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  1. We had a Tahoe at work that had low oil pressure. It would have random AFM issues as well and the recommendation was a new engine. I would stay away from this one.
  2. Sure they're all 3.23? The non-z71's could have max tow at 3.42.
  3. Get a 3/36000 warranty so they can tell you there's no fix available or operating as designed....when it croaks.
  4. You will eventually be told that it is operating as designed. Enjoy your new truck!
  5. I have a 1-2 flare on a 99'. If I ever drop the pan, I'll change out the shift solenoids.
  6. I would just confirm that they were saying the "normal characteristic" was for the 10 and not the 8. Having driven many 8's and 10's, I would say 90% of the 8 speed trucks would clunk and can see GM saying it was a "normal characteristic."
  7. The 2-1 clunk was always present in the 8-speed. I've had no issue, and have never seen the described issue, in the 10-speed.
  8. You probably won't get any descent help from GM. Trade 'er in.
  9. The passing vehicle "suck" is normal. Nothing can be done about that. Too bad you couldn't get a bigger fuel tank, as stopping every 200 miles will surely get old fast.
  10. It's ok to still believe in the boogie man........
  11. My point is that no one will be cited or sued. Pretty simple to comprehend really. Are you a special agent with the Internet Weight Police?
  12. Know anyone that's been cited and sued? Of course you don't.
  13. A post bitching about people bitching? haha
  14. Mine had 2. The GMpE can be a bit annoying if you tow a lot. I'm used to it now.
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