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  1. I placed the order at my dealer on Jan 14. I don't know how they placed it or any other details. I checked in early March and was told that there was a gas engine shortage and Chevy was getting the majority of engines for fleet orders so my truck was delayed. Of course in late March the plants shut down and when they came back up I checked back with the dealer and was told it was still at "preliminary" status and in their opinion I should cancel and reorder as a 2021. I explained to him that wasn't an option because I would be giving up a huge incentive and supplier discount and here I sit. Now I'm finding out the color I wanted was canceled for 2021. Ugh.
  2. I know you aren't asking me specifically but I thought I'd point out that my Denali order was gas.
  3. Well that's sad, it won't include mine then. What's worse is they've discontinued the color I ordered for 2021.
  4. My order date for a 2500 Denali was 1/14. According to chat its still in accepted status with NO build date. Over 5 months of waiting with no build date...
  5. It sounds like I may want to choose a different tire then. It's a Cooper Evolution M/T All-Terrain 35x12.50R20 121Q 10 ply
  6. I'm looking to put a bit beefier tire on a Sierra 2500 (not a dually) but the local tire shop tells me the tire will need to have a rating of at least 126 (3,748 lb) since that is what the OEM tire is, or it would be unsafe to drive, so they will not mount a new tire with a lower rating, say 121 (3,197 lb). I haven't found the info yet personally but I understand the implications, that the max load capacity would be slightly diminished, but barring any heavy towing, would it really be unsafe for normal driving or average towing?
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