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    2019 Silverado LT Trailboss
  1. Dang, If any of you guys where closer I would take a stock exhaust off your hands so i could modify it, then have a stock spare for lease turn in.
  2. Dash squeak

    Mine sounds like there is a case of water bottles and they are rubbing each other when i hit a bump... is that what anyone else has fixed?
  3. Trail Boss Hotwheels

    Yeah, especially since the red one they made has a black grill. I think i may paint the bumpers black, and the bed since its chrome too...
  4. Trail Boss Hotwheels

    In case anyone is addicted to Hot-Wheels like I am. You should start seeing these around the local Walmart. I think there is a red one as well, without all the silly graphics.
  5. Reverse Camera Harder to Park than K2?

    I do have that, the quality is not the issue. The HD camera is so much brighter and easier to see than my old trucks. Its the wide angle that just makes it useless when parking that bothers me.
  6. So I recently traded my Colorado in on an LT Trail Boss. Before that i had a 2015 GMC SLT AT. On my new truck ive noticed my back up camera seems to make it much harder to back into a parking space. The wide angle makes it impossible to judge how close i am on each side, and the backup lines are wider than any spot im backing into so its harder to judge where the lines are. Because of this im completely back to using my mirrors. I have a friend with a High Country and since he has a bunch of different camera settings, his seems to be fine. Am i the only one who has noticed this? Or is something off about my truck?
  7. Gear shifter on the column

    Mine shakes while driving too, i guess i thought it was normal. Maybe ill have to go drive another one to tell.
  8. 2019 silverado OEM rear wheel liners?

    With the current 15% off applied its the same price, and if its like my Tonneau i was lucky and the dealer had them in stock. Also nice if you have rewards points from your purchase. Just thought id mention it, ive bought from external sites as well with no issues.
  9. The "Bench" seat trucks have the same bucket seats as the console trucks. All thats different is the middle Seat/Console. So unless the comfort comes from having a different arm rest, i dont quite see how you can feel a difference.
  10. Bulletproof Hitch Cover

    Fixed the images, not sure what was going on with them yesterday.
  11. Error 526

    Mine is doing this on mobile and desktop as well.
  12. Gear shifter buttons

    I think L makes more sense anyways because its not a true manual mode. It just keeps the truck from shifting past your set gear. It will still downshift and up shift on its own.
  13. Bulletproof Hitch Cover

    Well this is what happens when I have free time in the winter since most of my hobbies include warm weather. I over-engineer a hitch cover that doubles as a parking protector. I've seen enough people play bumper cars in the parking lot and figured this works better than letting my tow hitch rust out. It is made out of a Harbor Freight hitch, and a 4" AR500 gong target from Amazon.
  14. If you go in, could you find out what fuses so i can just do it on my own?
  15. What Have You Done With Your T1 Today ?????

    Not sure if i like it yet, but the stock one bugs me enough to try this out.

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