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  1. You can display WAZE and Apple maps for GPS on the screen if you use car play. You just need to "give permissions" on the phone to "share" with the screen in the truck. EASY. Honest. You can call Apple while ion truck and they will walk you through. LOVE this feature. I also use it on the Harley. (Harley GPS SUCKS!)
  2. Many I ask what was your final price? Looking at one tomorrow...
  3. I LOVE the Duratracs... Best tire I've ever ran. Had the WildPeaks... ok... KO2s... decent... but I get 75-80K miles out of the Duratracs. Rotated every oil change and balanced ever other. On 4th set. (1 of those are on Jeep)
  4. Yes, they said "jet" and further explained "fluid passes through there and as pressure changes the trans shift accordingly."
  5. Flashed.... said misfires are "common" and too not worry about it. Said the light flashed because it was 10 (I think that's the # he gave) in a short amount of time.
  6. Adding... My truck is an 18 so I had to do this... The 2019 came with this option https://www.gmpartshouse.com/oem-parts/gm-trailering-camera-package-84580657?origin=pla&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkJXukPTU6gIVghx9Ch3UIwfeEAQYAiABEgIRnvD_BwE
  7. This is a "easy" fix. You can buy the OEM camera from any GM parts supply company. Connect it to the back of your trailer and run it along the existing trailer wiring. The plug (BUS) for the camera is up under the bumper and VERY easy to find. Plug and play. If you are not technical you could go to any aftermarket radio shop and tell them your need and explain you want the OEM camerawomen as it will dimply on your stock radio. They will have the know how.
  8. My clinking got worse and GM found shavings in trans fluid. Bad Torque Converter and a bad "jet"... replaced whole trans. Clunking there with new trans... until it "learned " my driving style. All good after 1000 miles with new trans.
  9. Video will not play for me... however... I had what I thought was a bad belt and took it to the dealer as I replaced the belt and had same issue. (When I started form a stop I'd get a squeak and then again at shifts). Dealer (Bill Kay ion Lisle Illinois is horrible after 12+ years of being a customer) told me it was there flapper valve. I replaced the full exhaust system with Borla and still had squeak. Then was pushed off due to Pandemic (understood) and then the trans would "blip" about 200 RPM when upshifting. Then when I down shifted I'd get a hard shift. Took it to Chevy of Naperville and they found a bad Torque converter and the squeak was a "jet" that was restricted. Full Tran replacement. (Thankfully I have the extended warrantee!)
  10. Took to deal... was misfires... Seems odd that that would also cause the trac control to flash.
  11. well... now I need to sell the Bilstein's I just bought last month! lol
  12. I agree. Only solution I have found is a new spring all together. The Bilsteins are a great shock (wish they were aluminum as opposed to steel ie rust).
  13. Thank you. I tried the Bilsteins up 2 more notches without the puck/spacer and it rode horrible. Very rough ride. Spring compressed too much. I may put the shocks back to stock height to help the angles.
  14. I put my scanner on and says no codes (check engine flashed and cleared when the issue happened earlier).
  15. Was having a squeak like sound (almost like a belt) from a stop and again when shift to 2nd. Dealer told me Flapper Valve... so I replaced exhaust with Borla etc... still had same issue... Then trans started to "blip" up 200 RPM (nothing major) but the down shifts (especially between 4 - 3 and 3 -2 and again 2 -1 would give me "bump/hard shift" feel. Went to a new dealer and they actually listened and found a bad trans. "Large amount of metal shavings in the pan etc..." Under warrantee to they put a new trans in. They did not rebuild. 24 hours later and I am getting worse down shifts and now I was on the highway on cruise control @ 68 MPH) and the cruise turned off, check engine light came on, and traction control flashed. All resolved themselves within 30 seconds. Thoughts? (Of course I will be returning to dealer Monday)
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