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  1. The Gasser is more than adequate. The Duramax with the 10 speed is redonkulous. My 2020 3500 easily holds 70mph over the passes towing a 20K lbs. fiver. You are going to love that powertrain.
  2. Hehe, a hydraulic dump trailer will change your life. The only bad part about owning one is everyone coming out of the woodwork wanting to borrow it. I had no idea how useful one was until I borrowed one from my uncle for a week and was crushed when he wanted it back. I owned one two weeks later and had a hard time figuring out how I ever got along without one.
  3. My wife drove a Toyota Sequoia for 12 years before we bought her current SUV. The Sequoia was a solid, reliable car that got the job done. She did not wear it out in those 12 years--not even close--but at some point it just got a bit dated and she wanted a newer car with more modern features. We were considering a new Sequoia to replace it, but then she drove a few German SUVs for grins, at which point, all bets were off. She ended up picking a Mercedes SUV over a new Toyota even though it was more expensive and (we assumed) would be less reliable than a Toyota. The primary r
  4. You can fit a yard in the bed but it is not going to load perfectly flat coming out of the loader; it is going to pile higher than the bed rails in the middle so I would not plan on closing the tonneau cover.
  5. What kind of dirt? And is it wet or dry? A yard of dirt can weigh well over 3K depending on its density and moisture content. I would not sweat 1800 lbs. for a short run but I would not want 3K or more in the bed if I could avoid it. I'd suggest renting a dump trailer if its too heavy (which is way nicer to unload anyway).
  6. I have one on my 2020 DRW 3500. I really like it. But, yes, spendy. The only downside other than cost is it does take up some bed space for the housing where the cover rolls into.
  7. I believe the biggest factor on fuel milage on the big trucks is the weight of the trucks and wind resistance/drag, not engine displacement. It takes x amount of power to push them down the road and it takes x amount of fuel to make that power. I don't really see a huge fuel savings by going to a smaller engine if they keep the size and shape of the trucks the same.
  8. An 8 foot bed with big hips gives you a stable tow truck but comes with a cost.
  9. I can easily hold 70 mph up the passes towing my 20K fiver. And the shifts are smooth as butter. And I am happy with the fuel milage. And I feel pretty comfortable that the whole package is balanced such that all that power isn't tearing the rest of the truck up. Chalk me up as completely satisfied with the power train and gearing.
  10. My sister just bought a Silverado LT with the Duramax and the sticker had payload over 1700. While shopping I saw an AT4 with a payload at around 1300. I suspect the suspension system on the Denali and the off-road gear in the AT4 are heavy and eat into payload. Take a look at a Sierra SLT optioned up and maybe with the Max Tow package and I bet you get a few hundred more in payload than the Denali with similar options. The Dmax is going to be heavier than the 5.3 or 6.2 so that will cost some payload.
  11. The computer will derate the power on the 6.2L under load with 87 octane if it is pushed hard. You might never notice it and running 87 won't hurt it. But if I were towing heavy up hills I'd probably want higher octane gas than 87.
  12. The 3.0l with the 10-speed is a fantastic combo. Unless you are drag racing your truck and or really just like running a high-revving gas v8, the little Duramax is no-brainer in that truck.
  13. My sister brought home a 2021 Silverado LT with the 3.0l D-Max today. I was very impressed. Smooth, quiet, and gobs of torque. It is a no-brainer for the $995 upcharge over the 5.3l, IMO (and I really like the 5.3L).
  14. The truck you are considering would be a perfect match for my boat. I just got a Taco Offroad in a very similar color scheme and love it.
  15. I have a 2020 3500 Denali and I like the seats. They fit me and are very comfortable. Seats fit different people differently so you just need to try it out.
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