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  1. Might want to read the 50+ pages of jingle jingle.
  2. Then You’ll just have to remain the tool that you are.
  3. I don't think anyone will be able to decipher your gibberish.
  4. You'd think that someone calling out someone else on sentence structure would at least try to pay attention. "care to elaborate?" hahahahahha
  5. The shiny knobs look cheap, but plastidip or spray paint them? ahhahahaha
  6. If you plan to take a CCLB "off road", you'll be sadly disappointed.
  7. You purchase an approximate 70K msrp truck and you worry about the price of premium fuel?
  8. And you have nothing to gain by owning a K2, coming to the T1 page, and call them cheap crap. Btw, I bought my G6, mansion and yacht with cash too.
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