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  1. Did a quick google and this was the first thing that popped up. Seen it in many places but the first i remember was myth busters way back in the day. There is a video in the link i provided too. https://removeandreplace.com/2015/07/28/does-a-pickup-truck-get-better-gas-mileage-with-the-tailgate-up-or-down/
  2. It has been proved time and again that it is actually more aerodynamic and you get better mpg with the tailgate up in place. Creates the right wind turbulence. When the gate is down or not there [net] the aero is all off and creates more drag with the end result of worse fuel mileage. Now a bed cover is a different story but the added fuel economy is probably offset mostly by the added weight of a hard cover anyway.
  3. This x2. Only applies to a handful of items. Exclusions galore.
  4. First supercharged 19+ i have seen. Maybe there is hope.
  5. Yes and no. If you change the airflow it would be a benefit to alter the tune to match but not necessary. Lots have done a cai over the years never tuning for it. Closed vs open-closed is a controlled environment drawing air from outside the engine bay while open is sucking in super heated air. Cold air is better.
  6. Never understood this. Sure you do. You just do it expecting it to be bad. Tracking fuel mileage can help you plan a budget or it can help you realize an issue with a vehicle. Now getting upset or losing sleep over losing fuel mileage after mods i do agree is useless.
  7. Doubt it was. Either someone made a “denali” out of a slt or the swapped their color matched bumper for chrome. Possible i am wrong but that is my guess. The computer part is probably just a mistake.
  8. Did you drop the rear or is it just the picture messing with my eyes? I like it.
  9. They are a heavy metallic paint. Very good at hiding imperfections if you got some scratches. They really pop in the sun when clean. Almost grey with the amount of metal flake.
  10. Zero scratches but i am very very picky about my vehicles. No brushes ever. I do have a couple chips from rocks i assume.
  11. Never heard of them being called 6 dick but now i will never see them again with out thinking that! I own a 19 AT4 with the 20s. Very happy but i do not go off road too much demanding the more aggressive duratrac tire or extra sidewall. I like the look of the 18 with mud tires but for my use after driving both the 20s won all day long.
  12. Congrats. Looks like a 6.2 emblem on the hood. Good for you! I love my 6.2/10spd. Good looking truck.
  13. If you are trading in 2-3 years take the rebates. 0% only pays off if you plan to keep it and pay on it longer.
  14. Nitto Terra Grappler G2 is made in this size. I have run these tires off and on for almost 20 years. Been very happy with them. Not as aggressive as some others but a lot more than stock. Don't weigh as much as a LT and ride much better.
  15. Overkill. P rated is just fine. The only real reason to run an E or LT tire is looks or if you go off road with the chance of rocks or thorns to damage a tire. Otherwise any factory rated or better p rated tire will handle as much towing as your truck can handle. I have never understood people that throw on these super heavy hard tires that never leave the pavement. I like the look but there are some p rated options.
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