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  1. The Range website says it's currently not compatible with 2019+ 6.2L with the 10 speed. Has this changed?
  2. Those of you with aftermarket exhaust and DFM, does it sound any different when DFM kicks in? Anything like AFM of the older trucks, with a helicopter/choppy sound? My understanding is DFM can't be deactivated currently.
  3. Definitely the word Ken Still nobody cares...
  4. You really are just a lonely old man that has to have an opinion on everything aren't you. I'm going to start calling you Ken from now on. So headers only net you 15hp for $1500, and? They are often a supporting mod that work well other performance upgrades. Sometimes cheaper mods, sometimes more expensive mods. Rarely are guys putting headers on with out a tune or an upgrade to the induction system, usually its done after those as it's the next step in the chase for more power. I mean it's OK to not have the money to spend on headers, but others do, others are willing to fork out $1500 for 15hp or more depending on what has already been done. Because guess what 15hp or 150hp, it's still a gain. Please just go back to worrying about what oil is best for a 30mpg base model 6 pot and leave the rest of us to continue having fun experimenting with the things that make us happy. You know in the real world, instead of behind a pencil ( or pen or computer or stone, or what ever you use to write). And next time just stop to think, maybe they already know, maybe they just don't care. Because we really don't care...
  5. Fuel economy is going to suck. Unless it's been regeared to 4.10 or 4.56 gears. Even still, more air getting under the truck throws off aerodynamics. The larger tires have more rotating mass to over come and stop. The larger tire itself is less aerodynamic, let alone if it's sticking out some or a more aggressive tread. If it hasn't been reprogrammed for the larger tire you can't trust the DIC not that they are accurate in the first place. At best I'd expect 10mpg.
  6. Exactly "your world". The V6 "I get 30mpg" world. You argument/point is invalid here. People looking to add long tube headers aren't looking to increase MPG and don't care about what the headers are going to do for them in stop and go traffic. They want them for the peak numbers, for what they give at WOT. They want thrm for those times they go for a spirited drive and they get to see the benefits, it's the same with all performance mods.
  7. I read this this morning on Instagram, definitely sad to hear.
  8. No it was the Silverado, my 14 silverado headlights sucked. Dad's 15 sierras headlight were good. My 17 Silverado and 18 Sierra's headlights are great though.
  9. High Country's come factory colour match with Chrome grilles.
  10. I bought mine off Amazon.ca
  11. As to what s converter is. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D7NhS6NC5-6c&ved=2ahUKEwiWtKr516rrAhXCW80KHRubAgsQwqsBMAx6BAgKEAY&usg=AOvVaw3KYXnWtnp-Z58nddDudb8U
  12. You don't need a converter, specially for those mods. A 3000 to 3200 stall converter will wake the truck up a bit, still it's not needed.
  13. I find it a bit better. But I did it, because I eventually want to upgrade the system completely and the door panels were already off to do the mirrors. It'll probably be a better quality difference once the rest of the speakers are replaced and an amp and sub are added.
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