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  1. I have not used either... but, since you have a black truck (my '15 was) I ceramic coated it. It was my 7th black truck. The FIRST to look clean more than 10 minutes after a wash! Ceramic is the way to go. My '18 is Silver and I also ceramic coated it. I'll this form now on with every truck.
  2. Bump... where did you get the cover?
  3. Yes... use what fatkid24 linked. I used the same one. AND!!! GREAT call returning the crap OPT7 bar. It is poorly built and their customer service (lack of) SUCKS!
  4. So... back on topic... The answer is NOTHING. You can do nothing to raise the towing capacity. As mentioned you can make it tow better / less effort / wear not he truck.. but not higher capacity. the trends and rear end can only handle so much. Heat is your enemy here. You will destroy your truck quickly by towing too much. I tow (with my 1500 non Max Tow) a '14 enclosed trailer that weighs 3600#s with (2) Harley Ultras in it (2000#s). I travel to Sturgis every year and the mountains are brutal @ 70/80 MPH posted speed limit. Getting some momentum on the down hill and keeping it under 3-3500k RPM on the up is best. You will loose some speed of course but you will not beat up the truck. There is always another down on the other side. Speed kills when you are towing weight. Keep it manageable. Remember... to go 60 miles at 70 MPH it takes 51.4 minutes. at 80 MPH it take you 45 minutes. Worth it to save 5.6 minutes? Risk of accident as well as the damage to your drivetrain?
  5. Opt7 suck. Putco is the way to go. Opt7 has some great "features" like sequential signals in either red or amber but the wiring and circuit is so cheaply made you are very aware it is Chinese. Putco is worth the few extra bucks. LEDs are high quality and they stand behind the warranty.
  6. Make sure you get it noted at the dealer though. This is a known issue. GM bought my '17 back. Water destroyed my electrical. I've heard of some having an issue for the water over a year after the leak was fixed (wires corroded). Doesn't hurt to get it noted. Plus, I think in '14 they still had the 10 year corrosion warrantee. this should be covered under that.
  7. The water leaks down the fin and/or windshield seal (don't forget to have that checked!!! Both my '17 and '18 had BOTH issues) and run down the A pillar. The water then gets under the carpet and corrodes the wiring. Causes shorts etc. This drains battery and wrecks havoc on the computers. I have not heard of any radios getting water in them, but the computers do. This causes plenty of issues as you can imagine. Most develop 6 plus months out. There are plenty of Tech Bullets on this. Force GM to do the right thing.
  8. I had the same issue. FORCE them to warrantee it. Get ahold of GM. The leak is a known issue and electric issues follow. GM Cust service will contact the dealer.
  9. You should not need resisters. You have factory LED already.
  10. Opt7 has HORRIBLE customer service. With that said, I do like the look, but have now had (2) bars that the turn signal will come on now and then when I hit the brake. (Amber turn signals). The circuits are cheaply built. I fixed the 2nd one I got as it cost too much to ship back and argue with Opt7. CUST SERVICE SUCKS! Also, yes, there is lag when you turn the signal on. Not too bad, but noticeable. Putco is MUCH better build. MUCH better.
  11. Had cover open and my magnetic light fell and made contact with metal and post. (I know... STUPID). the odds oaf hitting post and metal at same time (angle) are slim. Lotto tickets purchased soon after.
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