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  1. The whole point of a big brake kit is to stop better and fill the wheel up. If you still running the stock size rotor then what is the point ?
  2. 14-18 double cab JL Audio stealthbox and Xd600.1 amp

    Would you sell without the amp ?
  3. WTB stock Y-pipe

    5.3 or 6.2 ?
  4. Hello Currently have a 2014 WT with chrome solid front bumper , what do i need to upgrade to the fog light bumper ? I have just the front bumper with no brackets located ready for purchase , will all my brackets swap over ? Will I require any other parts (besides the fog light themselves) to complete this upgrade ? Going to use this harness https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/gen5diy-truck-products/products/14-18-silverado-foglight-harness Thanks in advance
  5. Illuminated Door Handles

    I purchased all 4 handles from a yard for 330 shipped How do I disassemble the front chrome from the LED to paint the whole handle ? I dont want any chrome, also i dont need the metal back plate that came on the drivers door handle ? Thanks again
  6. Purchased a set of Kooks Long Tubes for my truck... What gasket is everyone using to seal the manifold to the cylinder head ? OEM ? Anyone seeing the need for different spark plugs leads or boots ? How about the sealing up the Y-pipe connections ? Thanks in advance
  7. Anyone running Kooks headers that has added wideband sensors ? I am wondering how much room is available for the wide band sensors pre cat . Is the y pipe real tight to the body under the truck ? Thanks
  8. Has anyone installed the Street Scene roll pan or front bumper ? If so any information on fit and finish ? Pictures ? Thank you in advance
  9. Mcgaughy Rear Helper bag kit

    I am on a 3/5 drop on the Belltech 986SP kit. Where do you get the billet spacer from ? My truck is level currently and I am very happy with the ride quality. I am just concerned about towing with the current drop . That is why I am interested in the kit . Any feedback ?
  10. Anyone running this kit ? I just ordered one but I don't see any information on what is involved in the install . Any information ? Any feedback ? Thanks
  11. Will the Tahoe mirrors work on the trucks ? I like how the entire mirror is painted on the tahoe .
  12. You have headers ? Is that what you did ?
  13. That's exactly what I am thinking ... I might install the headers and Y pipe with my stock exhaust for now and take it from there before I decide on cat back
  14. Everyone is commenting about the Corsa without long tubes . I have heard that before and I like the sound . I am asking about the best cat back with long tubes , I heard the Corsa can be very raspy and drone with long tubes .
  15. 14-15 Silverado cleared headlights

    pm sent

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