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  1. Got it just LED NO HID for the TB LT that is some stupid ******. GM ought to be ashamed of itself. Thank you for letting me know. I will not be buying High Country lights I will live with what I have till my Tesla pick up arrives, lol.
  2. Thank you for asking we are all fine my wife in the passenger seat and daughter in back. It happens so very fast. Thank god Ed’s the truck is high enough that it just pushed the large cylindrical item out of the way and I drove around/through it. The truck is a beast and aside from the small dent no issue. I just purchased a painted replacement front bumper face off EBay awesome company came painted to match for $700 not too shabby. But back to the lights. I do believe I have the same as the high country and Midnight edition. It is the TB. LT with LED and dark bezels. Can anyone tell me exactl
  3. I purchased the Boostauto and will be adjusting my headlights when I replace my front bumper face due to a hot water heater in the fast lane just north of the GW bridge heading north to visit family. Oh well ****** happens but the fog lights do help out big time
  4. T- So you have one and love it that is good news what exactly do you love about it? Have there been any negatives or issues? My truck runs ok but definitely needs a little help with the throttle response, dealer said all is ok when they went through te truck twice.
  5. I am looking at this anyone have experience with this? https://mbenzgram.com/products/edge-products-22451-pulsar-lt-19-21-gm-1500-5-3-6-2
  6. I purchased my 2020 Chevy TB in August the build date was July 2020 with the LT 6.2 and dealer installed performance Pkg, very happy truck is very nicely tuned, runs well and sounds great. The one issue I have is the factory throttle settings have sone lag I would like to clear up. I have been thinking about a tuner or custom tune. Since I will someday make changes as I do on my vehicles Uy have not found exactly what I am looking for but if anyone has this experience I would love to hear about it. Anything that does not void factory warranty please share thanks
  7. Here is sticker if this helps with the identification of the performance Pkg model names of CAI and Cat Back Exhaust. Looking for manufacturers names of each thanks
  8. I purchased my 2020 TB LT 6.2 with the performance Pkg this included a (cat back exhaust & CAI) the #ers are 435hp and 469lbs and cost $2,095 from dealer. This is all under factor warranty I do not know exactly the manufacturers but if anyone does I would like to know. The truck has the DFM, no drone, sounds great and runs awesome very fast for a truck, faster than my 2011 Raptor & handles much better. So if anyone can help me please do so thanks Pk
  9. What part # and where did you purchase& where these from a 2020 High Country? Thank you
  10. Excellent so I am not totally lost my mind. If I find anything good I’ll share my findings thanks
  11. I do not experience this in my 2017 Tahoe, 2008 Ford Escape beater commuter vehicle and my daughters Honda CRV. All these are fine my brand new Chevy is not good light I do not like low or high to me they both are not great. I will look till I find something that works I am sure I am not alone. I will check the adjustment thanks
  12. Looking to upgrade my headlights the stock LED are not very strong. What can I do to make my lights brighter, is there a kit I can swap out, new bulbs, projector, etc. I need better light and I thought for $62,000 you would get a nice headlight! I added picture of front of truck but don’t know what is visible to see what type I have.
  13. We’re you able to keep 18’s with the BDS? Very nice truck love these. I really love my ride and will not do anything that causes loss of my 4-auto. I think I will look at other ways to lift not an end all. Definitely want to tune it for multiple reasons. I had the SCTx4 on my Raptor and looking for a tuner similar for my TB. Beautiful truck!
  14. My 2020 Trail boss LT 6.2 crew cad short box love it is black interior and exterior. I only wish the badging and exhaust tips were blacked out to match gfubh
  15. What wheels did you get 18’s or 20’s? I am very happy I waited for 6.2 and the performance pkg was huge bonus I was not expecting. I think I did well out the door $52,000. Mainly because my son works at GM do I got the family voucher for aprox $6,000 and $5500 GM discount running at the time. I do think they did not know the truck they had since it came from another dealership and picked it up at the end of the day after 5:30pm so it slipped through their hands. Maybe these trucks were special ordered by manager who knows since I have not seen another, dealership where I took it for 1st servic
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