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  1. What a nightmare. This makes me want to NEVER buy a new GM product. In fact, up until a few minutes ago, I was really wanting a new Silverado. This is awful. I hope you get out with all your money back!
  2. Antman!! Most of what I did to my 4R I learned from your massive thread! Oil changes, trimming rocker panels, taking doors apart and swapping handles (that may have been Sp8ball’s thread), etc... everything I wanted to mod or fix I consulted Antman’s thread first to see if you had a writeup. Ive got to be responsible for a significant number of those 1M+ views hahaha. I liked the Trail boss a lot. If I get one, I would look into the possibility of finding another steering wheel and wiring for audio controls as well as finding a center seatback that flips down with a storage compartment in it.
  3. Well, I went and test drove one. I was underwhelmed. Here are my impressions, in case someone else is considering a Trail Boss and would like the feedback: Pros: - quiet ride. It drives like a truck with all-terrains and a small lift. This is to be expected. I was impressed with how quiet it is inside the cab. - great visibility - the crew cab version is absolutely cavernous, and that bed seems bigger in person than it does on paper. - locking tailgate - blacked out bumpers (i happen to not like chrome, even though it usually holds up better than paint on bumpers) - when cruising (thankfully this truck actually has cruise control ) I didn't notice any of the cylinder deactivation. Very smooth. Cons: - the aforementioned lack of audio controls on the steering wheel. Unbelievable. - the center front row seat folds down, and it has cupholders and a small cuplike area for spare change, but like @Cpl_Punishment said, there is no compartment inside. Also unbelievable in 2019. - no seatback pockets, no storage under or behind rear seats (bottoms fold up only; seatbacks do not fold down). What in the world were they thinking?! - the 5.3 was...underwhelming. Maybe there's a break-in period. The one I test drove only had 12 miles on it. It felt like it had to really work on the on-ramp or when passing at highway speeds. - the 6-speed shifted hard several times. My overall impression is that this is a bare bones work truck with an off road package. It has bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and a 4G LTE hotspot, yet it is missing interior storage that has been standard on vehicles for DECADES. And no audio controls on the steering wheel...what is this, 1998??? I appreciate simplicity in vehicles, but this is too spartan for me. Thanks for the input everyone!
  4. That's great advice. I'm concerned with three numbers ONLY: OTD price, loan term, and interest rate. I'm bringing as much of a down payment as possible. I'm not willing to let monthly payment factor into my decision as I plan to double up and pay off early anyway. If I can get OTD for <$35k with 60-72 months at 0%, I'm in. And I'm with you–I'm already thinking about how to put a different steering wheel in and wire up the controls that it's missing. It's 2019 for crying out loud. That is totally ridiculous. Here's an awful story for you. There is a Toyota dealer in south Nashville that tried to pull a fast one on me on my last purchase (a Prius for commuting). We worked out an OTD price that I was happy with, and I was going to make a large down payment and finance $10k. When they gave me the "what kind of monthly payment do you want" line, I said I don't care, let's do a 60 month loan. Well, my credit was so good that it put my monthly payment below the bottom number of the range they had estimated on their sheet for a 60 month loan term. When I went back to financing, those jerks added $1700 to my loan amount to pull the monthly payment up to within the range they had estimated on their sheet. AFTER I specifically said I'll finance $10k even and I don't care about the actual payment amount. The contract they had in front of me had total borrowed amount at $11,700 with the payment smack in the middle of their estimated range. I was so mad at their obvious and extremely dishonest bait-and-switch. They will never get my business again.
  5. 1) Great to hear! 2) That sounds great, too, although I probably won't go crazy on this truck. 3) $37.5k OTD is a great deal. Did you pay cash or did they do the 0% for 60 or 72 months with you? 4) I can't believe that radio controls on the steering wheel aren't standard in 2019. That would bother me a lot, too. Not necessarily a deal-breaker though at this point. Thanks!
  6. No storage in the fold-down armrest/console? That's hard to believe. My 02 Suburban had a bench seat up front with the fold-down center seat back and had loads of storage.
  7. First poster here. Considering buying a 2019 Trail Boss while the deals are good. I would be making the jump from Toyota (currently have a 2012 4Runner). I need a truck, and I like the apparent simplicity of the Custom level Trail boss. • How’s yours holding up? • How easy is it to maintain yourself? I love the simplicity of my 4Runner. I’ve modded and maintained it pretty much all myself (installed all new suspension, UCAs, rear diff breather, etc...I do all my own brake jobs, oil changes including diffs/transfer case, etc...). The 4Runner will become my wife’s DD when I get a truck. • I see advertised prices of $39k-40k. Should I expect to be able to get deeper discounts than that this weekend? • Does there currently exist an add-a-leaf package to replace the block lift in the rear without changing ride height? If if you’ve made it this far, thanks for your time!!
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