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  1. Don't think anyone is going to bite on this until they see it installed in a 19+, ran awhile and dyno numbers put up.
  2. Reached out and was referred somewhere else, as supposedly being in Ca made a difference. The Ca rep called and was absolutely useless. Figured I was wasting my time.
  3. Concerns are well documented. Start shipping out SU5 replacement units with a build sheet addendum.
  4. That model looked to show that as dry. That's without propane, battery, any water and your stuff.
  5. I'm level with an 800 pound tongue weight. Looking at your trailer, looks like a lot of the weight is forward of the axle for a large tongue weight. I would estimate your tongue weight to be well over 1000 when loaded. Also, the Sumo springs ride like trash and the Firestone air bags do not fit correctly (tried both).
  6. Kinda reads like the after effects of stalling out in the mudding pit and water comes in the cab.
  7. A CC short box and DC are the same length, the CC standard is longer
  8. I did order an odd ball Chevy and went with a GMC prior to delivery. Took the dealer a year to sell that Chevy.
  9. Went from a 16 2500 6.6 to a 19 1500 6.2. Tows my TT just as good, but the HD diesel guys just can't seem to comprehend that.
  10. Takes his ball and goes home..............
  11. Hahah. Just wait. The Dexos2 M1 for the 2.8 D-max was $10-$12 a quart. Doubt the new spec DexosD will be cheaper.
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