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  1. Thanks. Thats what i was hoping to hear.
  2. Anyone know if the intake uses a dry performance filter or is it oiled?
  3. Speaking about the at4 you can get the 6.2 in a loaded lifted truck but no 342.
  4. RCSB sighting

    Taking a shot in the dark but looks like that might be a mexico version. Has the name cheyenne on it, pretty cool. I like the gmc better personally.
  5. That is strange. Someone posted a picture from chevys website that showed it as $1899 installed if i remember right.
  6. Ok i was thinking it looked familiar on a silverado. That is the wheel they are using on the red rst lifted in the ads. Killer looking wheel.
  7. That is a kick ass looking wheel. Is it actually a colorado zr2 wheel? Figured the bolt pattern would be different.
  8. RCSB sighting

    Knew it was going to be. They have lots of loaded single cabs over there.
  9. RCSB sighting

    Damn. Full console too! Any idea if that is actually a US spec truck or maybe some other country getting what we cant?
  10. How does the exhaust sound on the highway when the fuel management stuff kicks in? I know the previous trucks sounded horrible when they went down to 4 cylinders if they had louder exhaust.
  11. Thanks for providing the other numbers. $5k off is not a great deal at the moment across the country. I know in certain regions there are less deals to be had be look around and you will surely find better. Good luck.
  12. Msrp, trade, tax rate, dealer fees? These all play a roll in that OTD number.
  13. Yep still there. Cool bumper and flare set up either way.
  14. RCSB sighting

    Cheaper, sportier, easier to park, and easier to operate in traffic. Just a few right off the top of my head. I love the way they look. Owned a number of them over the years. I have moved on to crew cabs recently with a family, so i don't need a sedan and a truck, but miss rcsb trucks. I believe that idea is what is going to kill it off but that will be a sad day.
  15. RCSB sighting

    Nope but wish that picture was more clear. Would love to see some loaded up rcsb trucks.

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