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  1. It shouldn’t matter if the inlet is in the center, the offset can go on either side.
  2. The Honda’s (and Acura’s) I’ve had over the last 10+ years didn’t have one either. The service method was awesome as well. Pull the drain plug, let 3 quarts drain out (all that comes out) add 3 more in. Drive around for 15 min, do it again until you’ve used a case of fluid. Works fantastically IMO.
  3. I did get those and you are correct, they fit great and look factory
  4. Ordered a new muffler to see if replacing the GMPP unit is beneficial and installed some rear stake pocket plugs.
  5. CV angle looks good, close to LCA/shock at all? I like the look of the 2” system better than the 1.5” system for sure. I just didn’t want to run the risk of blowing the CV or ball joints out at full droop.
  6. Agree. The oem GMPP exhaust isn’t bad at all. I’m just wanting a bit more sound but not too much and definitely don’t want the drone. Good news is with Dynomax, if you’re not happy with the muffler, they’ll refund your money for it. All I’m out is about 35.00 for some stainless piping and time if it doesn’t work out. With it being a stainless system, I’ll take it to work and have the shop guys tig weld an extension to the factory head pipe and clamp the muffler in. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll cut the pipe at the weld and bolt the factory muffler back in. Pretty easy solution, IMO at least.
  7. I just ordered my dynomax muffler 17517. If it sounds like I hope it does (used the on my 96 impala ss with a 383) I’ll sell my GMPP muffler in the market place.
  8. It’s not bad actually. It’s extremely quiet going down the road but has a nice tone going down the road. I wish it was a little louder (hence my decision to install a dynomax muffler later) but it has zero drone at highway speeds.
  9. My exhaust on my 6.2 (GMPP exhaust) is 3.5 based on circumference measurements. Looking at your pictures, if a 3” muffler was installed, the piping for it is definitely smaller than the piping before and after it.
  10. Maybe I’m wrong but it looks like you choked the system down to 3” to go into the muffler then necked it back up to tie it back in. Why not get a 3.5” muffler to prevent this?
  11. How was the CV and ball joint angles? I think this is the area of concern when going over 1.5” on the AT4/TB trucks. Got any pictures of those?
  12. What if you try and remove the sticker portion from the black part? I was thinking if that would come off easy, I’d have new badges with AT4 made that look factory.
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