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  1. Hello I wanted to see what company everyone is using for an extended warranty on their trucks . Thanks
  2. What mods have you done to your truck so far?
  3. Damn I would love to have that high country lower valance but it has holes in it for the license plate
  4. Just saw this ... I finished all this back in April of last year... I thought i posted in here the functionality of each wire . The information being sent to the Dash is over the MOST Bus the alpine does support MOST Bus If you recall during the install you removed that plug and never plugged it back in. Let me know if you have any more questions
  5. Glad it worked out for you , What are you going to do about radio controls ?
  6. The factory fogs are plug and play ... only they require dealership to flash the bcm to enable them
  7. You need the Corsa touring muffler . That will fix everything ... Ask how I know lol
  8. The alpine boots just fine , no issues and shits on the stock GM unit in every aspect
  9. How do the e How do the headers sound with your corsa cat back ?
  10. https://corrosionfree.com/?_vsrefdom=adwords&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3prxn8mW5AIVAZ-fCh2NQgG0EAAYASAAEgIz7vD_BwE That is the product that was applied to my truck
  11. Just found this topic... Bought a 2014 truck with 39k on it from new mexico in March ..... Has never seen snow or salt , frame looked flawless. Brought the truck back to Michigan (home of salt and shit roads) had it professionally fluid filmed immediately when I arrived in Michigan. I have noticed the fluid film has attacked the factory undercoating and it will actually wipe off with my finger , leaving bare metal under it . I hope to not drive the truck in the winter , but I am concerned about rusting while the truck sits outside in my driveway during the winter months .
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