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  1. I’m working a deal on an Pacific blue AT4 currently. Offer before financing is 52,385. Includes the 6.2, preferred, premium, technology, and the sunroof. I think I can get it down to around 51 flat with some negotiation. I’d like to see if they’ll upgrade to the off road steps too at no charge.
  2. Oil catch can

    Elite engineering makes a nice can for this.
  3. Costco Auto Prgram

    I’m a little different in my hunt. I don’t have a trade, my kid will be getting my vehicle, so I’m buying outright. I may finance if the deal is worth it or may pay cash. I do my own service work and only will worry about warranty work so I’m not too worried about the service department.
  4. Costco Auto Prgram

    If you’re a member, does it cost you to price check?
  5. Costco Auto Prgram

    How much is it to become a member? We don’t have Costco locally.
  6. If you want to sell it for that, I’ll take it and pay shipping.
  7. In my neck of the woods, I’m seeing AT4’s with 10-13k off MSRP. 65k trucks for 51-53 depending on dealer.
  8. New Headers available

    I don’t disagree at all, kooks usually makes really good stuff. I know the corvette guys swear by them but at 3100 for just the headers....I’m gonna pass.
  9. I saw that Kooks is offering exhaust and headers for the 6.2 and 5.3 models. Anyone planning on getting them? I'd like to have the headers/y-pipe combo but it's still a little rich for my blood so far. Hopefully prices will come down once they've been out a while. https://kooksheaders.com/collections/2019-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-1500-series-truck
  10. Service manual

    I’m finding it harder and harder to come up with manuals online without going and buying the factory manual online from someplace like Helm.
  11. AT4 leveling kit updates


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