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  1. Hi, I really appreciate your time. I have a 2015 Silverado WT .I have bought the Denali cluster from White auto and new steering wheel with controls and heat. Got the correct clock spring and did the wire from cluster to clock spring harness. I have IO4 small screen. All works except audio controls from wheel Question is I want to replace factory radio and use a Pioneer 8500 I have. What do I need to do to get the steering wheel audio controls to work? They are not working now with the stock 4 inch screen. I have the Maestro RR installation kit for the pioneer Thank you for your time Trent
  2. I am a little confused ,can i get some help.2015 Silverado Wt I did Denali cluster from white auto ,New heated wheel with controls and correct clock spring and did wire from clock spring to cluster. Everything works ,but no audio controls.IO4 now. Should i just go aftermarket radio, to get steering controls to work radio or has someone simplified the process of upgrading to bigger screen and getting everything figured out?? Thank you
  3. Hi Just joined and love this site. I have 2015 Silverado WT.I have to replace my tailgate and was think of adding oem assist. Any thoughts? What are some of the most popular upgrades guys are doing to these trucks? Thank you
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