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  1. You nailed it. As a mechanical engineer (work in aerospace, not automotive so I've never designed a truck chassis), I am almost certain at this point it is a structural issue with the truck that's not "fixable." If it was as simple as a window supplier problem, it would have been fixed by now -- or window suppliers would be broke from GM passing on all of the repair costs. I had a 2020 AT4 that first leaked after 4 months, then leaked a week after the repair. I watched for leaks every single time it rained and I never went to an automatic carwash. It started leaking the week after getting an oil change -- and being on a lift. I unloaded it and went with a TRD Pro Tundra (while going back 20 years in technology). I feel incredibly bad for anyone having to live through this nightmare -- it's uncalled for and not fun. They are really nice trucks and it's a shame -- I don't know how they sleep at night knowing this is happening. The amount of people that have leaking windows and don't even know it will have a mess one day. One thing to keep in mind -- my first leak was in the far corner of the window, behind the trim piece above the seat belt. I shined a light from the driver's side to the passenger's side and saw it. Had I been looking around the slider track, I never would have found it. Some are more obvious than others. I am fully aware that I could be completely wrong, but this has gone on way too long for there not to be a real fix for it yet. And it's clearly not fixed. Good luck to all of you.
  2. I would be careful with this approach. I too had towels behind the seats from the second day of owning it, and spent 4 months looking for the leak to run off the side of the slider track. However, my first leak was in the far corner of the window and if I had not looked back there with a flashlight diagonally, I would have never seen it. It was behind the trim coving the rear seat belt. A towel won't fit back there without removing the trim. Just FYI. Watch back there, too.
  3. I think we're all misusing the part numbers. I think that's the glass number, not the entire assembly number. I may be wrong though.
  4. Does your frame above the slider look like the picture I posted earlier today? Straight up?
  5. Had the sealant repair in August (took 2 weeks) and leaked 3 days later. Took it back and took another 2 weeks for replacement window + sealant. Because so much water flows under the spoiler and dumps right on top of the window, I asked them how we could build the sealant up to where the water sheds off the top instead of sitting behind the window on the seal. They talked to GM and realized they were doing the repair incorrectly, and it looks like they did what I asked (although it looks a little messy). Also, I've been following this thread a long time and have seen many pictures of window frames posted. I have never seen a frame like the new one in my truck. They insisted this is THE new window design to address this issue. I have been told a few things that I know are untrue, so who knows but see below and take it for what it's worth. After this mess, I have sold the truck to to a dealership for $500 less than what I paid in April with 5,000 miles on it (thankful I bought when they had 2x $6,500 discounts). I don't want this headache anymore. I keep my vehicles a long time and I refuse to worry about a leak every time it rains or I wash it. Hopefully these pictures below help someone. I included the receipt from the work. If anyone knows anything about this window, please let me know. I am curious if it really is a new style window. (Keep in mind, I think the part number is the glass part numbers, not the window assembly part number). Good luck to everyone.
  6. I had the caulk fix per the bulletin, and two days later it was leaking again. There is a crack in the window frame. I've now waited another week and a half for more spoiler bolts and a new window. They tell me a glass company will do the replacement, and I'm going to ask for a shitload of urethane seal along the top of the window. I'm just hoping to get the piece of crap to stop leaking long enough to get rid of it. For what it's worth, I've asked about seven random people with 2019-2020 Silverados/Sierras and sliding windows if they've had a leak, and not one of them knew what I was talking about. There is no telling how many of them are leaking and the owners have no idea. I'll take a Tundra - I don't care if the interior is from 2012. I'm not crawling around in a $65k truck everytime it rains or I wash it. If it hasn't been fixed in two years, they're not too worried about fixing it.
  7. That's awful. I would take that back and try to return it if at all possible. It should be embarrassing to them that this is still going on.
  8. All I know is the dealer told me the spoiler bolts are one-time use and they are on backorder. After waiting two weeks and wanting to just take it somewhere else, I called another dealer Shop Foreman in the area who fixed the leaf spring clunking (and who I should have used for this), and he checked and said they aren't lying to me, the bolts are on backorder. Anyone in TX want a good deal on a 2020 AT4, let me know!
  9. Mine has been in the shop for 11 days for the first seal repair. They keep telling me they're waiting on the new spoiler bolts (apparently upgraded). I'm getting rid of it as soon as I get it back. This has been going on for 2 years and they can't redesign a better rear window frame? Maybe the supplier knows their window isn't the root cause? Based on some other things I've read about the new bodies, I'm not certain they don't have a structural issue but I don't know that.
  10. Add me to the list. 2020 AT4, Build date 12/19. 4,350 miles. Mine is leaking in the far right hand corner. Every time it rained (because it's normal to have to crawl around looking for window leaks in a $65k truck), I was looking for water dripping off the sliding window frame, but tonight I shined a light from the driver's seat to the passenger side rear window and noticed water behind the trim piece that covers the seat belt. What a joke. Also, I should clarify that I turned auto defrost off the minute I sat in it to test-drive it, with 15 miles on it, and I have never been in an automatic carwash. (NOTE: I paid deposit and then found this thread the night before picking it up. I would have never bought it had I seen this before.)
  11. 2020 AT4, build date 12/19. No issues yet, but I lose sleep daily over it. I paid a deposit before I found this thread, or I would be driving something else. I am trying to figure out what is cracking. What in this picture is the plastic frame that's giving everyone issues? If what I think is the frame, it looks a little different than others I have seen in photos on this thread. Also, I find it hard to believe headliners are being ruined from water coming in through a small crack; wouldn't that happen due to leak under spoiler? Maybe we have two issues. Any guidance on what I see and what to look for would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I have a 2020 AT4 with 900 miles on it. You all are discussing a squeaking sound, but mine is a clunking sound in the left rear. Sounds like a ball rolling around in the bed. It happens at low speed, when turning (loading or unloading the LR), when going from drive to reverse into a parking spot, and when going over small bumps. It's gradually getting worse. The same SB 19-NA-129 mentions squeaking and clunking in the rear end. I took it to a dealer and they acted like I was an idiot, so I left. I'm somewhat mechanically inclined, and my intuition tells me it's the leaf springs or the LR shock. Anyone had luck fixing the clunking sound?
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