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  1. The entire passenger mirror was replaced and this has seemed to solve the issue. They put 3 different modules in it and all of them produced the same result. They put the tailgate camera in and then the passenger one before things finally went back to working. The system seems a bit more sensitive now but all and all, it’s worked as expected thus far.
  2. On my way to pick up my truck today. They claim to have fixed it. Said one of the mirror cameras was causing issues. They had worked from back to front replacing cameras and said this one finally fixed it. We’ll see if it lasts.
  3. I’m fighting this too. My truck has had the update, 3 modules and a new back up camera. They were supposed to have it back to me last week after next daying some parts in but we didn’t hear from them and I didn’t call. I’ll let you know what the outcome is today when I call them.
  4. I don’t like that setup. It’s too close to the AC line and charge port IMO. It needs to come out further to give enough clearance to the other parts around it so you can still get to everything.
  5. Posted wrong stuff from MM. I’ll come back and fix it later.
  6. Been talking to them about this. I think one of the Duramax brackets will fit on the battery bracket by the AC line and let you mount the can there. I need to order one and try it.
  7. Not yet, I’m waiting on camshaft options to come out that will hopefully allow for DOD delete. There is no TCM unlock yet so that’s a bit of a hold up on things too.
  8. Why do you say that? HPtuners is offering unlocked ECU’s now.
  9. I ordered the Stahlbus drain plug last week. It should be here Monday.
  10. I’m waiting on a backup module for my AT4 for almost a month. My dealer says they’re only getting emergency parts in and that’s very infrequent.
  11. GMC. I've got my old 92 GMC from high school when it was new in the shop still but it's been worked over a bit with a hot rod motor and new injection system. I went to a GMC again so I wouldn't have to come onto forums and bitch about not getting the options I wanted. My AT4 has every option I can get outside of off road steps and a bed cover both of which I'm fine with because I'm getting AMP steps and won't run a bed cover anyway.
  12. Luxe concepts and vvivid seem to have some of the best I’ve seen so far as far as self adhesive films go.
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