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  1. Ditto. Mine's high as well. So far, 117* has been the highest I've seen. Real world temp on that day was 102*. That's a huge swing IMO. Especially if the ECU is using that ambient temp info for fuel corrections, or AC regulation duties. I just figured it was a combination of grille mounted sensor, heat soak off the radiator and a black truck with black grille. I can see GM moving the sensor to the mirror. Never the less, I'm staying tuned...
  2. Perfect, thanks for the P/N. Love what you've done with yours. Looks great. -Patrick-
  3. Any info on this seal? Looks like a nice addition for keeping water out of the bed. Excellent pics. Thanks in advance. -Patrick-
  4. The top armrest does not. The bottom seat assembly should as it's standard IIRC on the LT trim. I haven't see the solution on the bottom seat assembly, but I'm betting it's gonna be spendy. -Patrick-
  5. As of today, no sir, nothing exists to bolt into the factory spot covered with the push in blank piece of plastic. Box with wires is all we get. The top smaller glove box mounting location might be an option, or the rarely used top dash cubby hole. A lot of us are in the same boat with no TBC from factory. -Patrick-
  6. I just received mine last night. It also took some time to arrive. 12 days total. It was not re-boxed, no internal packing material and literally looked like it was thrown off a moving truck more than a few times. I was stunned that the clips remained inside the box as they were just in a small ziplock bag at the bottom of the box. I'm betting this is S.O.P. with all GM Parts websites. IE: slap a shipping label on the GM box and let'er rip. Make sure you check for your clips if you ordered them at the same time. Especially if your box looks like this. One thing I noticed, the bottom anchor on the seat belt is left loose inside the box and with a lot of getting thrown around, it did cause a few scuffs and scratches on the front plastic. I guess I will live with it as I don't fore see this not happening again. It was pretty dusty and dirty from the almost destroyed box, but nothing a little simple green and compressed air couldn't handle. Watch out on the metal bracket, as it has sharp edges. Overall, it's typical GM parts QA packaging. I'm just thankful I'll have arm rest storage again. -Patrick-
  7. Here's the thread that gives all the info for replacing the non storage jump seat arm rest top, to the one with storage. Skipping ahead to page 7, Jeffed's post on June 13th, you'll see the part number for the armrest. (Top seat portion) 84647286 Then on the next page, you will find the clip part number, which you need 5 each of. 11549266 Big time thanks to Jeffed for posting his results, along with the PDF document he posted on June 13th as well. IMO, this is quiet possibly the most epic "must do" mod on Custom and Trailboss Custom's, short of the exhaust mods. Pic that I attached is from that thread. Hope this helps. -Patrick-
  8. The looks of the nose on the Custom is what first drew my attention. All from the commercials when they first started running them. I too am a big fan of the embossed CHEVROLET in the grille vs the obnoxious to me monstrous bow tie emblem in the center. The tailgate with no bow tie and dual exhaust tips sealed the deal. The factory 20's were icing on the cake. I am a big fan of the body colored "no chrome" look on all of my vehicles. So the small black grille bow tie and the rest of the emblems were my first mods. I agree on the center console issue. Thankfully it's an easy fix and there's a very good thread about it located here. And thanks go to Jeffed for posting the info and this pdf document. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=111339 Cliff notes: Black armrest with storage P/N: 8464-7286 (also known as 84647286 on most GM Parts websites) 5 each Clips needed for installation P/N: 1154-9266 (also known as 11549266) I'll be doing this as soon as the parts arrive. I've had two previous "power everything" Silverado's in the past and to be honest, not having the steering wheel controls and all of the other bells and whistles really doesn't bother me. This time around, black on black with the towing package and v8 were at the top of my list. IMO, Chevy nailed the look with the Custom. Especially with the mid year discounts. I suspect they will be even better towards the end of the year. Only downside to waiting is your color options once the 2019 inventory is gone. All of my local dealerships that had the ones I was looking at are now sold. I jumped on board back in June.
  9. If you mean this OEM trailer brake controller? Unfortunately no. GM does not sell it. You have to go with an aftermarket box style controller.
