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  1. 5100s will ride rougher but so will everything else. Yes maybe a complete coil over system might have better dampening but if your looking for something that’s close resembles stock ride . I think you will have a hard time.
  2. And this is why I'm still in my 2019 as much as i detest the interior . Love the new interior but was hoping for an updated 6.2 as well. So i will wait for now as a new interior is not worth the jump.
  3. I respect your opinion and I agree it’s a lot of money. But for someone making 20/30/40k a month , it’s a drop in bucket. GM knows this and this is why the Denali ultimate exists and stickers around 82k I live in So cal ( China ) and 70/80k for a car is nothing compared to all these M and AMG and all these super cars running around.
  4. Dude, that's a bad ass truck you got mate.
  5. Ok..Some basic math here. If a AT4X is around 80k , will this truck be around 90-100K? And for the love of whiskey , can you please give us 35s?
  6. You guys remember the ole K2 clunk when coming to a stop ? lol
  7. The latest 8 speeds have been pretty damn good. I think you will be pleased. Your also going from a 4.3 to a 2.7T so you will make more power and more power torque every where in the power band.
  8. For me rule of thumb is the most you want to go is about 2.25 without starting to stress things out. Maybe even 2.5 but thats it.
  9. I know some aren’t going to like this but yes go with the 5100. Add some height and also plant your ride more. Get some for the back too
  10. Yeah I have noticed even the Fords will not have buttons on back. Sucks but oh well. Good write up OP.
  11. 100% agree .. And i love the 8 Speed too , nothing against it. Ford gives the 10A to even in their base 3.3 Xl trucks.
  12. Those days are gone brother sadly we were around for the last great run of ICE engines it seems like.
  13. Would have been cool to see a 3.0 Turbo or even the 2.7 Turbo in the Blazer. Then you can get away with the SS
  14. Never Fear fellas! Mary has a Chevy Blazer SS EV coming out shortly! Rejoice lol
  15. Just going by a neighbors TRX which came with 325/65/18s Territory . He has about 10k miles on the truck and mostly hauling his camper) and honestly a few times i have been in his truck , i forget its a AT tire under . Super smooth and very quiet. Dont get me wrong , I love the Duratracs but man after 15k i thought there was a MT under . To each his own .
  16. Does everything the Duratrac does but quieter. Nice looking tire a few manufacturers are now using
  17. ever since i got my 2019 6.2 i have been like 70/30 using 91 and sometimes 87 . I never tow but once a week haul a big load 2k . my truck has never pinged , never had any issues on 87 but i also drive fairly normal. I do sometimes get on and the 6.2 roars . If your not towing heavy loads, or not up in altitude a lot and not racing light to light . 87 does just fine. For max performance , yes the higher octane does little better.
  18. My 19 was fixed a few months back and so far so good. One of our 2020 Sierras in our farm has the blue light as well. No big deal for a work truck but we will have it looked at at oil change time. I wish i knew what was causing this , small issue i guess
  19. I thought the HD half ton package came with a little thicker frame like the F150 did. Any more info on this ?
  20. Right about now a updated 400 HP 5.3L would be awesome.
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