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  1. I can't imagine what you and your family are going through but I share the same sentiment as the guys that have posted before me. Fight for yourself, fight for your loved ones and I pray you can beat the odds.
  2. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    I'm sure i could but I am fairly particular about having work done on my truck and if you are spending a lot of money on an exhaust system, you shouldn't have to take it somewhere to spend more money. The biggest disappointment is that the sound clips on Magnaflow's web site are misleading and I can guarantee that they are not from their current version of exhaust systems. This guy has the same issue as I do.
  3. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    They are sending me the new section with the muffler but it sounds like it will still have a flapper valve. I'm hoping they found one without the flapper, per my request but I'll see what happens. I did end up finding another guy that posted up a video with the same noise and he just clamped open the valve. Seems like a poor fix for an $800 exhaust system.
  4. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    So I just picked up a Magnaflow exhaust system (15267) and as much as I like Magnaflow, I was really bummed out to find that they have added a flapper valve to their newest model of this exhaust. I don't know who runs their R&D but the new version makes a ridiculous whirling noise when you give it more than half throttle. I just tuned my truck to correct the speedo, shift points and disable the DOD so this flapper is the last thing I needed.
  5. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Just had the side windows tinted and blacked out the B pillar.
  6. Atturo trail blade mt

    I have them on my truck and they produce a lot of noise but other than that they have great traction in dry conditions and fair to good traction in the rain. The shop didn't load up the wheel with weights so balancing seems to be good. I do like the look of them on the truck, they are very similar to the Toyo M/T but with a different shoulder blocking.
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Great looking truck. I have been looking to do the Fox 2.5 and Cognito UCA. How does it ride?
  8. The hose shouldn't be pinched like that and I would look into the wiring a little bit more to make sure they don't have too much stress on the connector. It also looks like there are a lot of zip ties where I wouldn't expect on the factory harness. It sill seems like a cool truck but I would do a little more research. Have you checked into the company that did all of the aftermarket work?
  9. Those look nice but I think you will need something with a smaller profile. The boards tuck up to the body fairly close.
  10. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Bilstein 5100s up front set to 1.85” and a 1” lift block in the back. It rubs just a bit on the plastic on the back of the fender well but not to bad.
  11. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Just picked up some 20x10 Hostile Havocs w/33x12.50s. Wasn't really looking for black rims when I came across these but they look pretty nice.
  12. New to Me Supercharged 6.2L 2014

    Great looking truck. Sounds like you did good on the price considering the options and add-ons.
  13. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    1st day Amp Steps Leveling Kit Bilstein 5100's front and back 20x12 Mavericks with 33x12.50 - The offset was a little too much. GM 22" CK 163 with Nitto 420 (285/40r22's)

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