  10. They make very good products. I'm watching their specific products myself for the future. Here's a few things I've noticed with the aftermarket. - Most tuners are shy of modding any 2019's because of the computers. Most all of them do not know that the Custom and Custom Trail Boss with the L82 5.3L 6spd is unchanged and there are other tuners who are tuning them. - It's a 5.3L. Freeing up the exhaust front to back, and adding a cold air intake kit will net you a nice seat of the pants increase. But you're not going to see 50-60 rwhp, maybe 25-30 if you're lucky. Without the Flex-Fuel option and E85, you really can't tweak the timing tables much and see significant power and torque increases. Sure, a cam swap with all the mods will net some power, but you loose a lot of smooth-street ability IMO. - It's gonna be at least a few more months or 5 before we really see Supercharger and turbocharger kits available for these trucks. I'm looking forward to updates on new products and force induction kits from the PRI show, followed by SEMA show at the end of the year. In reality, most new owners will get used to the power after a few months, especially if it's their first truck and want more. In this case, once you get to the 50-60 rwhp's worth of N/A upgrade, your street ability starts to suffer and it gets old if it's a daily driven truck. This is where a supercharger kit or a turbo kit really shine. Serious hp upgrades without loosing the street ability, but the downside is the initial cost of admission. I myself am a turbo guy, but would love to have a decent sized supercharger kit for my new truck in the future. A couple of things you can do in the meantime, would be the easy to do exhaust mods, stock replacement K&N filter, run a few tanks of 93 pump gas (if you currently run 87 or 89 now) and when conditions are favorable, turn off the traction control and see how it feels. Trust me, you will notice the difference. The free hp from the exhaust mods and no traction control nannies, along with good timing tables in the tune from running 93 pump gas, can really wake the 5.3L up. That and cooler ambient temps. Just use caution with TC off as it can get very addictive. That being said, I'd never turn off TC in wet conditions. Sorry to ramble on. I can assure you though, once the serious hp parts start rolling out from the aftermarket, you will see owners posting on this sit so stay tuned. Congrats on your first truck. -Patrick-
  11. I have had three instances with mine so far in 50 days of ownership. It's definitely a software related glitch. Rule #1 in the IT world, Power cycle. All three times times here's what I did and it "fixed / reset itself". The radio then worked normally. - Shut the truck off. - Key out of ignition. - Open door. - Close door and wait 5 mins. (You don't even have to get out of the truck, just simulate that you did.) - After 5 mins, open door. - Close door. - Key in ignition and rotate to start but don't start the truck. - Give it a few seconds to let the system initialize. - When I see the Chevy logo pop up on the infotainment screen I started it up. - Radio functioned normally. I'm betting it's the initial key on start up sequence that's got it tripping on it's own shoe laces. I will be watching mine like a hawk, as well as giving it a few seconds before starting it up. My three issues were this. 1st. Extreme back ground interference with what sounded like rapid popping noise through the radio's speakers and shutting off all other music. Even after shutting off the truck and restarting it without waiting it continued to make the noise. After shutting the truck off for 1hr, it was back to normal. 2nd Radio wouldn't Bluetooth connect for streaming music. 5 minute power cycle method above fixed it. 3rd. Radio screen went black with zero function after starting the truck. 5 minute power cycle method above fixed it. Even though my truck has the most basic of basic infotainment systems with no WiFi, it's still a computer. Thank the Lord, the reboots/time outs fixed it. One thing you could do, would be to take a video with your phone as evidence of the issue to show your Service Dept if you take it in. The only downside would be file size of the video you make, could be un-sendable without physically connecting your phone to their computer. Hope this helps. -Patrick-
  12. Mine is a rwd Custom that came with 20x9 wheels and those tires. The only thing I changed were the wheels, lug nuts and hub centric rings. Wheels came from Custom Wheel Offsets. Offset might be the only thing to check out on yours, depending on tire choice. Maybe some other 4x4 owners will chime in with what will work, tire size and offset, w/o rubbing or other issues. The main thing is this. Some wheels will require spacers, due to the redesigned front calipers having a molded in bump in the center, that require more inside contour of the rim to clear. TMK the previous Gen didn't have this bump. See attached photo. These have plenty of clearance w/o spacers.
  13. The weather played nice long enough for me to get this knocked out, this past Tuesday night. Really a nice change in tone, not to mention the almost 2 mpg increase I've noticed. This mod definitely ranks high on the Bang for the Buck list. I used DEI aluminized tape and thin SS muffler repair pieces cut into 3x3 sections as well as 2 clamps per piece. On the valve, I did exactly like Cohocarl suggested with a 4.5" long piece of flexible hanger strap and two clamps. Take care around the drivers side tail pipe screen where it's close to the heat shield. The shield has a very sharp edge. Here's the 1st cold start, bugs were getting rough.
  14. I haven't seen many new Ram's or Ford's around here. When I got mine last month, I had typically only seen a couple of T1's riding around. Then our local dealerships started advertising hard with the rebates and dealership discounts, that initially ended July 1st. When I went shopping in early June, two of our big Chevy dealerships had a bunch, but only a few Customs and RST's. Lots of CTB, LT, LTZ & High Country's in Chevy. There were only 3 black on black Customs in Central MS. 2 double cabs and one 4wd Crew Cab. A 2wd Double Cab is what I was hunting. GMC dealerships were loaded mainly with SLT, Denali's and AT4's. No lower models. I bought mine in early June and had been driving it for almost 2 weeks before I passed the twinkie of mine (black on black Double Cab) in town. FFwd to this past Wednesday morning and I counted seven T1's on my way to work. Dealers are selling them big time here. Both Chevy and GMC. Given, there are also a lot of '18's and pre T1 "19's riding around too. I think the T1's are growing on folks. Prices have gone back up as of today. Discounts are key in this state.
  15. FWIW, here's the link to 4playwheels' site, for that specific truck. https://4playwheels.com/project/chevrolet-gmc-silverado-2500-wheels-rims-4p70-black-2/
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