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  1. Relax guys, the RCSB lives on. I get the feeling you won't see it in any trim higher then Custom. A Custom (or LT) Trailboss RCSB would be awesome though, but GM doesn't do awesome in the truck scene anymore. They just do meh, unless you spend money.
  2. Took it for breakfast and to the park for a hike.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Parked next to his older brother.
  4. Washed and I'm back in hiding. Too hot for me today, it's 114 out right now and it was 90-95 at 8am when I cut the grass. 114 is too much for this gingery Canadian.
  5. Mine, also a pic just so I can find this thread later on the computer lol.
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Hardly, the Chevy is miles ahead of the GMC in the looks department for this generation of truck. The GMC is like that fat ugly girl at the end of the bar, that's so ugly, you'd get alcohol poisoning before drinking her pretty.
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    The GMC looks like it drove through an ugly tree that had fallen over, and then reversed over it for good measure. I haven't seen something that ugly since the Aztec.
  8. These were two of mine. The Orange Step Side was an 83, had a 420hp/413ftlbs 355 with a manual valve body th350 in it. And the Blue 4x4 K25 was an 84 with a 390hp/450ftlbs 383 and th400. Both were a blast and I regret selling both.
  9. Can't speak for the SUV's but the Trucks were greatly improved in 16
  10. The 16-18 trucks don't have a headlight problem. It's the 14 and 15's that had problems, they didn't illuminate the road too well, especially the ones with out the factory projectors. It wasn't just the Silverado's and Sierra's that had this problem, F-150's were poor too, still are if you get the halogens. But with the F-150's, if you take a few minutes and adjust them, they improved. Just like their electrical systems, the Ford engineers can figure head lights out. The road is on the ground not in the sky. Ford's are the worse culprits for blinding low beams, because they are poorly aimed.
  11. That's the point. Why build yet another crossover. One more added to an already saturated market. Do something out of the modern day box as it were, break the mould and give us something different. Instead they give us a smaller Traverse/ bigger Equinox, woopty ****in doo. Is it a nice looking car, sure. Is it needed, likely not. If you Chevy feels the need to add another vehicle to its lineup, why not add to a market they aren't apart of. Instead, they just pump out more of the same under a different name.
  12. I've now had a Double cab built in the US, a crew cab built in Mexico and a regular cab built in the US. Guess what they all have shitty paint. So did my 2015 Escape and 2016 F150. It doesn't matter where it's built, it's modern waterborne paint, it sucks everywhere.
  13. I think he's referring to the Blue back lighting that Chevy's have always had, unlike the red back lighting his wife's GMC has. Because, you know they are different brands. I also don't think he bought a High Country, just test drove one. Either way who ****ing cares, most people that come on a site and within only 3 posts, bitch about a truck they don't even own, are usually just trying to start something and really aren't worth the time of day. They just clutter the site with stupid shit.
  14. The 8 speed in my High Country was great, much smoother and more efficient than the 6 speed in my RCSB Sierra. It's one of the only thing I really miss about the High Country.

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