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  1. I had a paint issue corrected under warranty two trucks ago (I had a spot on the door that was clouding). They didn't blink and fixed it promptly. I can see dents being a different story after it leaves the lot. You are probably going to have to work to convince them it is truly a factory problem.
  2. Colors are personal preference so I can't argue with your preference, but I am very happy with the paint color on mine.
  3. You gotta see the blue in person to appreciate it. Especially in the sun. I had my fingers crossed because I was not all that impressed by some of the pictures and there were none at my local dealer in that color when I plunked my money down. And it didn't disappoint. The blue is gorgeous in person.
  4. Point Taken. I loaned my mini to a pair of seniors who had the good fortune of having issues with their main sewer line that requires digging a section up--and they need it fixed now, not later--during this state of emergency. I just unloaded, unhooked, and left, after wiping the interior of the mini down with sanitizer. I believe my actions were in compliance with the lock down as I was voluntarily helping seniors with essential services and I never got within 6 feet of anyone.
  5. A little time has passed since last post, any new reports?
  6. I got my DRW just before the s . . . hit the fan. I feel pretty fortunate in this regard as not that many shipped in the first place and I suspect those will be the last to ramp up when things get rolling again. I just hope we can get clear of this mess in a reasonable amount of time with as few casualties as possible.
  7. Don't let the weight police get you down. I would say disc brakes are worth the money on your trailer when you are towing heavy near or at capacity.
  8. First tow with more than an unloaded flatbed.
  9. I've got enough payload capacity to not worry too much about it, but I'm still going to get things loaded up and go weigh once things settle down just to make sure. Big fivers can get pretty pin heavy especially if you pile weight in the front storage.
  10. Most people who tow heavy want to know what the rig weighs running down the road loaded with gear to calculate payload capacity, tire capacity, and axle capacity, and make sure they are not overloaded. Or they are just curious. If you want to know, find a CAT scale. https://catscale.com
  11. No. You don't have to stop at any of them unless you are a commercial hauler.
  12. I found some brake-in advice and procedures from a respected professional:
  13. I just got mine from realtruck as well. Slightly discounted plus $100 mail in rebate. I ran a full ARE canopy for years and just got sick of washing and buffing it and not being able to load tall items in it. It was nice for the dogs, but that's about the only thing I miss about the full canopy.
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