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  1. Found a set of barely used Nitto 420s online, so I picked them up. I have 2" drop spindles and a 5-6 rear flip kit, but I've been toying with the idea of going the other way lately. So I've been dragging my feet on putting them on.
  2. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    That's rich coming from the wealth of miss information I've seen you post before getting it deleted lol
  3. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I had 275/60r20s on my 2017 High Country about a month before trading it in. No level, stock wheels, no rub. Don't know what to tell you. But they weren't a problem. And yes the HC had stamped arms.
  4. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    You won't be rubbing your control arm with either the 275/60 or the 275/65, they are the same width as the stock 275/55's, just taller. With the 275/65 you may rub the back of the fender, it's considerably taller then stock at 34", which might be too tall for a 2.25" level. There are plenty of people running 275/60r20s on a stock truck with no rubbing. Rubbing becomes a problem on stock offset wheels when you go wider. I've seen plenty of people, including myself, run 285's on a leveled truck with out rubbing, but once you start getting into 295's and wider, it's likely to rub.
  5. Not to be a downer, but has she talked to a lawyer yet? Everything is usually copacetic until a lawyer gets involved. Suddenly they want everything. Lawyers don't make money on amicable. Good luck, hope she's not easily swayed.
  6. RCSB sighting

    About the only difference I noticed between my 17 High Country and my 18 RCSB on long trips, is that my RCSB doesn't get thrown around as much by the wind and by the draft of semi's going the other way. The ride quality itself isn't even much of a difference. I could do either or and not be any more or less comfortable in one over the other.
  7. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Removed the badges.
  8. RCSB sighting

    Some people are just narrow minded. I'm not a fan of cars, especially modern cars. I prefer the seating position of trucks, it's more comfortable for me. I find my RCSB to be very fun to drive and 1000x sportier than my crew cab was. I'm single, just me and a dog, crew cabs and extended cabs are just wasted space. Not to mention my fun and sporty to drive truck, still does truck things.
  9. Won't be buying another Ford after the last two. 5.0 is a great engine, but after two Fords in a row with electrical problems, they ain't fooling me again.
  10. I can live with awd, 4wd would be better. Nice for traction and smokey burnouts. The Typhoon and syclone were awd and nice little street beasts. A RCSB 4wd LT4, with a factory drop would be nice. And do it like the trail boss, an upscaled LT or a basic Custom option. Bring back the cheap performance options. I don't need all the bells and whistles with my performance. I'm good with just pw,pl,cruise, A/C and about 500-550hp.
  11. 6.2 fits in the regular cab, a **** up is still a **** up. Leave it to GM to waste the LT4's potential by putting it in the heaviest half tons and SUV's. GM wasted potential isn't even surprising anymore.
  12. They'd **** it up and only put it in a crew cab. Rather than make fun and offer it in a RCSB.
  13. That part wasn't really in question. I get that it depends on which hole is used. But is the kit the same as the 7" kit, but with reverse hangers?
  14. For some reason I'm struggling to picture this so I'll ask you guys if my train of thought is right. I bought the Belltech 5-6" flip kit. From what I can tell, it's the 7" flip kit with an adjustable reversed shackle hanger. Depending on which holes I use it's 5 or 6 inches, with the stock shackles. This is correct? If so, if I set the shackle hangers at 6" and install my 2" drop shackles I'd end up with a 4" drop, correct? And a 7" drop of I installed a 1" lift shackle? And if I decided I wanted to go back to stock, i could remove the flip kit and put the stock shackles back in with the reverse hangers and be 1" lower than stock in the back. And the 2" drop shackles would be 2" lift shackles at that point, am I on the right track? Also, I'm only going 2" in the front and starting at 6" in the back. If I need to be at 5" I'll put the drop shackles in at 1". Other than a shim for the transmission, should I order anything else just in case? I haven't lowered a truck in a long time and just want to have everything ready. Do you need offset bushings for just 2" spindles? Sorry in advance, I'm just trying to make sure I have everything before I start. I don't want to have to order more in the middle of doing everything.

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