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  1. Chevy site gave me TPW of 6/22. Dealer called and said it scheduled for 6/24 build. Dealer did also say that could change and he would keep me posted. Not sure how long it will take to get here all depends on shippers. I order a car once and it sat in a yard 2 hrs from me for two weeks before it was picked up and delivered to dealer.
  2. Ordered my Chevy Ltz first week of June and was just given build date of July 24.
  3. My order doesn’t show package prices just the retail price 65,770.00
  4. Great news today .. Dealer called and said factory called back and was able to Reorder truck with sunroof and snowplow package.
  5. They said they would upgrade Alternator to 220 when it comes in. I put fisher 8ft Hd plow on all my trucks so should be ok with stock springs.
  6. They wouldn’t let me get both on the 2015 I have. If you build 2019 on site it kicks it out so I was hoping that whim I put the order in and it didn’t kick it out right away I figured they finally paid attention to ford and allowed us to have both
  7. The problem is the factory took the order with snow plow package and sunroof together . When it went into production they dropped the snow plow package without notifying dealer of change . If they would have not taken order with both plow pkg and sunroof when the order was submitted I would have been able to just add the alternator before prediction. I have the org order when it was excepted just sucks the way they did it.
  8. Received a call from my dealer today and My truck went into production. Unfortunately they kicked out the snow prep package because I ordered the sunroof. I will have to install 220 alternator when it gets to dealer. Thought they finally changed the way they do it but guess not.
  9. All I receive from my dealer is that the my order is in. No other info. I order LTZ/Z71 gas . They did say they took my order with sunroof and plow package and the sunroof didn't get kicked back.
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