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  1. Did the shop prefill the torque converter before install? Sounds like it doesn't have enough fluid to perform properly.
  2. It's not the typical way a flasher goes bad, but you could check it. It's under the dash by the column.
  3. The 6.2 doesn't have AFM (active fuel management) it has DFM (dynamic fuel management). Some have luck with the Range device, but Range doesn't guarantee it'll work. The other option is the Pulsar LT, which will do more than just deactivate DFM and auto start/stop.
  4. I'm pretty sure my 2012 Silverado did that, even my 2009 Pontiac G5 might have. In fact I don't think I've had a vehicle newer then the G5 that hasn't done that.
  5. The all new 24hrs of Lemans. 8 hrs of racing 16hours watching battery charge. Sounds amazing lol
  6. Don't want people to hear you rockin out to Justin Bieber?
  7. Nobody is complaining about them taking it away, their applauding it. If there is a complaint, it's that the 6.2 isn't included.
  8. My question is that if AFM/DFM is so great for fuel economy, why was it the first system to be dropped? Why not other systems, like LED lights, or wireless carplay, or park assist. Or maybe it's because AFM/DFM really doesn't do much and won't be missed much.
  9. Installed my dashcam from my old Sierra finally. The new truck doesn't have a USB port in the glove box like my Sierra had, so I had to hardwire this one in. I used the heated steering wheel fuse, but need to find something that works when in Accessory also. The truck has to be running for the dashcam to have power, which means I have to have it running to download any video. It's a small inconvenience, but one I'd like to remedy.
  10. Could you kindly get your truck out of the way so we can see that squarebody...
  11. I'm betting even though the connections are there it still won't work. It's likely not connected to the BCM or the controls aren't in the BCM. This was a common problem on the last generation of trucks. Often times the connections were there, but the BCM wouldn't support the upgrade or it had to be unlocked or programmed to work. Not saying it can't be done, but it's not as simple as buying the parts and plugging them in.
  12. Let me know if the 6.2 notices them lol
  13. ReadyLIFT makes a 2" lift you can add on top of the factory 2" lift. If you add any other brand leveling spacer, you need to order upper control arms as well or you will have a very bad day in the future.
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