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  1. 2019 silverado with Android Auto and after 3 months starts stuttering and wont stop. I've tried everything. Any ideas
  2. Yes, I purchased the tonnneu online and love it , BUT ,..., my auto tail gate does not work unless I raise cover slightly. I can put a rubber spacer but then it's not sealed as tight if it rains.
  3. Good to know thanks. I'm gonna take this weekend maybe. Waiting for it to cool down...Florida humidity sucs..ugh.
  4. I think your correct. I have one I'm ready to swap and thought that also. I was looking for any comments about removing the plastic covers and any tricks to know. I dont want to damage anything.
  5. Sorry I'm new to this forum, I recently received my replacement console for my 2019 custom trailboss and was wondering if I can do it without removing driver seat? Anyone care to share what im up against? Thanks.
  6. I agree with you 1000% !!! I did the same thing. I just Assumed..(yikes, I know), but I went right back and even said I wanted it or I wanted the LT! My sales guy said it would be too much of a paperwork nightmare. So I sucked it up and left. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival off my separate purchase that everyone has recommended. I still LOVE my truck though.
  7. Hey, love this site, new owner of a TrailBoss custom and wish I would have gotten the LT with more little bells and whistles, but I was too cheap! Now I'm trying to manipulate as many functions and additional features as possible. I'm replacing the center console thanks to this site, now I'm trying to get text messaging from my limited infotainment. Any ideas? I'm anxiously hoping for many!! Thanks guys
  8. I completely agree!!! There is soooo much unused and wasted space in the center.
  9. I just purchase the 2019 Trail Boss ,custom, and love it except I can not understand why they would not have ANY storage in the center console that folds into a jumpseat.!!!!! Anyone have any part numbers for a replacement? I want a center console with some storage......ugh. Also, if anyone has added anything to the accessories I would be interested, i.e. extra USB, security system, DECK, tool box drawers for the bed. Thanks!!
  10. I'm looking to swap out my jumpseat in my 2019 TrailBoss ,custom. It is useless and I am in dire need of that additional storage area. Any ideas? Thanks for your time.
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