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  1. I've already dropped the back with shackles and removing the block and theres still a bit of rake, that's why I'm thinking 2/5.
  2. Does anyone have a part # for 4x4 drop spindles? I'm only going 2/5 for the same reason I only do leveling kits. I like the mostly stock look, just a little difference. And I'm not looking to mess with shortening the driveshaft. Should I consider shims with a 5" drop in the back?
  3. Just want to verify before I order, is this good for a 2/5 drop? 2018 Sierra rcsb 4x4. Keep in mind its Canadian pricing. Sorry to keep asking, just hate spending money twice.
  4. I'm sure it's been asked and I'm sorry for asking again. But, does the driveshaft on a regular cab need to be shortened with a 5-6" flip kit? Now that the Sierra is a summer only truck I want to lower it more than just the shackles. But I don't want to go so low that I need to cutting on the truck (notch, driveshaft and such). I like the look of the 2/5 drops I'm seeing, and even thought about s 3/6 drop. If I do the 2/5, are the belltech struts any good? May go that route first, then if I want lower I can do the spindles. And does anyone have a PN# for belltech pr anyone's 4wd drop spindles? I think this winter I'll get the stance right. Then next winter AFM delete, with headers, intake, tune and exhaust.
  5. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I beg to differ on the stupidity lol...
  6. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Low pay or not, if the shop offers both and they pull off the stick-on weights, they'd better be putting stick-on weights back on. And if a shop isn't offering both, they are losing business. Both my 20's and 22's will not take the traditional lip weights. There is no lip to mount them to.
  7. Put it away for the winter.
  8. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Installed some lights in the garage finally. No more cave like ambience with the door closed. And put the truck away afterwards. Might have to get it out one more time if the winter beater doesn't pass inspection Monday.
  9. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    That will perform much better offroad, then your last truck.
  10. If he's a stormtrooper he's on the wrong side and is more than likely going to die taking a turn to wide and flying into a n asteroid.
  11. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    The Rancho shocks
  12. Little before and after, the drop shackles.
  13. I can only upload shitty pictures from my phone, because of the sites shitty 4.88MB pic size limit. But heres a clean pic after the week and a half of rain we've had.
  14. Any side pics I've been thanking about a topper for the winter. Curious how they look on a rcsb.
  15. Would look awesome with a 2" level and the sport sticker gone.

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