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  1. Wow that sounds good. A lot more volume than i expected from gm.
  2. I’m glad i am not the only one who feels that way. I had a SS that had magnetic suspension and it wasn't all it cracked up to be. Been eyeing up a new Suburban and absolutely will not have magnetic or air suspension.
  3. Post up a video if you can please. Sure many would appreciate hearing and seeing it.
  4. Will have to watch this later but no 6.2 no care! Such a let down. My Sierra AT4 has a 6.2 (for less money) and I had interest but they let me down in a big way.
  5. I like a good radio/speakers and nav but absolutely do not want a larger screen. I agree they need to offer one and understand it is cheaper to package these options vs making them stand alone. I just hate the look and the brightness at night.
  6. While I agree with the idea of your post I want my truck to function for me and not look like crap. I understand the bedside step is useful for some and some may like the look but some don’t. Make it an option not standard equipment. I have zero need for it and the idea of a 1 square foot black plastic hole doesn’t impress me. Plus it is one more spot for mud dirt and salt to collect. The tailgate provides the access i need.
  7. Like my current shifter. Drove a new tahoe and while i’m sure i would get used to the push/pull i still don't like it. My screen size is all i would ever want. One reason i would never own a Tesla. I have been inside of a couple rams and seen both screens. Prefer the smaller if the two. It just looks better and more proportionate to me but i am not a new tech kinda person either. I’m usually a few phones behind!! As far as the side bed step i completely understand how useful it could be for some but it is one of the ugliest things i have seen on a truck. I wish they just made it an option. I get that gm has to keep pushing and making changes to fit the social media reviewers but each year i like their products less and less. Hope my 19 lasts a long time!!!
  8. I’ve never had to go higher than 4.5 and my trailer is usually heavier than that. Anything more and they want to lock up.
  9. I think we can all agree it is not intended to be a serious off road vehicle but a rear locking diff, vented front seats and a 6.2 would go a long way to please a lot of people. After all it is a “Z71”. It should come with something more than a badge. I just sold my 2017 Z71 suburban and i didnt rock crawl it but it did get used in 4wd in the mountains. Worked great to road trip there and then to get to more remote places. The Z71 trim deserves better.
  10. Yep black. Actually one of the reasons I went AT4. Have always hated the neutral headliner.
  11. Stock 19 AT4 6.2 with 20s. Getting 16.5-17 as an avg pretty regular. Have seen 20 and have seen 10.
  12. Great purchase and you started modding fast! Congrats and make sure to keep adding pics of her...... The truck pics would be nice too!
  13. So many have talked about the amount of squat and your looks better than i would have expected with that trailer. Any chance you have a pic of it loaded? Also by the way i am super jealous of the trailer!!! I have the AT4 6.2 and a custom ordered 14 ft open utility trailer but a nice enclosed would be awesome.
  14. Typically you would negotiate the dealer discount prior to the order then the manufacturers incentives can fluctuate. I would say if rebates are $5k you should get $10k off.
  15. 14k miles and zero issues 2019 6.2 AT4 knocks on wood now
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