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  1. Everyone has their own opinion, but it’s not that bad. The sky is definitely not falling when you lift and put 35s with the 5.3, 8 speed and 3.23. DFW area has lots of hills and it holds 8th gear no problem. Now I will say that it is quick to drop a gear on a hill when in sport mode, but it was like that stock too. Keep it in drive and normal mode and she runs with no issues. She is slower for sure with 70 lbs tires plus whatever the rims are, but I’m still averaging 16 in stop and go traffic mixed with hwy. I agree though, that I miss the power of the Ram and I will probably purchase some 3.73s in the future just for fun and towing purposes. Hope you figure out something to make you happier with your purchase. In old day standards though, this truck would be considered fast.
  2. I too am coming from a vehicle with 3.92 with an 8 speed. (Ram hemi). Yes it had balls, so to speak compared to this 5.3 with 3.23. My LT has the same set up, but is lifted 6 inches with 35x12.50r20 with 20x11 after market rims. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area where the posted speed limit is 70 mph on the freeway. The 5.3, 3.23 and 8 speed isn’t that bad. It doesn’t hunt gears like some people might think. Would it do better with a 3.42,3.73, or 4.11? Sure, but to say you can’t use 8th gear anymore with 34’s... To each his own I guess, but the 5.3/8 speed doesn’t deserve the bad rap it gets. Let us know how much the gear change ends up costing.
  3. Looking to replace my chrome mirror covers for some Northsky Blue Metallic covers. Have contacted two different DFW dealerships and both say they aren’t available. I have also been searching on eBay with no luck. I know they come stock on the higher end models. I have an LT, but thought that all mirrors no matter the trim would be pretty much the same. Am I missing something here? Has anyone else run into this issue? Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. No sweat. Remember, this is a true lift. It drops the differential to keep the cv axles within angle specs. And replaces the knuckle with a taller one to correct the upper control arm bushing geometry. This isn’t like e RC 3.5 lift, Which adds a spacer and replaces the UCA and no diff drop.
  5. Angles are good. No vibration with 4wd auto either. Everything was done in a day. Drop off at 8, pickup at 6.
  6. I like a lot so far. I spoke with the mechanic for a while last night when I picked it up. He had nothing but good things to say about it’s quality. He said the majority of lifts they install are RC. Said they weren’t bad lifts but the zone and BDS were noticeably better. ( quality in manufacturing and thickness of steel). Probably the biggest improvement I’ve seen besides the obvious, is the dampening. Not sure if you are planning to get the upgraded FOX shocks, but I chose to stick with the standard Zone off-road shocks. I had the Z71 ranchos that come stock and the annoying trampoline bounce I would get during certain situations is almost completely gone. What size wheels and tires are you going with?
  7. Just got it back late this evening. Kind of dark but here are some photos. (Photos or it didn’t happen). First impressions are pretty good. It has a great stance and is level. Handling and normal driving characteristics remain close to normal. Did not feel a dramatic loss in power by switching to the heavier and larger wheel/tire setup. Although I do have the 8 speed, which I believe helps keep the motor in its power band. I will post up more photos tomorrow.
  8. Bought a Northsky Blue 2019 Z71 LT about 6 months ago. Been looking for info on proper lifts , but they are hard to find on the net. Pulled the trigger on a zone 6 inch with HD PRO 1 20x11 on 35x12.50R20 ridgeline grapplers. Gets installed on In the next few days. If anyone is looking at a similar setup and wanting some info, stay tuned.
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