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  1. He went to the dealer and asked what his trade in value was. That tells the dealer he is looking to trade. All they see someone potentially desperate to sell, they are trying to get the best deal they can for themselves. Can he get more, sure but he's gonna have to sit on it and wait for them to call back. That puts the ball in his court helping him dictate a better deal for himself.
  2. You guys saying $55k is too much are assuming he's American. But If he's Canadian thats far price. Hell my 6.2 LT Trail Boss sticker price was at $69k Canadian.
  3. 18k depreciation sounds about right. New vehicles lose the bulk of the value the minute you sign the papers. If the dealer is offering $37k they are probably going to sell it for $42k. Another option is to walk away, keep the truck and wait for the dealer to call you back. You might get $40k if they are looking. But as it stands you went to them, the deal advantage is in their court. If they call you, the advantage is now in your court.
  4. Drove it for the first time in two weeks. Been in quarantine after testing positive, today was the first day I could leave the house. So groceries and just a drive.
  5. How did you people back up at night before LED's and back up cameras?
  6. Yes sorry, I was multi tasking when replying and made it quick. The lip of the 18 wheel is about 21/64" further away than the 20. 1/2" difference in the widths, divided by 2, plus the 2mm (5/64") offset. But the tire is still 12.5" wide on both the 20 and 18, which negates the wheel width difference, so the edge of the tire (which is what I should have specified, sorry about that) is still only 5/64" further away. And the inconsistencies in tire manufacturing and the deflection of the tire can more than make up that difference. Basically what I'm getting at is there isn't so much of a difference, that I wouldn't not worry about if one or the other rubs, I'd assume if one does the other does.
  7. 28mm (20×9) vs. 26mm(18×8.5) Not really much of a difference, the 18's sit 5/64" further away from the UCA. So miniscule that the width of the tire will negate it.
  8. I'm 6'4" and the seat in my 2018 Regular cab was moved forward about 3-4 notches, there was plenty of room in the cab. They have the same amount of room as a crew cab and double cab in the fronts. Unless you're driving it around like a 16 year with the seat laid back, but why would you drive a truck like that it's not a car.
  9. Pretty soon the only 1/2 ton truck GM will build is a CCSB. Once they got rid of the RCSB, GM started limiting the Double cab options, no more LTZ, LT Trail Boss, AT4 or SLT in a double cab. Give it a few years and it'll be gone too.
  10. This was a weekly event in the end. I owned this for 9 months, it spent 6 of those in and out of the shop for the same problem.
  11. 3" is fine for a 5.3. General rule of thumb is 1" for every 100hp. MVP is US company, that doesn't mean they don't outsource their pipes from China, either way who gives a ******. Just keep an eye on the pipes, 409 is a lower grade stainless, it will rust eventually.
  12. I live in Ontarible, the heart of the rust belt, I consider no rust to mean no rust. It's very much possible in the rust belt to keep a vehicle from rusting, but it's not an effortless endeavor and not for the lazy.
  13. Haven't heard that about ever generation of truck ever built...
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