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  1. Looks good, would look better with colour matched grille and bumpers.
  2. Depends on the truck. On a crew cab, pulling the blocks will give it a level look. On a regular cab short box, pulling the block is barely noticeable.
  3. That's because they fired the hipster firm that was doing their commercials before. They need to hire the "Like a Rock" guys back lol
  4. I've never wanted a base model more. The yuppy gadgets are getting worse.
  5. Not if it's from CST they maintain factory width. It'll just be taller.
  6. I believe the 19's will come in a RCSB eventually. I even saw a camo'd RCSB being tested at some dunes. Looked like a Trail Boss as well. Hopefully that is an option. I'd love to see an RST RCSB with a 6.2, but that'll never happen, GM stopped doing cool things with trucks years ago, with the last RCSB RST's.
  7. Also, it would seem the RCSB is making a bit of a resurgence. Seeing a lot more of them lately. Glad to see it...
  8. What happened to the ZR2?
  9. That is what happens when people with out taste design a bumper
  10. Brought to you by the same people that thinks it's ok if the tire rubs. Instead of doing more lift or a smaller tire. Geniuses...
  11. So which is it? Lift kits effect towing by making it questionable or CST is the only (not true) Lift you can get that won't effect towing? And stopping the spread of miss information is not Infatuation. Just because you get proven wrong or incompetent often, doesn't mean people are infatuated.
  12. It isn't questionable to tow with a lifted truck. There are just downsides to towing with a lifted truck. And it's not the suspension geometry that's the issue, it's the truck to trailer geometry. Everything needs to be level to tow safely, there for, in bumper pull applications the ball needs to be lowered to keep the trailer level. Doing this adds a leverage point, which will increase the effective tongue weight. Meaning the weight you put on the tongue needs to be lower to account for the leverage. Is it a lot? Probably not at 4", but it's there. And to your statement about CST not widening the track, making it better, not true. A wider suspension track isn't an issue when towing. Spacers are, they are no different than higher offset wheels. It comes down to a leverage point again. Nothing changes tow ratings. The rating the truck gets when it's built, is the rating it gets till the day it's sent to the crusher. Changing the gears only assists in the truck ability to deal with the GCWR/GVWR it is allowed.

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