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  1. GMC. I've got my old 92 GMC from high school when it was new in the shop still but it's been worked over a bit with a hot rod motor and new injection system. I went to a GMC again so I wouldn't have to come onto forums and bitch about not getting the options I wanted. My AT4 has every option I can get outside of off road steps and a bed cover both of which I'm fine with because I'm getting AMP steps and won't run a bed cover anyway.
  2. Luxe concepts and vvivid seem to have some of the best I’ve seen so far as far as self adhesive films go.
  3. 5% over factory on the rears, sunroof and front visor and 15% on the front windows. Solargard Charcoal series tint.
  4. Finally got the module replaced (screen had been working) now the new module is bad and I have no backup lines and there’s an hour glass in the upper left corner of the screen when the camera is on. Dealer is going to order another new module and put it in. The worst part is, I found one of the plastic covers in the bed tonight when I got home. Like they forgot to put an access panel back in. Anyone know where the module is for the camera system.
  5. This. The GMPP is a full open system that has been properly engineered like most of your high end cat back systems.
  6. The muffler for that truck is a 3.5” inlet/outlet. At least on the GMPP exhaust. I swapped the GMPP muffler out for a dynomax 17517 and a short section of 3.5” stainless tube for a bolt in installation. No drone and is a nice improvement over the factory unit.
  7. This. I just swapped my GMPP muffler for a dynomax 17517 unit and it’s a nice upgrade. Louder than the gmpp unit but no drone and not unbearably loud all the time. The wife even said she thought it sounded nice.
  8. If you did this on a T1 with the L84/L87, I would like to know how since no one can tune these engine combinations yet.
  9. This is reason why a good engineered cat back is solid investment.
  10. I installed a new muffler in my GMPP exhaust to give it a little more rumble. Extremely happy with the upgrade.
  11. Got this put in tonight finally. Overall it’s a nice improvement. Sound follows the GMPP profile but louder more of the time. You can definitely hear the DFM or deceleration or something along those lines but zero drone at 70-80 MPH. I need to upload my warm start clip and post here.
  12. Another fan of Autogeek stuff. We use blackfire soap on the cars, griots for the cleaning and detailing chemicals. Love me some foam cannon. My 16 yr old sons 11 year old Honda looks brand new because of this and some elbow grease.
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