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  1. Surging

    Stopped by the dealer today. They said there were no bulletins to address the issue. I might just have to leave it with them a day.
  2. I replaced the stock shocks on a previous 2500 with Bilstein 5100's and thought they made zero difference. Placebo effect. Kinda like the butt dyno.....
  3. I'd say they're half way between regular mirrors and tow mirrors. They're not as bad as I thought they'd be. I can see fine.
  4. Surging

    I would think they were all done when I took delivery 25 days ago.
  5. Towed fine without them. I actually thought the ride was a bit better than the 2500 I had before. Recovered better on the big bounces of a rough road. I had probably about 350 pounds in the bed and the trailers tongue weight is 800. WDH got me to a level stance.
  6. 19 SLT 6.2. I was was driving down the highway and noticed the engine would surge up and down about 150 rpm. I set the cruise to make sure it wasn’t me and it still did it. Didn’t matter the speed the cc was set at. No cel and everything seems to be operating as normal. Is this a part of DFM? If so, this will get annoying in a hurry.
  7. chirping noise

    Yep. I have the GM cat back and hear the chirping too (on cold starts). Seems to go away when warm.
  8. Maybe you should be looking at a Ridgeline?
  9. I've heard a downshift "clack" a few times one day. Nothing since. I've found that driving slow seems to aggravate this transmission. Almost like it's trying to find the right gear for going slow.
  10. I back in the driveway and I can see it weep when I start up sometimes.
  11. No oil change yet and mine have a green line. I know the dealer didn't make them either.
  12. Bed misaligned

    My rear bumper is 1/4" lower on the passenger side. All else looks ok.

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