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  1. I must admit Sir, you have the second best looking Black Silverado Custom Double Cab in the GM-Trucks forum.s
  2. Ive noticed this on mine as well after idle on cold starts, all I can gather so far is it’s apparently the Direct Injection high pressure fuel pump. Sometimes another higher pitched clicking sound I’ve noticed is the fuel injectors pulsing from the high fuel pressure.
  3. Man you ain’t kidding, the first time I got in it at the dealership I instinctively grabbed for the latch. I asked the sales guy what’s the deal on the console lid? When he said “Yea you have to upgrade to bucket seats in the Custom to get the center console”. I said hold up my man, I’m gonna have to collect myself...this could be a dealbreaker. I was then eagerly told they had plenty of LT’s & LTZ’s on the lot in black with bucket seats and a console, but that I would still be charged a destination and restocking fee from GM and likely some of my deposit. Finding an aftermarket console all of a sudden didn’t seem to be all that big a deal...Except I haven’t found one, so yea...I hope GM’s quarterly profits meet expectations with all the money they saved on not giving us a center console!
  4. Out with the old, in with the new. I’m a creature of habit. 2006 Silverado Z71 —> 2011 Silverado LT —> 2019 Silverado Custom. Notice the drop in trim levels each time I purchase a new Silverado; besides cost correlation I find that starting with the lowest base trim that allows the addition of everything you can’t live without and then special ordering a very specifically built truck tends to be the most satisfying aspect of the buying process. I will admit, it’s not usually the most cost effective as I definitely spent more on this Custom than the nicely appointed 4WD LT the dealership insisted I purchase that day instead of waiting for her to come in ;)
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