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    2019 Silverado Custom Double Cab
  2. What Have You Done With Your T1 Today ?????

    I installed an Auto Ventshade Aeroskin hood protector. Rock Auto had the best price on it. This is P/N 322168 in smoke. Fit and finish are excellent. I also threw on a K&N stock replacement air filter while I was at it. K&N is running a prepaid Visa rebate for $10 through July, when you buy any air filter or cabin filter. Offer # KN1015 for the air filter. https://www.airflowrebates.com/find-a-rebate-form.aspx Just an FYI.
  3. Using Gm rewards online

    Don't forget, if you also have an OnStar account on another owned vehicle, you can link it to your My GM Rewards program. Ex: My previous OnStar account that was 2 years old, netted me 1100 points. And any new vehicle purchased after you start your account gives you 20k more. So, let's say you just bought a new vehicle. 20k, You have a previous OnStar account still active. More points. You setup your email account. More points. You complete an online survey about your visit or if you actually call the MyGM rewards help desk. More points. Your spouse gets a new car. Another 20k. Anytime you have service done at a dealership. More points. It all adds up and is worth it for nothing more than your time. Here's the link. https://www.mygmrewards.com/
  4. Drop Shackles

    19trailbossRic, what brand shackles are those? Are they the ones currently on Amazon? (Black with red bushings) I'm looking to go this exact route with mine, towing a car though. I don't want to raise the front, just drop the rear level for daily driver mode. I figured this setup would be the best solution for both daily driving and towing. Thanks in advance. -Patrick-
  5. What Have You Done With Your T1 Today ?????

    My hub centric rings came in earlier this week and I was able to get my wheels installed today. Talk about a transformation. The old saying still rings true. "Wheels really do make a vehicle." Raceline Addict 942B Gloss Black 20x9 with +18 offset Extended black lug nuts. No spacers required as the spoke design clears the front brake caliper bump easily. Wheels and tires are also flush with the body. I used ZHTEAP 106mm to 78.1mm hub centric adapter rings and they fit perfectly. Wheels and lugs from www.customwheeloffset.com. Wheels drop shipped from Raceline and arrived quickly. Now on to Round 3. -Patrick-
  6. I'm going through this now with my Custom. 78.1mm hub is correct, I verified it with spacers this past Sat at the tire shop. Unfortunately I found out my wheels have 106mm hubs as I didn't check before hand. Oops. My Googlefu found these on Amazon and they fit my new wheels perfectly. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MXNPFCK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Only good news I had Sat was the wheels clear the bump on the caliper with the spacers. Yay. Round 2 of getting my new wheels installed this Friday. -Patrick-
  7. What Have You Done With Your T1 Today ?????

    Project "De-chrome" has begun, as of this past Saturday. 1st mods: - PWT Customs 28% matched tint on front 2 windows - GM black Silverado / Custom 4 piece emblem set - GM black grille Bowtie emblem - Black US flags on rear bed corners - Black AR-15 Molon Labe sticker on D/S back corner glass. - Car Short Antenna with adapter 6 3/4" length (Amazon) - Sealight 921 LED reverse lights Incoming: - GM Painted black mirror cap set - Raceline 942B Addict 20x9 wheels in Gloss Black with 3/8" spacers - Black lug nut set More to come... Stay tuned...
  8. Intakes?

    Hmmmm... Here's their Magnum Force Stage 2 system. Sure would be nice to datalog underhood temps at speed with both systems. Enclosed with direct airflow has always had colder IAT's, vs open element, but this system definitely has a larger filter. Very interesting option IMO. It definitely has my attention. https://afepower.com/afe-power-54-13036r-magnum-force-stage-2-pro-5r-cold-air-intake-system#overview
  9. Stickers! What do you have on your back or front Windows?

    I'm keeping this one more subdued. All stickers are black. Flags on the back of the bed corners and MOLON LABE on back glass. A black Buick Power 6 logo will go on the passengers side back glass soon. -Patrick-
  10. K&N air intake

    A small detail I noticed, the GM CAI kit 84561597, shows only for the L84 5.3 with DFM. Not for the L82 5.3 with AFM and 6spd found in the WT, Custom and Custom Trail Boss. Whether or not it will work on one of those three is TBD. If so, it's a viable option for me to the K&N kit. Thanks to Jay, for the info on that kit. -Patrick-
  11. Cellphone mount.

    I'm using a similar one as above. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/iottie-easy-one-touch-4-wireless-charging-dash-windshield-car-mount-black/6031806.p?skuId=6031806 Main difference is with the suction cup as it's the push lever style. Works great with my Note S9. It uses a Mini USB to USB cable for power, charges with an Otter Box Defender case, or thinner case and is adjustable to fit different sized phones. For my Android Auto uses, I found this 1ft long USB to USB Type C 90* data transfer cable on Amazon. Perfect length and works great. https://www.amazon.com/Degree-Right-Extension-Charging-Oxsubor/dp/B07KWVG9KZ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=usb+c+90+degree+right+angle+cable+extension&qid=1560890931&s=gateway&sr=8-1 So far it's hanging in strong with no issues. Hope this helps. -Patrick-

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