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  1. Bump one time before headed to the landfill.
  2. I’ve got the factory rancho shocks from my 19 AT4 for sale. Swapped them out for Bilstiens. 50 plus shipping for the pair or you can pick them in Springfield, MO Approx 20k on them with no issues.
  3. My 19 has had the 1.5” for 2 years almost with zero issues. Depends how you use your truck I guess. Mine doesn’t see rough terrain so I’m sure that helps.
  4. I found some on McMaster Carr based on overall size but haven’t ordered any yet. 30.00 for 10 of them. I’ll check local hardware store once this crazy stuff with quarantine passes.
  5. I’ve been thinking about this size of tire but wasn’t sure how bad it would rub with my 1.5” level. Got pictures of your mud flap trimming? Tire and wheel Combo look great on that truck.
  6. It is definitely the offset on those rims causing the issue. I’m planning on putting the same size tires on my AT4 (with 1.5” level) but with +0 wheels and don’t anticipate having issues like this.
  7. Search. This topic has been beat on and beat on. Several options out there depending on budget.
  8. Taped off the plastic and ran Blackfire one step over the entire truck, wiped it down with a 12% ipa mixture to remove the fillers, applied Power Lock + sealer then followed it with a coat of Collinite 845 for a last step. Thing looks like it just got sprayed in the paint booth. I’ll try and take a pic tomorrow.
  9. I’ve had mine done since October ‘19 and have not had any issues thus far. Now, I don’t drive my truck a ton and keep it near spotless all the time. The ID where the exhaust hits it has dulled from the carbon but the rest is still brand new looking.
  10. What offset are your wheels and what all did you have to trim? Looking at this tire size with a 0 offset and 9” wheel for my AT4
  11. Stupid question and I think I already know the answer, is there room on the back side of the firewall to run head studs and still get the heads off or is it too tight?
  12. Sounds amazing. Can’t wait to see the dyno graph once you’re done.
  13. Agree. If it’s so lame, why not opt for the standard option?
  14. Yup, those were the colors I looked at before I bought my blue AT4. I think I want to keep them black now.
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