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  1. You'd think an oil change and tire rotation is brain surgery......I can get an oil change done in 20 minutes dragging ass and the rotation done in another 20 with a floor jack and jackstand. If you don't have an hour of time available in your life, you should reconsider how you're living.
  2. I have a 99 with the 5.3. Everything is the same as you describe. I'd say all is well.
  3. I'll throw out a guess with the plethora of information provided........battery.
  4. Probably not going to get it high enough in the driveway. It's just too damn long. Sawsall at the transition up to go over the axle.
  5. Hard to imagine that people towed heavier travel trailers with a 350 3-speed. Your advertised tongue weight doesn't take into account all your stuff in the trailer, water, propane and batteries. Your actual tongue weight (including your four occupants) is probably close to or exceeding your payload. Welcome to 2500 territory. The 6.2 will pull it, but the ride and handling will be the same.
  6. The marketing gimmick of "half-ton towable" is really just that.
  7. Like installing a throttle body spacer. Good 'ol butt dyno/ride sensor. ?
  8. Drain and refilling twice would be considered a complete exchange of fluid
  9. Don't think the longevity and durability is proven yet for the diesel
  10. Mid-40's on the lease buy-out AFTER you make 25K in lease payments.
  11. Complains about a truck being 56K and then proceeds to smear orange silicone all over it and okie-fy it with a hose clamp. Maybe try bailing wire and bubble gum next? ? In all seriousness, straight dealer trip for warranty....zero out of pocket. Side note: If you didn't buy local, you often do not get priority service from the local dealer. They will get to you, but generally will not part the seas for you.
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