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  1. Trail boss running boards

    Here in Canada lots of snow and ice so flat I think is better for slippery ice . Also the flat Satin is so easy to clean . A bit of cleaning spray and a wipe and all good. Also bought a small umpire brush to simply sweep out debris from floor mat.This model year has no ledge to stop debris from being swept out. Great feature no vacuum required
  2. Confirming the build - Towing

    Spend the extra money and get a 2500 if trailering is a big deal for you. All problems solved Engine VORTEC 6.0L VARIABLE VALVE TIMING V8 SFI, E85-COMPATIBLE, FLEXFUEL (Standard) 6.0L V8 SFI GASEOUS CNG/LPG CAPABLE DURAMAX 6.6L TURBO-DIESEL V8, B20-DIESEL COMPATIBLE Horsepower 360 @ 5400 RPM 445 @ 2800 RPM Torque 380 @ 4200 RPM 910 @ 1600 RPM Max Towing Capacity 13,000 lbs Drivetrain Four Wheel Drive Transmission 6-Speed Automatic, Heavy-Duty, Electronically Controlled (Standard) Allison 1000 6-Speed Automatic, Electronically Controlled Fuel Tank Capacity, Approx 36.0 gal EPA Fuel Economy Est (MPG) MPG estimates not available MPG estimates not available MPG estimates not available SAFETY RATINGS
  3. No noise in the cab on highways and around a corner. Truck did save my life this week on a pile up on QEW Niagara bound . Hit the brakes and the Boss stopped on a dime. Semi behind me hit the shouder hard. Went home and drank some good Canadian Whiskey
  4. Trail boss running boards

    I like my flat running boards , As for dirt I have cleaner and rags to wipe down every other day. I got into a bad habit of not useing them to excit the truck,and this will surely wreck the seat . My bad habit will change this weekend
  5. Not happy with the Radio. Not user friendy and sometimes volume sudenly goes up and down on its own . Other then that love the truck
  6. 2019 Trail Boss

    LOl we both have a great truck . Love the looks we get.
  7. Windmill Greasers

    Windmill Greasers 2019 Silverado Trail Boss
  8. Awesome video of Silverado/Sierra Build

    Always love the chassis to body marriage. Sealer robots have our trucks water tight
  9. First oil change

    Speaking of Oil changes . I always get six free oil changes and Truck wash in the deal when I purchase . The Dealer can easily hide those costs and always do it no problem
  10. The clip at front is out , My truck had it too . Simply push the speaker down in that area till you hear a click .
  11. Power tailgate won't open

    I will try loosing the spring lock. dealer said they may give me a hard cover . Hard cover butts up to edge of tail gate . Hoping I get that one
  12. Bed cover

    Careful I got my bed cover from Chevy dealer but now my power tailgate won't open
  13. Dealer installed trifold box cover and now power tailgate won't open due to the pressure of cover to tailgate. Anyone else have similar issue and fix please ?

    Yes went on Amazon but they won't fit my truck . But thanks though

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