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  1. Wondering if anyone has trimmed the plastic on their front bumper for aesthetic reasons? More specifically along the red line I’ve drawn in this picture. I crawled under there today to remove the air dam thinking I would be removing everything below that red line. Turns out the only removable part is the little 1.5” piece at the very bottom. Would be curious to hear the details of how you did it(I’m thinking Dremel if I do) and any pictures you might have. Also what did it do to your gas mileage?
  2. Same issue on my 2020 Elevation. Same door to. On mine the lock indicator is not popping up all the way. It gets stuck. I think the button on the outside of the door is working properly the alignment of indicator needs to adjusted. We’re you able to get yours fixed? I’m planning to drop mine off at the dealer in the next couple weeks.
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