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  1. Towing MPG

    19 Sierra SLT 4x4 6.2 3.42 rear Travel trailer is 6K loaded and travels 50 miles to the lake. Gets 9.5 - 10. Flat ground and maybe 65 top speed on rural roads with several stop signs along the way.
  2. hahahh They're not looking in a good way. My like ewwww, wtf was that?
  3. Chevy looks like a stormtrooper and a Tundra mated. Awful. The rounded wheel wells remind me of the crayon car drawings of a 3 year old. If I was only offered the Chevy from GM, I'd pick a Ford.
  4. I liked the GMC over the Chevy. Chevy looks absolutely terrible with the erector-set looking front end and the stamped tailgate.
  5. RAM service words of choice....national backorder.
  6. Towing with a CBT

    Tents and older teardrops sometimes do.
  7. Towing with a CBT

    I have never seen a standard travel trailer with surge brakes.
  8. Towing with a CBT

    Will not work and the trailer will shove you during braking.
  9. Looks like something got on there (like sap) and caused the damage.
  10. Short answer...no. No sounds for me and I usually drive with the radio off or at an extremely low volume.
  11. truck

    My truck didn't come with a glory hole. I'm pissed!
  12. Front Level Warranty

    Toyota will deny warranty for oversized tires on a stock lift.

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