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  1. OP, whenever getting under your truck, redundancy is the name of the game. I always use a combination of a garage jack and jack stands. Let the weight settle on the stands, but keep the jack firmly under the center of the frame cross member—not enough to lift the frame off the stands but enough that, in the extremely rare event you have a problem with the stands, the truck doesn’t have to fall any distance at all to be caught by the jack. And yes, jack stands do fail. Harbor Freight just recalled a substantial number of 6-ton stands because they were collapsing. Word to the wise, that is the last place I would go for a jack or stands. I say this as someone who owned the recalled 6-ton stands. As others have pointed out, if the wheels aren’t coming off, homemade wooden ramps are best (zero chance of collapse). There are probably several videos on YouTube for making your own (and for showing you the best jack points on your truck).
  2. Yeah. I’m doing that. I’m just asking if due to the high mileage I should just drop the pan and change a few quarts at a time or if a full flush would be better.
  3. 2012 Yukon XL 1500 SLT Fluid exchange...is that a flush and fill?
  4. My new-to-me Yukon XL 1500 doesn’t show any service records for the transmission. Supposing it has never been serviced (fluid/filter or flush), would you start now at 128k miles? i am leaning toward doing a filter swap and replacing a few quarts at a time due to the mileage. Or do you think the full flush would be better?
  5. Dang. I hate to think that this is actually consuming that much. I'll keep an eye on it. I put in 6qt, and I'll watch it closely.
  6. Nothin. Yikes. I still don’t think the engine drank this much; surely I would’ve seen blue smoke at some point. I broke my own rule of never trusting a dealership. And I should’ve checked it. Got used to never having to check my Toyotas’ oil levels.
  7. In my defense, I’m coming from Toyota. The levels in my Yotas never budged a millimeter. So I kinda just stopped checking and kept a 5k miles oil change schedule. The dealer slapped that sticker on this Yukon’s windshield, and I figured I’d just change it early since they probably used cheap oil. 3k miles instead of 5k. I should have checked it though. Never should’ve trusted that they actually did it right.
  8. I've had this vehicle for a couple months. I decided to change the oil myself instead of take it to the dealership I bought it from for service. Well, when I drained it and removed the filter, I only got 3 qts out. I find it very hard to believe that it would consume 3 qts in only 3,000 miles. The 5.3 in my old 2002 Suburban leaked quite a bit and consumed oil, and it still was only down 1 qt every 3k miles. Do you think there's any way this 5.3 consumed 3 qts in 3k miles? So, I'm thinking that the dealership put far less oil in it than they should have. From now on, the first thing I will be doing when I buy any vehicle is checking the oil.
  9. Is that with 93 or 87 or something in between?
  10. Hope they take care of it the second time around!
  11. Chebby

    Scumbag GM

    I’m not a trump supporter by any means, but even I know these same people who blame him for idiots drinking aquarium cleaner would also blame him if he had waited for more information before saying anything about hydroxychloroquine treatments. They’d be saying, “Trump knew about this! People died while he sat on the information!”
  12. When is this engine going to be available in the Tahoe/Suburban platform? Or will it ever?
  13. • Trim — LT or LT Trail Boss • Crew cab • Leather front bench
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