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  1. Scratch repair

    Have a high end body shop look at it. They are usually very good at wet sanding and polishing. Also usually good at fixing small paint blends.
  2. My 2019 AT4 has one. Keep looking.
  3. The only person who can answer if its “worth it” is the owner. If you need them to get to places go get them but if just for looks it is just for you. The comment made earlier that most people will not notice or care is very true. I’m struggling with the idea of changing tires on my AT4. No one cares but me and i don't really need anything more aggressive. $800-$1000+ for tires that will cost more money in gas is a hard pill to swallow.
  4. I’d personally stick with a 33 or maybe a 34 and look at multiple tires. Check their weight. They can vary a lot. The weight will make a huge difference in fuel and brakes. However if you must go 35 i would guess you would see a 12-17% impact with the same conditions and driving style as now.
  5. Well that sounds horrible. Just imagine having a wreck due to a bad battery. Doesn't sound right to me but then again we are driving computers today.
  6. Actually the other wheels are the factory slt 20s. Polished. Similar design to your 22s.
  7. Tint, black gmc emblems, and drop shackle for a nice sport truck look.
  8. I just want to know if i can borrow some money!?!? If you have any left....
  9. Dealer just swapped to a black bowtie. Fairly cheap to do.
  10. Towing Pics

    Love the truck and boat but PLEASE put a life jacket on that little girl!
  11. Got a 19 AT4 6.2 and very happy with it. Test drove a ram rebel and it was horrible. Maybe something was wrong with it. GMC was much better.
  12. It just sounds like the 2 inch level was too much. Back it down to 1.5 or 1 and the problems most likely will go away. Good luck.
  13. It would pay to humble yourself. Instead of pointing out how everyone is wrong just say thanks. Might get more parties interested in helping. I have an AT4 but have left it stock so far. I have been interested in adding a level to the front too. I get that gm engineered these trucks to be this way from the factory but take a look at the parts that make them different. Its nothing more than a glorified level kit with different axles. Does not come with different control arms etc. So adding another 2 inches is not exactly stacking 2 inches on a 2 inch level but its not far from it either. I hope you get it figured out and share with the community what the problem/fix was.
  14. Love seeing that. Wish i had somewhere like that to go enjoy. However I will not run mine down brush.
  15. Not saying the driveshaft has no influence but how do you explain two identical trucks having two different governed speeds when the one and only difference is the tires? Example 2 ccsb at4 6.2 trucks. 1 with 18 inch duratrac and the other with 20 inch goodyear. From what i have seen the first will stop at 98ish and the second will go well beyond 100. Mine is the second. Have hit 108 and no limiter yet.

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