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  1. 2019 Sierra CC SB NHT 6.2 62,000 Miles the Brembo Brake package will be on all my future trucks... Only negative I see with them is the loss of front pad life monitor... They are so much better than stock in emergency braking situations. I have always had issues with warping but these are staying true.
  2. I have a 19 6.2L NHT with 53,000 miles alternator started squeaking, sounded like your typical idler pulley failure. Just a few notes for others: You will need a T-25 torx to remove passenger side cooling fan to remove the long bolt (passenger side bolt) also get belts from GM... (now there are 2) Both are “Stretch Belts” The A/C compressor belt came with the tool for install, the serpentine did not. Remove lower front plastic skid plate it makes it easier to turn the engine over with a breaker bar or long 1/2” drive... hope this helps.
  3. Just an FYI... make sure all vents passenger and driver are open and the ones in the rear of the console. I noticed that when passengers close the other vents it severely increases the sound in the drivers vents. It the vents are aimed all the way up/down it restricts flow
  4. I remember similar issue with mine when new. Opened all vents (to far up or down up front restricts flow and to far left or right in rear console vents restricts flow). No issue since adjusting. Current generation System appears to move more air and vent restriction can cause noise for sure.
  5. The only other option to make the NHT perfect is the Brembo Brake set up... I have only had a few emergency stop situations and they are impressive
  6. I have a 2019 6.5’ bed, CC, 6.2, NHT (3.42 rear end). Drove Cincinnati to Charlotte and back: upper 70 mph range always run 93 octane from Walmart/ Sam’s truck is getting close to 20k miles truck seems to finally start getting good mileage after 10k on the odometer. autostarts kill the number as well.
  7. 2019 Sierra SLT headlights are nearly perfect and when people “squeeze in front of me” they are even better because they are mounted high enough to hit that side mirror on the offending driver perfectly. fogs are good and do a decent job. taillights on models with LED are a good combination as well. Good intensity but not over the top.
  8. The fuse is in the passenger side fuse box. It can be installed for constant power or switched. I have a heated air freshener and it works perfectly switched
  9. I had the problem and it was all directly related to a bad software build. The problem was corrected and have used the remote and app for auto starts and haven’t had a single issue. The problem was corrected.
  10. The rear end ratio is different as well on The Heavy Tow loaner as well. I was scared to get an NHT truck because of the ride but I find it a huge improvement over my 14 All Terrain and both have 20” wheels. The loaded ride is superb and very stable.
  11. The one thing that surprises me most on the T1 interior is how flimsy the dash panel is where the seat heater/cooler buttons are. The K2 buttons mounted area was extremely rigid. The T1 interior panel moves when you push the seat heaters. Other than that the interior is top notch and very user friendly
  12. Hot spot to your phone works for weather app FYI
  13. I had the update done yesterday. After a day of driving and multiple auto-starts with app and fob: All is well (so far). I was in a loaner for a week and it’s nice to be back in my truck. This software build initially appears pretty stable.
  14. The 10-speed is an excellent transmission. A Friend of mine has a platinum Eco-Boost with the 10-speed that we have driven numerous times on a 10 hour trip. When I got my 19 with the 6.2 and the NHT gearing I couldn’t believe the difference and improvement. I believe with the 5.3 it is an even bigger improvement. I have yet to feel a single questionable shift. Only thing I would like is an Eco mode option in the shifting profiles with Sport and tow/haul.
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