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  1. There is a "flapper". It's ahead of the muffler under the truck. It's sole purpose is to deal with AFM.
  2. You sure you're just 2" up front. Seems lower than mine, I've just got 2" drop spindles.
  3. Brownstone Metallic, it was a 14/15 only colour. I had a 14 Silverado in that colour, I loved it.
  4. Couldn't get a 6.2 in a regular cab short box. Ergo 5.3 > 6.2...
  5. When it was brand new someone daily drove it. Provided it's in good shape, you should be able to, too.
  6. I did Belltech 2" drop spindles and their 5/6 flip kit, currently set at 5". It rides great, almost stock. Will likely go another 2" up front with their drop struts and set the back at 6" in the future, but pretty happy with it as it is right now.
  7. No different bolt patterns. Sierra/Silverado - 6x139.7 Canyon/Colorado- 6x120
  8. Still doing. Fixing the shitty bumper gap the truck has had since I bought it.
  9. Those a just GM shipping 22's. They come on all trucks ordered with 22's. They are supposed to be destroyed by the dealer, but some get out.
  10. Switched out some colour matched stuff for chrome. Just felt the side needed some contrast, and it kinda ties in the chrome bumpers. Will keep the colour matched stuff for when I change my mind again lol.
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