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  1. yes thats correct That is what you are instructed to do in the alpine install manual , so that you can see camera anytime
  2. Hello I am looking for a Cat-back system for a 5.3 with Kooks Headers installed. I keep reading that the Corsa will be too loud with headers. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  3. How would I go about adding the mirrors with the light under them in my 2014 Silverado ? Also what about OEM the trailering brake ? Last question ... Is it possible to install the OEM fog lights ?
  4. The Hot Rod Shop in Troy ... ask for Jamie
  5. Great information in this thread Have a couple of questions .... I am starting with a 2014 WT with i04 package I have added the rear camera , but have not paid to have it enabled yet . I purchased the heated wheel with the proper (heated) clock spring. I want to install the Denali dash later this year as well. I have ordered the Alpine i209-GM for a radio replacement . First question .... Should I bother paying to have the HMI flashed for the backup camera since I will be using the Maestro going forward ? Second question .... Steering wheel controls, should I bother to run them to the stock radio at this point or just wait to run them directly to the Maestro ? Third question ..... Will the Alpine unit display radio information to the DIC display ? If it will not , then there is no point running those wires either ? Thanks in advance
  6. I am having trouble finding a cluster from the list for the 2016 blue green color . I have searched eBay and most yards on carpart.com Any ideas ?

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