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  1. I towed my trailer yesterday an hour away to drop off at it’s new home, and then immediately ordered the GMPE exhaust when I got back. Not going to be dealing with this much longer now lol
  2. Guess I should've looked instead of going off 2019 owners posts then lol. Definitely DO NOT remove the muffler on the trucks. Bad drone, and sounds like a boat exhaust at idle. It sounds good on the outside, but not when it bleeds into the cabin something fierce. Looks like GMPE here I come
  3. thank you and damn..I wonder why GM keeps changing the systems on these trucks?
  4. I don’t know if the flappers are the same 5.3 and 6.2, but had my muffler removed and told them to keep both flappers in and instead now I have 1 flapper upstream and drone. Guy was adamant the truck only had 1. anyone want to get rid of 1? I’m in GA, a closer location would be preferred for cheaper shipping
  5. Thanks. Still debating muffler delete or a Borla system...the GMPP system sounds great and from what I've read is just the Borla Touring
  6. Got rid of both flappers too? Do you think keeping 1 or both would get rid of any DFM noise? And I assume no drone means literally- no drone at all speeds/rpm? Thanks!
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