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  1. Here is a life hack OP in regard to maintenance. If you change it to Amsoil, you never have to change any of your fluids again. The up-front costs are all savings after the third oil change as they are lifetime fluid... Now you will be required to attend their yearly company outing to celebrate the top sales leaders and go in for a presentation prior to purchase (similar to a timeshare), but one and done. Well worth it! Tyler
  2. Stick some tie down rings in there. Covers the hole and is useful for tying items down. Win/Win Tyler
  3. No, but it will void the suspension warranty that it interacts with and probably what the OP wants to avoid as a precaution. Ball joints, a-arms, CV joints, tie rods, etc. If you go larger and heavier on tires or offset the rims it can also void the wheel bearing warranty. So no, it won't void your vehicles warranty, just parts it interacts with. They have bulletins out to their techs specifically looking out for pucks, spacers, lifts, etc and what the vehicle is in for warranty work. They don't want to pay if something the owner did broke and nor should they, it will just be denied... Tyler
  4. I can tell when I have double jetskis behind the truck from movements to sounds and the slight drag when accelerating among other clues. Never understood this saying as it would have to be a very light trailer to not notice it. That boats roughly half the truck weight, I hope you know its back there. It is even worse when guys nearly load down their truck to max and want to brag they don't feel it, though it is usually the Tundra guys that say that. Tyler
  5. "That only matters when you have a very short torque curve... these 6.2s are like a 454/8.1 as far as torque curve. " Are we looking at the same torque curve? The 8.1 has over 90% or its torque available around 1k rpm and peaks around 3k, it doesn't like to rev much and is similar to the old V8's making a ton more torque (which peaked way low) than HP and wasn't rev happy. The 8.1 makes peak HP just over 4k rpm, nearly 1500rpm lower than the 6.2. The 6.2 likes to rev, makes only 70% of its peak torque a little over 1k rpm and peaks the torque out over 4k rpm while HP goes all the way to 5600. The 6.2 in the trucks is very similar to the corvette/camaro motor (at the time), not exactly a stump pulling torque monster that 496 or 454 were known for. Gotta rev it to make its power. This is why these smaller turbo motors are great, you get most all the goods of the torque way down low as can still make great power up top. Best of both worlds. Tyler
  6. The higher you go the worse the ride, nature of how that level works. Go with #4, you won't notice a half inch difference. Better to leave some rake as these trucks look nose high when measuring level, the front ends are so large and sit above the bed. Tyler
  7. What are you trying to accomplish with this post? This is the first I or probably anyone has heard of this in the new gen trucks. The last gen SUV's had an issue similar to what you were describing. If you had a previous vehicle do it then it very well could be a placebo effect, or you are just overly sensitive. If it bothers you then trade it in. Could be an isolated issue with yours or nothing is there. Who knows. Good luck though. Tyler
  8. I have heard if you email Mary directly at her work email she sees everything and will fix any complaints a person may have Tyler
  9. Look at that glare from above the hood, oncoming traffic must love you. Tyler
  10. If bugs hit then rocks can and is exactly what happened. Paint on all vehicles is much thinner these days, need to do a clear bra on metal painted parts to protect it or it will chip. Probably SOL on paint parts like that on the front end after that much time/miles. Tyler
  11. They have problems, shoot auto 4wd doesn't work with some of those kits. Stacking kits is never a good idea. Some don't have issues that they share or know about, they will still wear out parts sooner in the long run and have other handling/driving characteristic issues that are more an annoyance than an issue... Not sure why someone would want to do this, it is the equivalent of cutting your springs to drop, just the cheap and incorrect way of doing it that causes more harm than good. Pictures show they have some good angles, not extreme but not good for longevity either. I don't know about you, but I don't care to replace front end parts before 100k if I don't have to. Trail Boss Leveling with Diff Drop? | Chevy Trail Boss Forum Tyler
  12. So the GCWR sticker (truck and trailer capacity) is not law which some of you are arguing? You are also arguing that is can be adjusted with some springs and gear change among other things? That is what the OP is asking. Not what you used to do 30+ years ago and never got caught doing. I do know you cannot change that sticker which the manufacturer sets forth, same with payload which is why some of those guys who tow heavy complain about what their sticker says. Tyler
  13. 96k, you didn't spend enough to have the trouble-free version or the repaired in the same week option. Not sure what the amount you paid has to do with it, does that mean you are entitled to a higher priority than someone who spent 50k on their truck? It sucks but times aren't how they used to be. Every company is hurting for people, parts, transportation, etc. It is going to take a while sometimes to get replacement parts and it sucks even more when it is a major part that doesn't allow it to be driven. But these are mechanical items with thousands of parts assembled by people and machines, as things get more complicated more tends to go wrong. Best of luck, if it was a good dealer they should have had some type of back up or paid for a similar rental for the business to keep running. Tyler
  14. So you want to stack lifts, on top of lifts, on top of lifts? You have the factory AT4 lift of 2", we will call that stock but it is a lift. Then you added a preload spacer to go higher, and now you want to add a bottom or top hat spacer to make it 2.25" above the stock AT4 2" height? No good and asking for control arm issues among other things. Read up on here, AT4 forums and Trail Boss forums, tons of info on that subject and why it is not a good idea. I believe even going to 2" above standard AT4/TB height causes issues with the autotrac 4wd system. Either way stacking is bad and this is another example of why I won't buy a used truck. Tyler
  15. Ford has parts sourcing problems too and they are having bigger quality problems than GM. Either way 4 months is too long, but you can't replace what you don't have and these times are still unprecedented. Not sure where the screw up is. They are trying to fix an issue that could have easily been something else with Dodge, Ford, Toyota and so on. Hopefully the dealer is treating you well and look on the bright side, you are saving months of miles and wear and tear on your truck unless there is something you specifically need it for. Tyler
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