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  1. Stock 19 AT4 6.2 with 20s. Getting 16.5-17 as an avg pretty regular. Have seen 20 and have seen 10.
  2. Great purchase and you started modding fast! Congrats and make sure to keep adding pics of her...... The truck pics would be nice too!
  3. So many have talked about the amount of squat and your looks better than i would have expected with that trailer. Any chance you have a pic of it loaded? Also by the way i am super jealous of the trailer!!! I have the AT4 6.2 and a custom ordered 14 ft open utility trailer but a nice enclosed would be awesome.
  4. Typically you would negotiate the dealer discount prior to the order then the manufacturers incentives can fluctuate. I would say if rebates are $5k you should get $10k off.
  5. 14k miles and zero issues 2019 6.2 AT4 knocks on wood now
  6. I dont but you are not the first to report that issue
  7. Hmm now i will have to go look at mine. That would drive me nuts too.
  8. Yep. 52 to 35 is not happening right now. Only way i see that being possible is if it was a demo or something of that nature. For new and no miles and no damage 15-20% off.
  9. Crazy. No. Most places do 0 or up to $1,000. Find another dealer.
  10. Best to go to gmc website and build/price. You can get a good grip on the different pkgs there.
  11. All good guesses here. I too think that maybe the dealer used a buffer on it and left residue. Fixed some light damage and looks good when clean. Wash it. Clay it. Polish it. The whole truck. Should go away. The suction cup idea interests me. I have seen spots on many of my vehicles windows over the years that are obviously that. Can never get rid of them 100%. Most of the time you dont see them but in the right conditions they pop up.
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