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  1. well I don't know what to think about that haha. But I guess glad they're aware.
  2. This has been driving me nuts since I picked up my 2022 in December. I've done all the updates on my phone and truck, but about 80% of the time when I first get in my truck and hit the road with music or a podcast playing my music will cutout about 2 or 3 times within the first few minutes of driving. It doesn't pause the music or anything, the audio just drops. It's not the end of the world but really annoying when I'm jamming or trying to listen to a podcast. My 16 and 19 had carplay and this was never an issue. All my cords are OEM apple. Anyone else have this issue and/or a fix? Oh and pic of the truck, which I otherwise love haha
  3. Is this site dying? We're getting into the 2023 model year now and the subs still aren't updated. What's up? I know it's a minor knit, but seems like such an easy fix.
  4. Ok so here's what I discovered with my refreshed 22. Basically how the jumper works is that it triggers your fogs when your highs go on. So you will always have fogs running when your highs are on, whether you trigger them manually or with intelibeam. What i'm bummed about is that I like to run fogs with just my normal lights. This will defeat intelibeam. My wife's 2020 expedition has intelibeam and i can put the fogs on (oh and the stay on I don't have to engage every time) and the intelibeam will flip the highs on when needed and go back to low and fog when needed. No mods necessary. I don't understand why chevy doesn't have this preset from the factory. When I'm driving to my farm at 5:30 in the morning during the whitetail rut I want highs when I can and lows with fogs if I can't... because you know... deer on the side of the road. Frustrating, but still a nice mod that does what it says it will do. Turns your fogs on automatically whenver your highs are on. But still no apparent solution for fogs with lows and intelibeam working.
  5. Anybody with intelibeams confim it works? I just picked up my 22 and was disappointed to find I couldn't turn my fog's on (driving rural deer hunting and really like to see them coming) and also use intelibeams at the same time.
  6. wow that's a name from the past I haven't seen. The old clubgp days haha. Is boost your product?
  7. Thanks guys, I know that it's just a refresh and didn't mean to imply that we needed a new sub. I was just thrown off when I logged in and saw that it ended at 2021. Seems like a quick fix that hopefully the mods can make
  8. I haven't been on the forum in a while. My 19 lease is up and I'm in the process of ordering a 2022 or 2023... Where do we talk about those trucks? Is this forum dead?
  9. I did get an update pushed the other week... PS running on LO is going to crank your AC, so again I'm guessing your AC was needing the engine on. idk...
  10. this happened to me a few weeks ago and then shutoff later the next day. mine was unsettling as it came on while driving through some fields (hey it's a truck right?) nothing reckless, just pulling a turkey blind. Never noticed any performance issues but for having less than 10k on the odometer and just 2 years old...
  11. couldn't find the before, but here's an after of my pontiac g8 after using the above 2 products in 2018 after 9 years and 60k. no water used, just rags.
  12. Highly recommend wolfgang total engine cleaner. Does a great job without the need for water. If I wasn't lazy I'd show some before and after. https://www.autogeek.net/wolfgang-total-engine-cleaner.html Also some Sonus trim and motor kote is a great product to add shine without the need to wipe. Of course with both products it's always good to cover the electrical (esp alt) and the intakes. https://www.autogeek.net/sonus-trim-motor-kote.html
  13. I'm going to guess based on your location that your A/C was cranking in the heat and until you reached the thermostat auto level (or if it was just set on some fan setting) that your engine was needed to keep the air coming and auto-stop wouldn't kick in.
  14. Just had this hit yesterday, coming out of a field after doing some work in the deer woods. was still on on the way to little league and then off on the way home. Seems to be running ok now. less thank 10k on my 19
  15. A truck in its natural habitat. Careful, can be aggressive if startled.
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