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  1. cables delivered yesterday! identified the parts from page one of this thread. 19303285 19119050 I drove a couple of times with the console in, and have a few changes. 1. I have a bit of left over "dynamat" material and will be adding some to the inside *below* the center console. will take photos. warm sunday should work!
  2. Hello Frankie, Was watching the video while removing the seat and putting the console in place. I had purchased a console over the summer and finally ordered the harness a few weeks back, all after viewing the thread and video last spring. my mind had skipped over the need for the additional cable order to bring everything active. identified the parts from page one of this thread. 19303285 19119050 both are needed for what i have. ordered with gmpartdirect and plan on getting to them this week. TY
  3. can someone offer suggestions? I purchased the harness and installed what I have. Truck is a 2016 Sierra. Console in a 2016 or newer. *has usb IN and usb OUT above the power connection when connecting things. from the image on page 1, i need to know what USB Cables I need. 19303285 19119050 19303284 I want all the USB Connections to work. Hoping i only need to take things apart 1 more time. TIA
  4. I had manually set the time and then clicked for it to sync over cell network. No option for time zone. I had turned the truck back on and connected the phone again and it's once again working. Thank you all for your help! The following includes what steps were required for mine to connect and work again1. Disconnect the battery for 30 minutes 2. Remove the connection to my phone 3. Connect via Bluetooth 4. Set time and date, then select to sync automatically 5. Wait 10 minutes while the redio plays and the Bluetooth is on. 6. Turn truck off and on again. 7 connected successfully via USB and android auto Wheeeewww
  5. Not sure. Truck purchased used a few months ago. Will look for a sticker atop the battery in a bit. Might just disconnect it and leave it overnight.
  6. I am disconnected the battery and left it disconnected for 30 minutes before trying this again. And result is the same I'm still not able to connect my phone to Android auto and the truck and getting a error screenshot included. I've tried three different cables.
  7. I'm 12 hours from home with the family on vacation. 2016 Sierra SLE and up until this trip everything has worked correctly with connection to my phone. Now I get a "Communication error 8" when I try plugging my phone in after a brief disconnect of the battery. Bluetooth showed as available for just a moment and now I can't get it to connect. I checked with the GMC dealership where I'm at and their response was to buy a new stereo or a new truck. How can I reset or get the radio to work with my phone again?
  8. mike and many of the people at autogeek are great to work with. general use, find what you like and what you are willing to spend. the differences side by side from one product to the next, beyond a pro ceramic coating, will be close. so with that info, personal preferences... iron-x menzerna micro polish Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax #845
  9. did a part of that this morning. - brake recall fix - balance and rotate - request mylink update after tax, $65 for the balance and rotate, which is about what i was expecting.
  10. 2016 purchased used. I have android auto, but thinking there are more updates that are needed on the system, since it doesnt have a button available in the setting to "update now". I was under the impression there was a cd that had the updates and some magic button pressing that allowed the system to access the cd to complete the update. i had searched other portions of the forum to find people have approached dealers with the request to have they "MyLink" updated and have not been charged. looking to save some $ and get the system updated.
  11. Just quoted $217 to update the MyLink forward in my 2016 Sierra SLE anyone know where I can order a disc and do it myself? tia
  12. well that was a long read... purchased a 2016 sierra and noticed the vibration. plans are to have the tires rotated and balanced this weekend. thinking outside the box on this one, have any of you seen "hop shocks"? this was a design used on the 2wd chevy S-10 from 1998 to their end of production in 2003 or so, to prevent wheel hop. seems like the design would be the same for use here. has anyone tried replacing the rubber bushings in the rear leaf springs with a polyurethane option? just a couple of ideas. Update! Tire balance and rotate took care of the vibration I was having
  13. yes. setting in the options for audio. just a simple on or off. NOTE: I keep the audio on for the following.... not every pixel is as clear as what you see from the drivers seat. it's always a safe bet to say the license plate number on any car you have just been in an accident with! Wife had a hit-and-run and she had the license plate in a clear portion of the video from a few miles before the accident, but we are thankful there was also the audio of her saying the plate number. otherwise, dont be shy to belt out your best "baby baby baby...."
  14. made a thread with some more info on the dash camera setup
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