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  1. GM still makes a RCSB, sadly, they just don't sell them in North America. They actually make a Trailboss and RST with a full console for the Dubai market.
  2. It's still the wheel arches that bothers me about the GMC. Looks like they couldn't decide between round or square so they did both and the result looks like shit.
  3. This is the only snow this thing see's. Snow doesn't bother me, it's the salt they pave the road with in the winter here. I don't care what people say, she sits in the garage during the salt season.
  4. If the front can't be aligned, then yes they are required. If it can be, then no. As for the pinion alignment, as soon as you take it for a drive you know if it needs shims. It'll have a vibration, if it doesn't, then you are probably fine. At 7" you'll probably bottom out, you'll likely need a notch. And check your tail shaft to drive shaft engagement, you may need to shorten the driveshaft. Or everytime you hit a bump the suspension could be shoving the driveshaft into the tail housing, eventually this will break something. And does rough countrys lowing kit, still mount the front strut under the lower control arm? If so, I'd get belltech drop struts and get rid of that garbage.
  5. Patiently waiting for summer... It was sunny out, so I pulled it out and let it run while I did some rearranging in the garage.
  6. I've bought a few old GMT400 trucks over the years. Solid trucks are hard to find, but they are out there. My last one was a 91 c2500 and it had zero rust, and zero clear coat. This one needs some work to the drivers sill, but that's it.
  7. Leveling kit and remove the No Club sticker and it would be perfect.
  8. 454 auto. I'm hoping to get it up on a jack or hoist today to determine the gear ratio, I think they've been swapped for a much lower set. The speedometer is off by 30km/h (@120km/h the truck is only doing 90km/h) and at 90km/h the truck is at almost 4000rpm. And it's in OD. If it's not the gears, than I've got some detective work to do.
  9. Bought the 18 Sierra RCSB a new stable mate. 98 C3500. Bit of an impulse buy, but it'll be handy to have around.
  10. You're fine. All tires do that as they heat up, the air inside expands and has no where to go, so the pressure increases.
  11. Jesus, 6"... what are you getting a cab with a tailgate behind it. Lol
  12. I found mine at a dealer. They had three, two Chevy's and the GMC I bought. They are hard to find until you get one, then they start coming out of the wood work. There are 15 around me know, including one that's identical to mine (other than mines lowered).
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