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  1. This is easy. 1. Gmt400 2. Squarebody 3. K2XX 4. 67-72 5. Advanced design 6. Taskmaster 7. GMT800 10. T1XX and the least reliable truck, the one that brought us collapsed lifters and oil consumption, doesn't deserve to be on the list so I put it at 100 behind the F150, Ram and imports. The GMT900.
  2. Amazon.ca that's where I got mine.
  3. I have a YI dash cam in my truck, got it on Amazon.ca for $69.99 60fps, 1080p works great. I'm looking for another for the new Optima, might go with the same. Or find one with the rear cam.
  4. My new DD to keep the miles off the truck and just because... 2019 Kia Optima EX limited. I'll use it year round and on my weekly 2 hour drive to Hamilton. Monthly payment is less than the cost to fuel the Envoy for a month and the Kia doesn't have 275k km on it and a slipping transmission.
  5. Trucks look like toothless hillbillies with out the air damn. I've never had a problem getting around them.
  6. I don't think the interior quality sucks. I just think the centre stack design is a step in the wrong direction. It's just seems unfinished IMO, looks like a "**** it, that'll do".
  7. We just had a train derailment here in the tunnel joining Canada to the US. Every car on that train was a write off, damaged or not. I'd say it was a shame, but in this case they were all Caravans and Toyota's, so no real lose. Would have loved to have been able to scoop a few Fury's for cheap, especially if any were 440ci cars.
  8. Don't get me started on RCSB's that still pisses me off. Pretty sure my 2018 RCSB is the last truck I'll buy. Hell in Dubai, and maybe Mexico, you can get a Trailboss RCSB and both GMC and Chevy have full consoles as option. It's pathetic IMO. But nothing from the 1993-2013ish generation Ranger carried over to the new Ranger. The new Ranger is just a recycled European/Asian Ranger, much like the GM midsize trucks are. There is nothing "New" about them, besides the fact the are new to this Market.
  9. Because they aren't still selling 2013 Rangers. To North America it is an all new design. I agree, it's not impressive just like the Colorado and Canyon are less than impressive too me. But much like GM, Ford see's a potential to make sales in the market, so they took it. Sales in the mid size truck market dropped when GM, Ford and Chrysler got out of it. Then GM came back with the new Colorado/Canyon, and saw sales. So Ford scrabbled and brought the Ranger back and Chrysler(now Fiat) finally brought the Gladiator. Give it 10 years and they'll pull back out of the now flooded market again. The same is coming for the over flooded CUV market. The surge in CUV's show that manufacturers haven't learned anything, they continue to flood markets with the same things instead of diversifying.
  10. I see a lot more in town since I bought mine, which is often the case. Likely not a resurgence, but more you just notice them more when you own one.
  11. I take my truck to a touchless if I don't have time to clean the bugs off, other than that I wash it myself. With the ceramic coating the bugs come right off. And I don't drive this in the winter, that's what the Envoy is for.
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