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  1. Unsettling Experience

    Probably has you on ignore already......
  2. I kinda like the brown, but it's quite dusty here. Black is a non-starter.
  3. Unsettling Experience

    At his rate of blocking everybody, he'll have no one to interact with in short order.
  4. Unsettling Experience

    Or maybe driving through a 12" deep bar of sand 8' wide? That might do it, since it was once a flooded road.
  5. The longer it takes, makes me think I should just hold out for ordering a 2020. Maybe they'll have tow mirrors and a larger fuel tank available.
  6. Unsettling Experience

    I haven't seen anything good incentive wise with anyone lately....except Ram.
  7. Unsettling Experience

    Better trade it in on on a Tesla
  8. Unsettling Experience

    Washboard roadway? My Ford will kick sideways on that type of surface.
  9. Initial cost and repairs? Marginal. Gas guys always got to rag about cost and repairs because they were too broke to go diesel. It's all ok.
  10. I pull a travel trailer that is around 6k loaded. I had a 15 2500 with the 6.0. Got 7.5 towing the flat lands. It would pull in the mountains, but would have to tach 4500 or so to maintain 35mph on grades. Traded for a 16 diesel and it's night and day difference. I'm considering stepping down to a 1/2 ton, now that the transmissions have a few more gears in em.
  11. The monitor itself only pulls 300 milliamps. The camera has to be that or less. As far as the truck's 12V supply to the trailer, it should think that the camera is just another running light. Odd situation.

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