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  1. They were, didn't take much work to make the old plug work, only 1-2 mm of shaving required.
  2. Truck paid off in full, and I have a new C8 on the way any day now. If I blow the engine that just gives me an excuse to build it for boost, or to finally work out a LT5 crate swap.
  3. Yeah, its insane with the new system being able to drop down to just one cylinder. We surprised TSP when we showed them that the cam phaser plug wouldn't fit, ended up shaving it down some for it to work.
  4. Tuning done in house at my shop in Chandler, it was a pain in the ass to work around the new AI implementation on the VE tables, but we figured out how to adjust the AI values itself so that it stops fighting the cam.
  5. I honestly don't know, I want to say yes but my builder/tuner was the one doing the work and he will know the final answer. I'll ask and get back to you.
  6. Side profile shot showing the exposed Kooks Long Tube headers after they've heat exchanged and turned golden
  7. Will have to upload in separate posts as the video files are too big. Tuning was a bit of a hassle with the new ECMs as the VE Tables are all AI controlled. Even tuners that know what they're doing will take some time to figure out the work around, and to adjust everything to where the AI can make sense of it all and learn. We have everything dialed in right now, just bumping the power limits up until it stops cutting under WOT. But as of right now we're showing over 600 ft-lbs at the crank and the computer is holding back. If all goes well we will have full power by tomorrow and then I will be scheduling power pulls at a local dyno next week for final numbers at the tire. VID_68981224_131157_799_Trim.mp4
  8. I did not manage to get a baseline, but will be providing crank estimates, and eventually get it on a local dyno for final numbers.
  9. Oem heads & springs, as well as the new dual springs installed, and close up of the new style Cam Phaser, and the delete plug [pre-modification]
  10. Hello everyone! Earlier this past week I received my stage 3 cam kit from Texas Speed, and long tube headers w/ catless Y pipe from Kooks, and sent my ECM out to HP Tuners for unlock. This thread will be a mini build thread of the process, and the results later this week after tuning is complete! Part List: - TSP L83TR-3 Camshaft [222/230, .635"/.635", 112 LSA, 32% fuel lobe] - TSP .660" Dual Valve Spring Kit - TSP DOD plug kit - New Pushrods - LS7 Lifters & new trays - Phaser lockout kit [required modification, TSP will be working on a new one based off of our measurements] - ARP bolts - Kooks Long Tubes 1 7/8ths" w/ cat-less race Y-pipe [3" to 3 1/2" collector] - HP Tuners ECM unlock & Custom tune So far, as expected, the block is still the same LT1/L86 as previous generation, however the new 6.2L L87 has a completely different Cam phaser, and the DOD delete plugs are held in by the OEM screws vs. rivet style. My truck currently has 19,XXX miles on it, and is looking to be in pretty good shape for the amount of on and off road abuse that I've subjected it to over the past year. As for the cam choice, yes it is a 5.3L cam, however I have no plans on swapping out the torque converter at this time, and I want to see where the limits of the new 10 speed are before I fully push the envelope. It will still offer a size able power bump in the 6.2L as I have the extra displacement, and after talking with Texas Speed, its the cam that we all agreed would be the best bet. To what I know, I'm the first 6.2L to get cammed, and so I have tried my best to document the entire process for anyone else that is looking to do the same with theirs, and as I found out in the process, the new L87s have a brand new cam phaser vs previous models. So, without further ado, lets get onto some pictures:
  11. aFe Power will be doing a dyno run when I return the truck to get the final production exhaust installed.
  12. The crushed pipe does nothing in terms of added back pressure, as it doesn't restrict the movement of the air. In fact, Engine Masters did an entire episode special on power numbers for guys that are scared to bash headers for clearance issues, showing that even on severely mangled/dented headers, you might lose 1 HP/TQ. Video here (actually quite an interesting test):
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