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  1. Made a day trip to the mountains to do some scouting. I set a new 50mi high mileage on the way home. Yes, downhill with a tailwind. Here’s the overall round trip. Up the mountain, 4 wheeling, and back down the mountain.
  2. Did you know the warranty when you bought it? Did you have the chance to extend such warranty when you bought it? As much as it sucks to be in your position right now, you’re not in the right here.
  3. Had the vacuum pump replaced under special coverage and the rear pinion seal replaced under power train warranty on my 2016.
  4. Good for you! The American west is full of public land like this. This was taken in the White River National Forest somewhere between Silverthorne and Vail, Colorado. Look for public lands and read the regulations. “Dispersed camping” is allowed in most of the National forests.
  5. Yes, after a quick snow it cleared up to high 60s for the week.
  6. I guess I pushed the vacuum pump over the edge today. I am in the mountains, hunting for the next week. It should be an interesting trip home across the continental divide.
  7. Rotated the tires and cleaned up the rust off of the spare wheel.
  8. I’ll tell you where you can hide a key.
  9. That’s an A.R.E. topper, so it is probably their Z series.
  10. Yes, that is loaded down. I was very happy to see it almost level! I used the ReadyLift 2.25” blocks. They’re not perfect, but I felt their block design was stronger than other blocks on the market. I did have a problem where the bolt head from the spring pack didn’t want to seat into the dimple in ReadyLift’s block. Between the neighbor and me, we had the tools to mill out the pocket to fit. I worried about the taper also, but I haven’t felt any vibrations or had any noticeable axle wrap. I like acceleration, but I’m old enough to drive like an adult. Speed limit here is 75, so 80-85 is not unheard of. Ride quality didn’t diminish as far as I can tell.
  11. I hauled 1200lbs of concrete tonight. All the bags were stacked to the rear of the rear axle, so this is almost the worst case scenario: 1450lbs out of my 1660lb max payload. I’m very happy with the minimal squat with my setup. Front: Bilstein 6112 on the 4th notch 1.875” Rear: Bilstein 5100 with 1” taller block (2.25”)
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