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  1. It is plenty capable off road. No need for the at4 to be capable off road and i own an at4. All the at4 really gives you, capability wise, is a little more ground clearance. For decades people used gm trucks off road before there was a lifted option.
  2. Homer? Really? I literally said gm is not perfect. I then went on to say if you don't like it buy something else. Why would i be sorry for that? Why wouldn't you if you aren't happy with a product? Not saying you specifically. Anyone should. Just tired of people beating a dead horse with their bad interior complaints. Its not a bad interior at all. Just maybe not the interior you wanted. If that is the case then why buy it in the first place? Big gains quoted and linked earlier in this thread are the numbers i speak of. Yes i base some purchases on history. History shows to me in the details that i look for that the gm truck will hold up better than the ram. No crystal ball but history usually repeats itself. Prices i spoke to are based on the ability to buy ram trucks for much lower prices than gm after all discounts and rebates. Have seen them as much as $20k off at times. I don't think you were trying to be rude but calling names is unnecessary. You called me a homer twice. I had to google it. I don't do facebook or any of that other stuff, no need or want for it in my life, so maybe i am not in touch with its casual use but the definition was “moron”.
  3. That was quick! Sucks you had a bad experience but sounds like the outcome was what you wanted.
  4. Those would be ultra smooth like a car. I highly recommend those to anyone but if you want some off road look a mild all terrain will still ride fine.
  5. Stock 275/60/20 or 1 size taller 275/65/20. Both sizes have some p rated all terrain tires available. Taller would help with providing more sidewall. The wider tires look cool but contribute to your problem too. The wider the patch the more ground you come into contact with. They track the road and subject to more rough surface. I have run Nitto Terra Grapplers for years with no issues on multiple vehicles. They are the G2 version now. They will not look as “cool” as your mud terrains but will ride way better.
  6. What everyone else said. Cheap level kit hurts the ride Smaller side wall tire hurts the ride Mud tire design hurts the ride LT rated tire hurts the ride Wheel/tire set up weight hurts the ride Something you may want to check is if the shop installed hub-centric rings. If they didn't that will contribute also. Change to a p rated all terrain tire closer to a stock size. Double check the hub ring. Road force balance. Doing those things will probably fix you right up. If not pull the level kit and put the factory wheels back on. Why would you trade it in? You said it was great before the changes.
  7. That is a super neat idea. If someone can spot me $165,000 i would be glad to conduct this experiment.
  8. See i disagree. My thought is thank god we don't have the Ram interior and the numbers now show that. The Ram is pretty when you see it at first but it is junk like it has always been. Look at any ram a few years to 10+ years old. They are all falling apart at levels never seen by gm. Not that gm is perfect but ram/dodge/chrysler/fiat is way below gm’s level and prices reflect that. Gm might not grab your attention right off the bat but it will last longer and prove to be better over the years. I am obviously pleased with my 19 AT4 interior. Sorry not sorry to those who aren't, go buy something else.
  9. Always take the rebate over 0%. Do the math. Almost always the rebates work out to he cheaper both short and long term. Plus you start out with a much lower loan amount.
  10. Nice. And you already de badged your tailgate. Been saying I would do mine for almost a year now. Your carbon black looks almost identical to my smokey quartz metallic in those lighting conditions, both posts.
  11. Its called sarcasm. Obviously not a real reason to move. Have no idea where he lives anyway. In Tx we get 6.25% sales tax and each year we have state insp and reg. I have specialty plates and the insp/reg costs me about $150/yr. Would be much less with out specialty plates. Wonder how much the property tax costs each year on a truck like that.
  12. Wait. You pay property tax on your truck? Thats who is getting screwed. Should be a one time sales tax only. Damn. I’d move.
  13. That sucks. Hope they come out of it alright. I know we are all trying to lighten the mood but this stuff has been very serious for some.
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