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  1. Glad it worked out for you , What are you going to do about radio controls ?
  2. The factory fogs are plug and play ... only they require dealership to flash the bcm to enable them
  3. You need the Corsa touring muffler . That will fix everything ... Ask how I know lol
  4. The alpine boots just fine , no issues and shits on the stock GM unit in every aspect
  5. How do the e How do the headers sound with your corsa cat back ?
  6. https://corrosionfree.com/?_vsrefdom=adwords&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3prxn8mW5AIVAZ-fCh2NQgG0EAAYASAAEgIz7vD_BwE That is the product that was applied to my truck
  7. Just found this topic... Bought a 2014 truck with 39k on it from new mexico in March ..... Has never seen snow or salt , frame looked flawless. Brought the truck back to Michigan (home of salt and shit roads) had it professionally fluid filmed immediately when I arrived in Michigan. I have noticed the fluid film has attacked the factory undercoating and it will actually wipe off with my finger , leaving bare metal under it . I hope to not drive the truck in the winter , but I am concerned about rusting while the truck sits outside in my driveway during the winter months .
  8. So I will need to remove the spare tire to install this kit ? How much of an improvement did it make ? Thanks
  9. I have done this swap already ... you only need to add one wire from the clock spring to the cluster for the LIN bus pin #20 in the cluster to pin #2 on the clock spring connector That single wire will give you wheel illumination and cluster navigation controls
  10. I have run a GMC wheel in my silverado .... you can swap them back and forth the airbags are the same . If all you need are buttons , then just swap out the button pads they come out from the front easy deal. I have a left side button pad if you need it
  11. My kit came with the clips for the wires . I am mostly concerned with how to attach the lights to the bed . Drill holes ?
  12. Any pictures of the clips you used or what you did ? Thanks
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