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  1. Decided to drop the back on this one instead of leveling the front. I miss having a 'sport' truck. Plus I am really starting to enjoy the fuel economy and didn't want to screw with it.
  2. Finally decided whether the leveling kit or drop shackles were going in. I'm quite happy with the turn out. Even with the 3" of drop theres just enough rake for me.
  3. They didn't give you back the stock parts? Any shop I've ever had do work for me had always given me back the stock parts, as long as they are reusable.
  4. Fleet buyers won't want that tailgate anyway. It would be too expensive to replace if it were damaged. IMHO That tailgate is for people like the yuppie in the first video I saw of it. A guy that looks like he's never used a truck a day in his life. Would it be handy? Sure. Is it needed? Not really.
  5. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    You can use the 5100s with a leveling kit, as long as the two don't exceed 2.5". Anything over that is too much angle for the suspension and CV shafts. Max lift from the 5100s is 1.85", according to bilstein. I ran 5100s set at the highest with a 1/4" home made space and it was fine. Gave me about 2 3/8" lift.
  6. The switch is part of the sport bar with LED light package.
  7. They only cause problems when not installed properly or maintained properly. There has been a plastic liner in the bed of my 91 since new, and other than the scratches the bed is perfect, no rust at all. Take it out every couple years, clean and spray some undercoating or ever just a heavy weight oil, then put the liner back in. And the bed will last for ever.
  8. Around here rust proofing and undercoating are the same thing. And if a company does one without the other, they are a shit company and don't last very long.
  9. After owning a 14 and 17 Silverado. I'd say the purpose of the fender trim on the GMC is to protect the shitty thin water based paint from stone chips. Both the Silverados were chipped to hell, all along the wheel well edge, within the first 3 months. My 18 Sierra still looks like it did the day I got it. Rust is never an issue for me as I undercoat everything I own, it's a neccessary evil in southwestern Ontario.
  10. It's not clean or parked in the garage being waxed again. It's out being driven, hard.
  11. Swapping to 6 bolt is easy. For the rear, either have your axle shafts replaced with shafts that are drilled for 6x139.7 or drill the ones you have or swap the whole rear end for a rear out of an 88-98 4x4 (going for the 4x4 rear will change the track width, the 4x4s are wider). And for the front, go to the parts store and get rotors for a 7200gvwr C2500. They are direct replacement parts and are 6x139.7. You may need calipers too, I can't remember. You may also need to file the casting marks off of the spindle too if they rub.
  12. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    31.9x10.8" tire on a 20" wheel is a stock 275/55r20.
  13. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    You might want to plug that back it. Don't think it's going to work that way lol...

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