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  1. Thank you! Is that price with parts or just the install portion? If just the install then you can definitely do better.
  2. Anyone go from the Nitto Ridge Grapplers to the Terra Grappler G2 and were overall happy with the change? This is for stock size 275/60/20 in p rated XL.
  3. Absolutely. No spacers needed. I bought them directly through Discount Tire who is a dealer for Wheel Pros. Once I found the wheels I wanted through website below I called discount and placed the order. https://www.wheelpros.com/wheels/oe-creations/
  4. OE Creations Replicas PR197 20x9 Nitto RG 275/60/20 GM 2" Lift
  5. Bought mine from Boost. I just installed mine today!
  6. My 20 Replicas with new Ridge Grapplers in stock size 275/60R20. Can't ignore the great stance with them. I will be putting in some miles on them this weekend but so far I feel they sure grab onto the road really well.
  7. Happy New Year! Christmas present from my honey. GM 20 replicas.
  8. Got it. I would say you would get the same result on the silverado wheels as long you get a shop that can do good work. Had mine done on my no longer owned 2015 Colorado and it came out great.
  9. Been very happy with the GM 2 inch lift on my SLT. First pic is before lift.
  10. Hi everyone. Got mine done back in mid January. I posted pics on another thread but I did get all my original parts back as well. Dealer had them all boxed up and ready when I picked up my truck.
  11. Hi. Here are some pictures of my 2020 Sierra SLT after the GM 2 inch lift install. I know this has been mentioned but to clarify the alignment, reconfigure of front camera and install new electric power steering calibration are part of the package. Came out great and definitely a different truck!
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