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  1. Are we talking about the "Outside power-adjustable vertical trailering mirrors with heated and auto-dimming driver and passenger upper glass"?
  2. Hey, if I could impose, I am also looking hard at a 2.8l Canyon Denali (and taking a bit of a look at a Taco) as well. Can you give me you thoughts on the 2.8l compared to the 3.0l, as well as any other thoughts you are willing to share? The Canyon is a better size for me since I already have a big truck, but the Sierra and the 3.0l just seem like a better more refined truck all around. I would love to hear any observations you have. Thanks in advance.
  3. Umm, if anyone is genuinely concerned about this issue, they ought to verify the milage (which is really, really easy to do) and if it is off take it in and make them fix it. Speculating about and posting about baseless conspiracy theories is just food for trolls.
  4. I am interested to hear from those who went from a gasser (particularly the 6.2l) to the diesel and whether there have been any regrets. I have a DRW and a big diesel to tow my heavy trailers and was looking for a truck to both pull a ski boat and to pass on to my son at some point down the road a few years when he goes off to college. I have a pretty good idea on the differences in expected costs and fuel efficiency and I am most curious about the driving experience, i.e., costs and price of engine aside. What I want to know is what is the flat-out best available engine today for a 1500? Thanks.
  5. Put the Tundra on craigslist unless it is just really beat up. $8k seems really light for a Tundra under 200k miles. Around here people are asking $20k for similar year/similar mile 4x4s in good shape.
  6. Adaptive ride control sounds like the one thing I might want. I like all the tech but don't really care about 22" wheels or bling.
  7. What are you getting with a Denali trim level that you don't get with SLT Premium Plus? The premium plus seems pretty loaded but I am having a hard time tracking what options I'd miss out on by not getting a Denali.
  8. What size TT? Length and weight and windage factor in when pulling with a small truck. Will your taco pull it comfortably in the wind, up hills, at highway speeds, etc.?
  9. I have a 2020 3500 DRW; I don't really have any seat time in a 2020 2500, so I can't say if the difference is noticeable. I can say the 2020 Duramax with the 10-speed tranny is the bees knees and it holds my 19k lbs. fiver at 70 mph rolling down the freeway nicely. Its a fantastic engine/tranny combo.
  10. In the diesels, the 3500 has a bigger ring gear (12") and full torque in first gear; 2500 is torque limited in first gear and has an 11.5" ring gear.
  11. This assessment is just as likely as going the other way, especially if there are any more supply/production interruptions. It is a crap shoot right now. I'd say if you want a truck and find one for a decent price I'd buy it and not look back.
  12. Dry weight is a meaningless and misleading number; look at this number plus the total carrying capacity of the fiver and figure at least 20% of this number in the bed, plus a hundred or more pounds for the hitch, plus anything else you want to put in the truck like tool box, firewood, people, coolers, etc.
  13. If you are looking at 5th wheels--or might ever get a fifth wheel--you should be shopping 3500s, not 2500s. The limiting factor on fifthwheel towing is almost always payload capacity, not tow capacity (or how much it will pull up a hill). Once you toss gear and firewood in the bed plus the hitch plus 20 to 25% of the gross weight of the fiver into the bed, you run out of payload capacity long before you hit that towing number. The price is the same for the 3500s and 2500s and I doubt you could distinguish the unloaded ride quality in a blind test versus a 2500, at least in the GM models. On the GM models, you also get a bigger ring gear and full torque in first gear in a 3500; 2500 gives you smaller ring gear and a torque limiter in first gear. I would visit some RV sites like irv2.com in the towing sections and you will see all the guys that buy 2500s and come in trying to figure out why the numbers are not working out regarding payload, and how they are trying to apply bandaids to their trucks because of the sagging beds and to justify why its ok to tow overloaded. (Yes, it is the same engine, but the engine is only one factor in what you can and should tow behind any particular truck). Do yourself a favor and look closely at the stickers in the door jamb that show the payload capacity and axle and tire capacity for that particular truck before you buy any truck and start running numbers about what you can put in the bed before you buy it.
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