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  1. I have seen pin weight recommendations that range from 15 to as high as 25% for fivers. Only way to know for sure is to weigh it.
  2. Pin weight on a 14k fifth wheel + hitch could easily exceed the 3k payload capacity on a 2500 by itself. It is nice to have a little cushion.
  3. I tow among other things a 14k flatbed, a 14k dump trailer, and the longest travel trailer Denali makes (about 10k wet). The most noticeable difference is the travel trailer. In the 2500s, the TT would porpoise on me heading down the highway over little bumps and I really got pulled around in a wind. With the DRW, there is pretty much no porpoising (even without a weight-distribution hitch) and it is substantially more stable with things like side winds.
  4. I bought a '19 DRW on closeout (which I use for my daily), and, coming from a standard box 2500, backing and tight-quarters turning had a bit of a learning curve. But functionally the long box has lots of advantages, including added towing stability and bed capacity. The tradeoffs between these two configurations are real, but all-in-all I have been happy with the DRW, especially when towing heavy. The difference when hauling heavy really is a big advantage.
  5. Regardless, I don't see any compelling reason to get a 2500 if for nothing else an increase in the stated payload capacity and conventional-hitch towing capacity provided by an SRW 3500.
  6. Good finds CRApex. GM's materials on this are not exactly a model of clarity.
  7. Your link shows that the ring gear on the 3500 diesel is 12", but it is 11.5" on the 2500 and the 3500 gasser. I have seen conflicting reports suggesting that the 12" ring gear is required to get full torque in first gear, but I can't say I know for sure one way or the other. This link, for example, strongly suggests full torque in first gear is available only on then 3500s: https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/sierra-heavy-duty-purpose-built-to-trailer-like-pro "This upgraded driveline includes new, larger, more robust front and rear axles, a standard 11.5-inch ring gear on 2500HD models, and a massive 12-inch ring gear on 3500HD diesel models. Additionally, the Sierra 3500HD does not need to limit torque in first gear, allowing it to transmit all of its trailer-pulling power to the wheels from a standing start."
  8. From what I have read the 2020 3500s have a bigger ring gear and full torque in first gear. The 2500s are torque-managed in first gear. And the ride in all the 2020s HDs has improved. I don't see any good reason to get a 2500 unless your state has specific registration or licensing advantages by getting a 2500 over a 3500.
  9. Zero percent usually costs you some other cash incentive, so it is not really zero percent. My dad just bought a Chevy 1/2 ton on New Years eve, and zero per percent was on the table, but he had to choose between that and a different cash incentive. It was the same with the 3500 I bought last June.
  10. Any word/estimate when these are going to start rolling off the line?
  11. I went from 1/2 tons in 2007 to a 3/4 ton gasser in 2010, to a 3/4 ton diesel in 2013 and 2016 to a 3500 DRW in 2019. All of these trucks have been my daily and I'll never go back to a gas truck or a 1/2 ton (I may go back to an SRW, I am still on the fence on this). I prefer driving the diesel loaded or unloaded, hands down. And I really like towing whatever I want, when I want, or throwing whatever I want in the bed, without having to do a bunch of math. Everyone has their preference, but unless you are off-roading and need a lighter truck, my preference is for having a truck that will do whatever work I want it to do, especially now that they ride like luxury sedans.
  12. Fingers crossed. It looks like some long beds have hit the lots, hopefully the DRWs are not far behind.
  13. Can you get a Denali Ultimate without the Bose crap? It sucks having to pay extra for Bose crap only to replace it with real audio equipment a week after you take delivery. I'd rather just get speaker grills with empty holes and no Bose amps.
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