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  1. March? Wow. That is father out that I expected.
  2. I am interested in a 3500 DRW. Anyone have a scoop on when they might hit the lots? Anyone seen one in the wild?
  3. I've got a '19 DRW with a Duramax and love it. It is an awesome engine in an awesome truck. The 2020s with the 10 speed look really awesome, but you'll pay a big premium for a 2020 over '19 right now. Frankly, it is tough to find a really nice 1/2 ton for 50k; that is a lot of truck for the money and it will hold its value well. I don't see any real downside to your choice.
  4. I bought a 2019 DRW with the Denali Ultimate package and a Duramax for less than that in June when the 2020s hit the floor. I'll flip it next year when the incentives hit on the 2020s; I suspect when I trade it I'll maybe lose $2k off my purchase price (or maybe even break even) and I'll get a 2020 for about $12k off sticker. You are probably leaving about $5-7k in factory money on the table if you buy a 2020 now instead of waiting or buying a 2019 on close out and flipping it next June-December. (There's nothing wrong with getting the truck you want now and paying the premium, but you are paying a premium unless you wait for factory money).
  5. Anyone have any news on how badly the strike is impacting delivery of new trucks to dealer lots? I was wanting a DRW, so I suspect I am going to be waiting for a while.
  6. I would trade the truck in on a 3500. I doubt you take that much of a bath on the trade. And lesson learned; look at the door sticker and sticker in the glove box before signing the papers. The payload is different on every truck. As a gratuitous comment, I am not sure why people even look at 2500s when they are looking to tow a 5'er. The 3500s cost pretty much the same and have more payload necessary to tow 5'ers because of the pin weight. And at least on the new trucks the unloaded ride on the 3500 is not appreciably different from the 2500s. They all ride nice.
  7. $8k off list at Laura is a good sign for buyers. Might be some end-of-year incentives on top of that. I'd sure like to see some DRW's hit the lot.
  8. The 6.6 has been on the street for maybe a month. Then you need to find someone with real world 6.2 experience as well. There is a chance everyone in the country with experience in both trucks has already responded to you.
  9. For those who have diesels, what size is your fuel tank? My 13, 16, and 19 all came with a 36 gallon tank, but there are reports of much smaller tanks now. Thanks.
  10. Both my 2013 and 2016 standard bed Crew Cab with Duramax came with 36 gal tank, so did my '19 DRW Crew Cab with long bed and Duramax. I seriously doubt GM is going backwards on this.
  11. The 2500 opens up the door to safely tow 14k flatbeds and 14K dump trailers and will carry the tongue weight with no weight distribution hitch. This range of trailer has so many uses its ridiculous, but 1/2 tons are useless for this range of trailer.
  12. Ski boats are worse. Sticker on a new nicely equipped 2009 Ski Nautique was about $40-45k. I about had a heart attack when I was looking at new 2016s with an $80k sticker. Silly me, the 2019s sticker at $120-130k with the big engine. Ugg.
  13. I suspect based on some buying history the best chance for early incentives on a new model would be the last two weeks in December. Otherwise, I suspect significant incentives probably won't hit till June/July on the 2020s. You might get lucky with that order time frame.
  14. On my 2016 I paid sales tax on $6.5K in factory rebates on my 3/4 ton. GM absolutely periodically offers factory incentives on 2500s.
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