.
  3. Dealerships are not recalibrating from what I am gathering. There is one thread about a user having issues with the Hypertech Programmer. Anybody get the GM INLINE SPEEDOMETER CALIBRATOR (19-20 1500 / 2020 2500 HD) on Rough Country's website? Can anybody else provide their feedback on how they recalibrated?
  4. Truck friends. There are a few great threads going on T1/AT4/TB tire fitment but I think we could use another that is a bit more specialized. Our 2019+ trucks have a new different sized caliper that is creating issues with aftermarket rims. The purpose of this thread is to document pictures and specs of Trail Boss's with aftermarket rims that work. I think this could also be a general offset thread for the Trail Boss so please feel free to post any pictures of the Trail Boss with spacers. We know that the AT4s and TBs have the same suspension but the bodies and fitment are slightly different so this thread should be focused on the Trail Boss only. If you have already shared your aftermarket rims or spacer offset in another thread please feel free to share here again. What year Trail Boss Stock TB suspension or additional lift details Rim brand and model Offset Spacers info if installed Tire brand, model, size Rubbing and trimming details Photos!
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