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  1. The rattle can is going to look like ass and get worse every month in the Colorado sun. The challenge will be getting even coverage by overlapping sprays before it flashes dry. That will be nearly impossible to do with a rattle can on a large surface, but it probably looks good enough for a 100 foot finish. The real kicker is when you finally break down and pay someone extra to strip off your rattle can and paint it right. I haven’t even mentioned the hazards of breathing that stuff. Find someone with the right spray equipment, the right PPE, and a ventilated shop. Finding someone with that in their garage isn’t very likely. Maaco ought to be able to handle a 10 foot finish. I would recommend calling Gerber Collision Repair in Longmont. I’m not positive that they’ll do it, but they’re good folks. They’ve been our go to for PDR and a couple fender benders. They do excellent work and they’ve been reasonable on the things we have paid out of pocket for. I’m sure it’ll be more than Maaco, but at least it’ll give you an idea of what a professional charges.
  2. I’ve had the RL 2.25 rear blocks for about 9 months and I don’t have any vibrations in the truck. My front is leveled with Bilstein 6112s on the top notch. I have a Leer topper on the bed and the truck looks level. I need to measure it for sure, but I am wondering if I would like it a little better with an add-a-leaf to get back a little more rake.
  3. The Apple lightning connector is a pos. Make sure you blow out the connector on your phone. A spec of dust or pocket lint will cause the exact problem day after day. The cables also wear out quickly. Try a new one. Then thank Apple for making this crappy proprietary design so they can reap an incremental 25 cents every time someone orders a replacement iPhone certified cable.
  4. That’s for new tires, not tires used for 6k miles. GLWS
  5. Why did it take 15 years for you to be outraged over it?
  6. Did you realize this article is 15 years old?
  7. He went full chrome. Never go full chrome. [emoji1787] Hey, it looks nice and shiny. As long as you’re happy, that’s a good looking truck. [emoji1360]
  8. You’re posting answers voluntarily. Why get upset when someone asks a question? If you don’t want to answer, then don’t. I can’t blame a guy for not reading through hundreds of posts that aren’t answering his question anyway.
  9. I had the Bilstein 4600s on my 2000 Silverado and I would highly recommend them. Since you are not lifting, you don’t need the 5100s. The 4600s will give you a smoother ride than the 5100s.
  10. I don’t see where changing the front would change the ride in the rear any noticeable amount.
  11. Thanks for the input folks. I know you like your Amsoil. More power to you, but it’s not for me.
  12. I’m going to be doing the same thing over the winter. I see you went with the full synthetic ATF. What made you decide synthetic over the standard? I’m a little puzzled that the full synthetic is much cheaper on Amazon.
  13. I’m due for this very soon. Thanks for posting. Will you be posting the T case also?
  14. This was true of my truck as well. It has had that tick for the past year I have owned it. It was only slight, so I chalked it up to injector noise. After the new pump, I noticed the engine was much quieter (no tick).
  15. Of the vacuum pump?At 10,000’ I would get the following error message after idling for 2 or 3 minutes. Truck felt hard to stop at times, more so when backing up. [At home @5,000’ I didn’t get the message.] Service write-up says they saw Code C0299 set. I imagine this is the flag that the error message above was triggered, or more likely the low vacuum condition was detected.
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