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  1. Is it nose high now? It looks like it at some angles. Adding 2" I thought was bad on the AT4/TB as that is effectively stacking leveling kits and increasing wear along with not being able to run auto 4wd, is that right? Tyler
  2. That all depends on how you perceive it, each person is different. Some people come in and say adding stiffer springs and shocks with heavier aggressive tires doesn't change anything with how it rides, mpg, noise, etc and we know they laying. Then others do a minor change and say it ruins the truck, it all depends on the person. Heavy load rated E tires will ride rougher, how much only you know. Not changing the suspension should help. Most of the ride I imagine will be felt in the small bumps and broken pavement, nothing else should change drastically. Not sure what the point of changing tire
  3. The audacity of some people, can't take responsibility for their own actions, they just want to play the blame game. I actually think it is because he didn't spend enough. If he had spent $70k on the truck it would have been enough to ensure the safety systems never ever fail and work 100% of the time to keep him safe while being a distracted driver. I also never understood the "I spent $XX amount I am entitled to this" argument... Tyler
  4. Only one truck offers a front locker in half tons and even that is a silly option, it is useful for a very small handful of people (more people will run fast off road or in the desert than need a front locker by a long shot). Front traction based systems especially from the likes of Toyota, Jeep or Land Rover are excellent and a better option for the front diff for 99.998% of the owners. The fact you can add the TRD Off Road package to most trims is excellent (same with Ford and the FX4 package) and not get all the silly black bumpers and wheels (hopefully) that comes with a dedicated off road
  5. "Had my cruise set on 75 going down the highway and came upon a Semi truck, the adaptive cruise didn’t slow me down like it normally does. All of a sudden my seat vibrated , a bell went off, and a message came across the screen saying that the adaptive cruise temporarily unavailable. Immediately , put the foot on the brake and missed ramming into the back of the Semi. Not fun! " No one is questioning a malfunction, that is certainly possible (as is maybe not having adaptive set?). What people have a problem with is the whole "missed ramming in to the back of a semi". Under no circu
  6. I have seen plenty of well known bullet proof engines that have taken a dump before 100k, like wise seen plenty of supposedly non bullet proof engines in your eyes (with DoD) that have lasted well past 200k. So you can't make that statement as a fact, that as an assumption based on theory. People read about a handful of issues on a minute amount of vehicles and categorize it as most all having the issue. While I agree I don't let first year new engines or designs scare me (my current 2014 has been fantastic with no issues since I bought it and it hasn't lived an easy life) I would prefer to wa
  7. Best or favorite/nicest? Not sure how someone can say best ever a year in without waiting to see if it has any problems or things pop up they don't like; unless this is your first vehicle ever I guess or you only keep a vehicle for a year? We usually wait until we get rid of a vehicle to determine how good it was. Best for us was a 91' Astro van, though not the nicest it was the most reliable and lasted the longest with no problems outside of an alternator over nearly 250k; all the while spending much of the time towing a boat at its weight limit with a family of 4 in it around the great lakes
  8. The Raptor wasn't ground up, it started with an F150, reinforced a few parts of the frame (this has been covered in intro videos) then bolted on the wide fenders and suspension tuned accordingly with fox along with some other small nick knacks. The same can be said for any performance vehicle based off a cheaper version. This will have to be between 60-65k. The Raptor starts at 65k with out all the luxuries and the TRX at 70k, both easily fly past 80k. The ZR2 is already loaded, the LT TB starts at 55k and add in the luxuries gets to 60k. Why would anyone buy a loaded TB for the
  9. But, but, everyone says the 6.2 gets the same MPG as the 5.3, how is that possible? Maybe a larger displacement engine really does need more fuel than a smaller one? Who'd a thunk that? Print money huh? You do realize the sales numbers are pretty low for the Raptor and even more so the TRX. Ford doesn't break out sales numbers but the general consensus seems to be less than 10% and somewhere around 50k in sales a year. Considering the development costs and everything that goes in to it (including warranty for added abuse) that isn't exactly printing money with all the Ra
  10. Because it doesn't, not sure how that rumor started. Both ratings and testing show otherwise, plus you need premium to get that rated number, many truck buyers balk at that, as do I. A truck engine shouldn't need to be stressed to need premium, that is not how comfortable longevity is accomplished. If it is high strung where premium is best served then it should be in more special and higher performance models. The 2.7 I am glad they were able to get it at the numbers on regular (the current gen at least, does this new one also just need regular with the torque bump?). Not sure all
  11. ^This I was sad to see them add it, and I really hope they remove it on the midsize trucks as those really need the added console storage space (the current one takes so much space up it really is my biggest complaint for the current gen, especially when I switch back and forth to a full size truck). I will say I went to a design study and saw this interior prior to release, I gave it knocks on the console shifter. They also showed many future sketches of what will inevitably be the next generation interior and it had a shifter stalk off the column like you see in luxury cars or so
  12. Might want to change your signature, it isn't a twin turbo but rather a single turbo 2.7L motor. I am stocked for this motor when it arrives in the midsize trucks. My buddy just got one as a company truck and with the market he decided to sell his 2500 Ram and keep this since they offered him more than he paid for it nearly 2 years ago. This four cylinder was plenty powerful for his hauling and towing needs (he has 5 acres and raises donkeys, it was plenty of truck). I can only imagine how it will do in a 1k lighter truck (please keep the CCLB in the next gen Colorado/Canyon and u
  13. I keep seeing this Bilstein koolaid. I have made the switch (after my stockers wore out nearly 70k later and miles of back country driving), the difference is slight and I can only imagine that much less so when only doing one end. I bet 9 out of 10 people if given the chance to ride back to back with only a rear shock change on stockers that are low miles at that would not be able to tell a difference. Even replacing all four when worn out the difference wasn't huge... Tyler
  14. Huh, lime green and tasteful? I have a feeling this is one of those instances when someone says something like no offense, but they are about to say the most offensive thing possible; but in this case tasteful lime green means monster stickers, rock lights and tons of outlined limed out parts like lift kit plates and dished black wheel accessories. I don't think the market of tasteful lime green exists but we will see... Tyler
  15. It is under warranty, maybe take it to the dealer? Not sure how people on the other side of the country that aren't in the vehicle can help identify it as it could be any number of items... Tyler
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