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  1. Mine works in any of the intermittent positions.
  2. I have used plastidip on a few vehicles and items over the years and it seems to hold up pretty well. I switched to hyperdip as they seem to have more vibrant looking colors and the durability is the same or better than plastidip.
  3. These are great numbers for the diesel, hopefully banks will release the derringer for the LM2 so I can get more power as well!
  4. Tint your entire windshield and it will eliminate this annoyance.
  5. You are going rub especially considering that you don't want to level the truck out. Now if you decided to remove the rear bracket behind your fender liner and pull it back some and cut some out of the front you will gain extra space. Even doing that you might still rub some.
  6. You could also just disconnect the negative terminal and leave it off for a few minutes if you have the time to do so.
  7. I wish my damn ventilated seats were working! Those come in handy in this FL heat.
  8. I have a couple rolls of vvivid light smoke laying around my garage, I think I will try to wrap my tails.
  9. I wish my AT4 had the flush bumper like the ZR2!
  10. My dealer honored the price when I put in my order in February. It was about a $2800 difference once it was delivered.
  11. I admit that I just checked after seeing the original post about the differences.
  12. Both my 21 AT4 that I traded and my current 22 AT4 have sport mode.
  13. The passive door handles for the rear is probably the only thing that I miss.
  14. @Brews02ws6 These are the high clearance steps that come with the AT4 premium or preferred package, one of those. I had the AMP Steps on my 21 AT4 and I liked those a lot as well. They are sitting in my garage.
  15. Picked up my new AT4 on 5/31. Ceramic tint all around and Putco LED tailgate lightbar are the only mods as of yet.
  16. This is the same setup that I will be running in the near future, except I will be doing the 2" SST from readylift. The OEM 20's will still work with this setup. Post before and after pictures and how you like this setup.
  17. I originally ordered my 22 AT4 in this color before I switched to the Desert Sand.
  18. The truck looks great, wheels and tires definitely make it look killer.
  19. Glad you got your truck back. This whole situation sucks for you, hopefully it works out now for good.
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