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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I contacted DiabloSport and was told the same - they are working on it but don't have a date. They asked if I would be interested in being in the test group and of course I said yes - but never heard back from them.
  2. When I bought my new AT4 a month ago, the dealer was pushing their Nano Protection - is anyone familiar with this process? They said they do a light sanding and paint correction (if needed) and then apply the coating - I have a few questions specifically is it the same as a Ceramic Coat is it dealer specific or GM-wide? what else is included? Any information you guys may have is greatly appreciated.
  3. Correct - completely stock (6.2L - not sure if that is heavier or lighter on the front suspension than other engines...)
  4. Here's my stock 2021 AT4 - hope that helps -chris
  5. I just got it back last night - the had it since Monday to fix the passenger side mirror and a couple other items. They said the door locks were "functioning as designed" I suspect the just stood there while it locked (successfully) and moved on. I'll keep pursuing it on future visits.
  6. I seem to be experiencing the same thing - or at least similar. I have a 2021 GMC AT4 and the doors automatically lock most of the time. They sometimes do not lock - just often enough for me not to trust it - ever - so I'm constantly manually locking the doors just to make sure. I originally thought it was because I was not exiting the field soon enough but I can't seem to recreate it in any form or fashion. I am taking my truck to the dealership tomorrow for some other work and plan on having them look at this also. I'll report back once I get an answer from them...
  7. I just picked up a 2021 Sierra 1500 AT4 and have been going through the config and options. I like most everything about this truck but there are a couple design questions I have. I traded in my Tahoe LTZ for this truck and a lot of the options are similar. However, I configured the auto-lock to lock all doors when exiting the vehicle. This works well under normal circumstances when you park the truck, turn off the engine and exit the vehicle. The problem I can't seem to solve is that if you forget something and re-enter the vehicle either by unlocking via key fob or door button, the truck will not lock again after exiting. Is this by design or am I missing something? My Tahoe would re-lock after coming back and closing all doors each time. Thanks Chris
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