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  1. The passive door handles for the rear is probably the only thing that I miss.
  2. @Brews02ws6 These are the high clearance steps that come with the AT4 premium or preferred package, one of those. I had the AMP Steps on my 21 AT4 and I liked those a lot as well. They are sitting in my garage.
  3. Picked up my new AT4 on 5/31. Ceramic tint all around and Putco LED tailgate lightbar are the only mods as of yet.
  4. This is the same setup that I will be running in the near future, except I will be doing the 2" SST from readylift. The OEM 20's will still work with this setup. Post before and after pictures and how you like this setup.
  5. I originally ordered my 22 AT4 in this color before I switched to the Desert Sand.
  6. Glad you got your truck back. This whole situation sucks for you, hopefully it works out now for good.
  7. My dealer honored the original msrp when I placed my order in February. It ended up being a little more than 2k below msrp when it arrived on 5/31.
  8. I appreciate the love. I am very pleased with the new refreshed look, now I just need to set aside some cash for wheels and tires.
  9. That's good to hear, I figured that someone had done it this way. I'll post pictures and comments once I get everything in installed in the next couple months.
  10. That hood looks good, and it is definitely a plus that the fit and finish is good, because like your paint shop said most fiberglass hoods suck for fitment.
  11. I am looking to see if anyone has the ReadyLift 2.0" SST on their AT4 and also switched out the ranchos for bilstein 5100's? I contacted ReadyLift and they said they only tested their kit with the stock shocks. I don't see it being a issue or causing any problems, but I figured I would ask the forum if anyone has a setup similar to this.
  12. I am loving the new 22 AT4. It came in last Tuesday, first pic is after I picked it up and drove to work next 2 are after I had the truck tinted.
  13. How much lift did this give you? I want to do the same setup and I want to be sure it will give (AT4) at least 1.5" of lift.
  14. That will help, but he will still have lifters that fail in the first place.
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