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  1. You do realize that my post was almost 2 years ago?
  2. Chime in guys

    Says regular cab in the post
  3. If you do not want to be too nose high while towing stay stock. Otherwise i think a 1.5 inch front level, stock rear, gives a good appearance while still keeping descent towing.
  4. Well good luck to you. Hope it is right and makes you a happy buyer. I have purchased and sold all over the country and the scared feeling never goes away until you are there.
  5. Unless you have already made the deal tell them that you want them to pay for your fuel back if it does not meet your expectations, the vibration. Ask the sales person to go drive it and be honest with you. I know that sounds crazy but they would rather tell you now vs have you go crazy in the dealership after traveling and finding out is shakes.
  6. They make the fender trim in a smooth color matched style but not every color. Just look up gm parts and see what they make.
  7. I was in the same boat as you a few years ago. Had no kids but they we were trying. Purchased a ccsb and put a snuglid bed cover on. We live close to Austin and travel to Wisconsin 1-2 a year amd New Mexico 1-2 a year too. Worked out pretty well but even with 1 kid now and no dogs we ran out of room quickly, my wife likes to pack and we go for 1-2 weeks. Sold my truck and got a 2017 Z71 suburban now. It is great. Does exactly what we need. If the wife can fill it up i am in trouble! Please do not put the dogs in the back even with a camper top unless you can heat/cool that area.
  8. Thread is over 3 years old
  9. They should have either put yours or new ones in the new wheel/tire pkg and they will work if installed.
  10. Hit n Run....

    Sorry to hear it. Love the tractor/dodge pic.
  11. That is me. 90% of my driving is hwy. my commute is 26 miles and 25 miles of that is hwy at 65-75. To answer the question i would say that mpg is pretty accurate.
  12. I am not going to say i am 100% on this but i would bet pretty much nothing is different except the sticker. If they can get the same performance out of a build with the stricter emissions i would think they would just build them all that way. Thinking cali government still wants the sticker.
  13. New towing rig

    No thanks. The two don't go together at all imo. Looks like high end work but i do not like the lights at all. Also looks like the paint is a shade off in the video. I do like those style beds but this one just isn't for me.

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