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  1. The combined weight of the trailer and load is 1500? If your front end floats everywhere, your tongue weight is too high. Bag it or use a wdh.
  2. I don't recall seeing the cameras on the tow mirrors. I'll have to look for the pic of them
  3. 27151(a) CVC could apply and is no longer a correctable violation.
  4. Many threads on this.....did you try the search function?
  5. When I think of catastrophic failure, I think of a rod hanging out the side of the block.
  6. Thought I read somewhere that the 6.2 would be available late in the model year.
  7. I leased this one because I generally only use it to tow a travel trailer. If it gets wrecked, don't care. Engine blows, don't care. If it turns out to be a pos, like many 19's have, I don't care. It will go away in the end. When I'd buy, I'd put 0 down. Never really got ahead of value until year 4 on the note.
  8. All my trucks have had less than 5 miles on the odometer. Too many to choose from to settle.
  9. Not even remotely close to a write off. Enjoy your truck.
  10. You'll think it's odd, but how are the batteries on the trailer? When my coach batteries are low, and I'm plugged in to the trailer, I get an engine surge...like a big cam at low idle. No cel's yet.
  11. I don't know of any insurance company that would total this truck with 18K in damages.
  12. 0.20 difference between reg and prem here. That equals $5.20 a tank.
  13. My response was in regard to the "file a lawsuit" portion of the post. Guess you could've just scrolled on by, but.....
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