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  1. Trim out your picture in the wood trim. I'd like to see a before and after pic. Same interior as mine.
  2. Exactly what I said when she came over on me. Only 4k on it and has more battle damage on it than my 99 with 350k on it. No insurance on her part so I see mine following Apollo 11.
  3. Memphis area so light rolling hills. Speed limit on the roads I drive back and forth to work is 40-50.
  4. Do you have a thread on your lights in the grill? I'd like to light mine up like that.
  5. Well add my wife's 2015 Denali to the list. I also have a 2018 Silverado. Did gm change the design on this or do I still have the same POS condenser?
  6. Another vote for this pouch. The manuals fit in this perfect and fits in the glove box great. Sure beats our 50 thousand dollar zip lock bag. On second thought I might put the manuals and new pouch back in the zip bag. Knowing how much gm spent on our bags, I just hate throwing it away
  7. Don't worry bout what I told you. Do exactly what PG tells you and you'll have no problems. I wired mine differently and just made sure I didn't have any back feed.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/COB-Xenon-White-100-LED-DRL-Daytime-Running-Light-Backup-Interior-Strip-12V-6W/291161780706?epid=1853903523&hash=item43ca9831e2:g:~SoAAOSwS3dbn2tr&frcectupt=true I used these under the hood and in the cab. Cheap and came with some decent double sided tape. They all stuck good except for under the back front seat. Not much to grab ahold of there.
  9. Same mirrors I purchased and installed on my 18 hc. Everything is working except for reverse LEDs. I have them as puddle lamps like my small mirrors had. All splicing and diodes were installed in the door. No special harness and no running wires thru the doors. If you had puddle lights on your old mirrors and can live without reverse LEDs you should be able to get everything from inside the door. With 3 diodes. Also my puddle lights now shine right on the door handle.
  10. Drivers side ground point to the right
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