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  1. I have done this swap already ... you only need to add one wire from the clock spring to the cluster for the LIN bus pin #20 in the cluster to pin #2 on the clock spring connector That single wire will give you wheel illumination and cluster navigation controls
  2. I have run a GMC wheel in my silverado .... you can swap them back and forth the airbags are the same . If all you need are buttons , then just swap out the button pads they come out from the front easy deal. I have a left side button pad if you need it
  3. My kit came with the clips for the wires . I am mostly concerned with how to attach the lights to the bed . Drill holes ?
  4. Any pictures of the clips you used or what you did ? Thanks
  5. Just got a set of the OEM lights 20979073 for my 2014 Silverado. My truck came with a set from the factory , but I wanted to add the extra 2 like everyone else has done . I don't see the place to mount the extra 2 in the bed . There are no spots to screw them in , unless I make spots Any ideas ?
  6. Does swapping to the L86 manifold require any modifications to the PCV lines or system ? Thanks
  7. Im running a Belltech front bar Are Hellwig the only ones that make a rear one ?
  8. Hello What is available out there for 5.3 camshafts that retain the AFM? Thanks
  9. I am interested in the same kit as well... I am wondering if we can get a group buy together to have them reproduce the kit for the 14-15 trucks If you watch the 16-18 video you can see the whole kit is different .... Look at the rear bumper piece its way different same for the side skirts
  10. I know Street Scene Makes a Roll pan for the 14-18 Silverado You would have to transfer your sensors over
  11. I am running Kooks headers on my truck with HP tuners with no issues. What other mods do you have ?
  12. I had the same concern and bought a solid chrome one with key hole... I didnt line up .... too short
  13. I have been reading this thread ... What is the consensus here ? The 23128692 is not an OEM part ? There is no OEM Paint to Match (non textured) handle available ? What do you recommend ? Sand and Paint the Textured handle ?
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