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  1. I have the same truck as you and my mind works similarly. I have noticed a few things like that on mine, as well. It irritates me when washing it, but my mindset is if I were to have something like that fixed, they may fix that but make something else worse- I’d rather have a gap here or there from factory vs someone taking the thing apart and doing a less than good job putting it back together I wish that wasn’t the case on a vehicle this expensive, but nothing is perfect. I have gotten past it and have been enjoying the truck just the same
  2. Also use 303 on every surface but the seats. It Works great I use an actual leather conditioner on the seats due to not wanting any residue to form in the perforated seats. I thought I read that is a concern with 303 on the seats
  3. Thanks guys. Didn’t notice anyone replied. If I give it gas it stops so it must be the DFM kicking in Appreciate it Matt
  4. Hi, all - I've noticed when I'm cruising around town or in a parking lot (low RPM, doesn't matter what gear), the truck makes a little bit of a growling/rumbling sound. At first I thought something was rubbing, but if I give it gas, it goes away. It reminds me of a very faint lugging sound/feel on a manual shift vehicle/very, very faint rumble strip sound. I have the 5.3 motor with about 8,000 miles on it if that makes a difference Unsure if this is exhaust drone, and I just noticed it or if something else is going on. Again, it is very subtle Thanks for any help. It isn't loud enough to get a video or sound clip - I think I notice it due to the way it feels in the cabin, as well. Matt
  5. Am a long time Toyota owner that purchased a Sierra half ton in last few months - this type of styling is what made me go back to GM. . I was curious to see what the next generation Tundra was going to look like, as i knew it was coming down the line somewhat shortly after i bought my Sierra. Glad i went GMC
  6. Will admit I'm biased because I have an SLT, but i'd go with the one that has the interior features you like better. I know it was stated above already, but that would be more difficult to change than changing how high the front end sits, etc.
  7. Suppose if it has been around since K2 body style and no known failures, it’s an annoyance but not a reason to worry (at least I hope). Fingers crossed that it holds up. Good call on going 10 spd with that in mind though Thanks everyone
  8. I’ve done it and I feel like I’ve seen it advertised as one of the seven configurations it offers. Pole saw is pretty light, too I’d think so would be just fine
  9. Have to agree with the above. My 8spd shifts rough occasionally. Nothing that I can’t live with but if I had choice, I’d have gone with 10 spd. Inventory levels were low when I bought mine
  10. This is good to know. With that in mind, am not going to worry about it, as it seems there isn’t much that can be done other than checking for kinks as was mentioned above
  11. Thank you both. Will do on the kinked lines, and I did read that about it being a ‘design flaw’ vs manufacturing. They got creative on that one If lines aren’t kinked, suppose I will just drive it and worry about it if something happens Matt
  12. Hi, all - new to the forum. Have owned my Sierra half ton for a few months now after years of Toyota trucks (very glad I made the switch) Question regarding transmission that I couldn’t find an answer to on previous posts My truck has the 8 spd transmission. Every so often it will down shift upon acceleration pretty harshly Has anyone heard of any damage to transmission due to this? I don’t care that it does it if it won’t cause any harm to it but was curious if there have been any reported issues as a result of this Thank you Matt
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